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  1. New AR blaster: headless Zombie with a Tommy gun named Roland (Warren Zevon song)
  2. Oh! A "guest book" object that visitors can sign and leave notes about the base. Great recruiting tool for supergroups!
  3. Now you have done it! Have you no shame AT ALL? Thanks to you, I have that thrice damned theme song earwormed!
  4. Nice ideas, thank you! I was thinking of "catgirl" npcs too!
  5. I have a concept for an arc: five stereotypical missions for superhero types. One is stopping a bank robbery. I also want to toss in a Godzilla type GM fight, a comics con appearance (NOT to kill cosplayers with bad attitudes ... selfies and maybe an attack from an anti comics group) And a mission where heroes save kittens stuck in trees. Any idea how to get a glowie kitty cat? Thanks in advance!
  6. Tabletop RPGs - been playing DnD and sooo many other gamed since roughly forever. Reading: everything from sf/f and military history to political science. Computers, electronics, coding, mythology ...
  7. Some thingies I'd like to see ... 1. The intrabase teleport beacons be renamable to associate with a user defined label: Meeting room, Lab, Casino... OR: A clicky object like the plaque by Atlas' monument in which users can write greeting text, a key to which intrabase teleports go where, or a monument to "absent friends" for the roleplayers. 2. Target dummies on which to practice combat rotations or parse logs for DPS. 3. Danger rooms, oh yes.
  8. Not sure how I messed this up. I made the good Colonel as mercs/time. Brain fart ftl.
  9. While "New Content" (underwater adventures, new locations like polar bases, new AVs, new ATs and powersets) are also high on my list, I'd like to see some QoL tweaks. I never played pre-Homecoming, so I have yet to experience the CoX endgame.
  10. I like it! Axactly what my stable of alts needs, no axaggeration!
  11. New barbarian brawler chick for the Winter holidays: Mary Axmess, Murder Elf.
  12. While playing the other day on TB, I encountered a character who explained that he created the name and power sets for the toon after hitting "Random" in the costume design step of character generation. That got me to thinking ... Since costume files are saved locally to the client system, might it be possible to create rando costumes tagged as such and submit them for conrest judging? What say you, Homecoming Community? Brainstorm or Brain Fart?
  13. Same here. Now, I wonder if I should reserve the names "Epic Gear Classic" or "Filthy Casual"...
  14. Better to have the problem "Fans are donating so much so fast that we meet operating expenses on a not for profit game!" than "We cannot pay the bills and need to pull the plug unless we get donations." Missed the deadline once again. I am very grateful that the HC Team and Player Community are so bloody awesome that the vector sum of their awesomeness challenges ME to be a better community member. As a certain Very Interesting Man might say ... "Stay infectiously awesome, my friends."
  15. My newest MM: Don di Tutti Morti, La Cosa Nostra mob MM necromancy / dark in a mobster costume. "Lord of all the dead" in Italian, plus a play on the film "Dawn of the Dead."
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