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  1. Jokes on you, most would probably say go /Bio
  2. That's a bit strange as I thought regen was actually better on archtypes with Higher HP
  3. No aggro/target caps either in the early days, it was indeed glorious. Not to mention energy melee wasn't hot garbage.
  4. I hear ya, I see tales on these forums of how awesome it is. I've tried several tw characters and it just hasn't clicked with me yet. Highest I managed was getting a tw/will character to 28. I personally prefer war mace a lot more. It may not hit as hard as tw, but it still hits pretty damn hard and there is no momentum mechanic to juggle and the animations are far more endurable.
  5. I think he more or less meant these powers end up in most builds to a degree where it seems pointless to 'not' have them, so they should probably just be inherent like the fitness pool was made eventually. It's such a integral building block in many cases it may as well be inherent.
  6. I agree, if anything, Moon Knight is probably better represented with Street Justice/Willpower
  7. My memory is fuzzy so I dunno since I didn't play spines back then. I just recall things like the vahz vomit not having a specified damage type.
  8. Can't go wrong with shield, it helps out greatly in the one area DM is lacking, aoe damage. Soul drain into shield charge is a thing of beauty. Best guess in regards to soul drain not boosting toxic is because when the game first came out, there was no such thing as toxic damage. Things like the vahzilok vomit were classed as an unknown damage type if I recall, and it wasn't resistable. Soul drain being a power that also existed at the inception of the game naturally didn't boost a damage type that didn't exist. Subsequently there were no player powers at the time that did toxic damage so I guess this was just an oversight that never got corrected as the game evolved and it wasn't seen as a priority to correct.
  9. My own personal opinion is that the lord of hell wouldn't exactly be on the front lines punching things. It would be directing it's forces from the shadows. I mean when you think about the whole "greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist" I'd picture a mastermind, demons obviously. The secondary would be a matter of taste, Thermal, dark, pain etc.
  10. This is the first I've heard of this. I'd like to know as well since i am currently playing a savage/nin scrapper
  11. I hear ya. That is exactly why I started a rad/fire as well. I like it soooo much better than spines. No need to position myself to maximize damage,just stand there in the middle of the swarm and go nuts.
  12. Yeah its too bad that PWE turned champions into a bit of a crap show. I honestly didn't know about the eye beam thing, that must have been implemented after my time.
  13. Savage melee is quite fun I've discovered. It animates fairly quickly and looks pretty good style wise. It may not put out the numbers of some of the other sets, but it's a nice change of pace. I mean I'm not the hipster contrarian type who will thumb my nose at a powerset just cause it's popular, it's just nice to see other powers discussed from time to time outside of the usual suspects.
  14. You should be able to freely change the color of the powers, granted you of course need to unlock ancillary/epic powers first in order to do so. As for animations, that didn't make it into the game. Champions Online has a feature like that where you could choose in many cases how your powers emanated from your character. Would have been an awesome addition here though.
  15. You can skip EITHER swipe OR Strike, but not BOTH. IE, he was saying you can choose one or the other but you don't need to take both powers. Not trying to be confrontational or anything, I'm just thinking there is a language barrier here and trying to help out a bit.
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