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  1. Yeah, I realized my mistake a little bit ago when I googled it because it was nagging me. The Dragonlance character was Silvara who was a dragon shapechanged into an elf woman. I am not familiar with WoW stuff, but I did recognize the pictures of Sylvanus Windrunner from advertisements or something. My fault.
  2. STO isn't bad at all. I do not have any links or anything, it has been several years since I played. But my impression of it was moderately positive. As a big Trek person, it should hit all your nostalgia points, from every version of Star Trek. The game is split between setting up your ship for space combat and then your personal character for planet exploration. The second half was a little lackluster, but improved right before I stopped playing a few years ago. The end game and dailies are a little complex and will require your research, because there are expansions upon expansions. Somewha
  3. I played AoC for more than a year. It is a wonderfully looking game with great potential. In my opinion, what killed that game was that it seemed unfinished. The costume system there was just bad. It needed to take a hint from SWTOR in that department. And the final end game? And the main quest line being essentially the same regardless of which class you play. There were just a lot of bad things about Conan countered by the fact that it was really really pretty to look at, and the combat system was fun. But if you want a good Necromancer class. AoC had probably the best one I have seen.
  4. For reals! He needs a new spot. I am in favor of putting him in PI and then moving Castle to somewhere else, like Creys Folly, Eden or Boomtown.
  5. No that is untrue. Just this past weekend I respecced my crabspider to a huntsman build and the backpack has disappeared. But as stated, no builds can have the crab power set otherwise all builds have the backpack. I really wish it was there for some costumes but not others, but people in hell want ice water so...
  6. I would not be adverse to some minor taunt power, like a punch voke thing, on any VEAT. As to their durability, my crabspider and huntsman can both reliably tank. My night widow is the one that could use the taunt mechanic since mobs run from her all the time. It is super annoying. And a big hell yes to the redraw thing. Also, especially for widows, please allow us to select alternative claw types! Soldiers of Arachnos get different types of assault rifles but widows do not get choices.
  7. Holy crap, this should have been a thing! What a fun idea. Similar to Gang War in a way. Put it on a long cooldown. I would dust off my bots MM for this.
  8. Haha, that too is very true. World of Tanks is still king of community toxicity, I have to turn the chat off in that game it is so bad.
  9. Your premise is not wrong, however I am one of those people who will not group until my toon is 50 and all twinked out with IO. I played the other way, for years in fact, and no longer enjoy the grind of it. I farm my toons now to 50 in about 2.5 hours, give or take. And then I go back through Ouro and enjoy the content at my leisure. I wish though that I could play some of that content at 50 with all my abilities. Especially, as you say, on some backloaded ATs, that suffer because their signature powers do not come until later. Endurance heavy sets, such as dark armor and many controller sets
  10. My highest is 70. However, I recently added up the total of all my toons and it was 799. That was a few days ago, so over that now, but close enough.
  11. I agree, though I would go one step further and remove the requirement to take Punch/Kick to get to Tough / Weave. I wish we had the ability to choose from Ancillary Powers a la carte.
  12. You are not wrong about this. However, my problem with using fear is that, especially on a scrapper, you scatter mobs. My dark/dark scrapper is nearly unplayable now because everything runs from him and it's super annoying running after mobs. I had to pick up the scrapper taunt so that I can solo efficiently. Truthfully, my night widow is getting this way also. The poison effects, which I love for story purposes (seems very appropriate), makes mobs run and it drives me bonkers. It probably isn't a big deal on tankers or brutes.
  13. @Steampunkette Give me a AE map #, I would like to try one of those out.
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