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  1. This has been a common suggestion for years. I will second it though. VEATS need some of their redraw mechanics smoothed out as well.
  2. Indom is having this issue as well. I have noticed it for about 3 months now. Even when the population is up in the middle of the afternoon, 150+ online, it is very difficult to get a full team for anything. I do a lot of PUG groups for radios, DA or task forces and it feels like half the players are very new to the game and do not understand how some things work. The other day there was an instance of someone advertising for Moonfire. A person asks what level and then says he is too high for that so he could not go. A chorus of people inform him that he would be lowered down to th
  3. Not quite what you're looking for, but worth mentioning: I have a DB / Willpower scrapper that is top notch and can tank +4x8 without issue because her defenses and several resists are capped. The problem, and one to consider for your brute / tank question, is the taunt. {I dont play my dark scrapper anymore because I have to chase mobs all over God's green earth and it annoys me to no end} The extra defense you mentioned will be negligible when fully twinked out and the trade off of damage is not worth it, IMO. So, I would vote brute over tank UNLESS you want this cha
  4. Yes, I am aware of that, but it is not labeled as such on the map. And it is only by accident, if you do not have a mission in that portal, that you will figure that out. Old players will know that, but newer players will not. Or players with bad memories. The Portal Corp building, instead of having three separate buildings, should have had a tunnel that connected the basements of each building, or just one portal. And a range of NPC standing outside to illustrate how the technology works as well as mission contacts, blah blah. It is a pain the butt when you're running the Maria Je
  5. Yes, exactly a different zone. That is my whole point. The story behind it is really poorly conceived.
  6. FOR REAL THOUGH! Make it an option on the Fly power, or else just more jetpacks in the costume editor. This seems like a super simple fix. Technology and Science based characters need a better "reason" for the Fly power. The jetpacks in the P2W vendor as optional powers should have never been a thing. Or else it should be tied to a mission accolade and not available on P2W. It should have been simply a cosmetic option to Fly.
  7. He is talking about the fog of war on the map, the darker portion before you explore the map and it turns light. @Communistpenguin you are talking about the Reveal power. It is a good idea, but mostly unnecessary since that power only costs 10,000 influence. @gamingglen the perception idea is not bad. It would be good for PvP I think. Or else, you could make it some kind of Blindness defense for use against Arachnos. Or just make it a bland defense against debuff bonus. Very small of course.
  8. Thank you. Now I will be testing that out the next time I am on.
  9. In my opinion, it was poorly conceptualized and poorly written. The Shadow Shard should have been attached to the Portal Corporation in Peregrine Isle, not the weird Tunnel transporters. Each island would have been connected to one or more others by small portals, like those in CoT caves, so that flying was not necessary (though doable) and each island had a purpose, however vague, to progress you on to the next. I would have treated it like a variation of some Cthulhu-esque idea. Secondly, it should have been illustrated to be an Astral Plane, a Shadow Plane, the Ether
  10. Caleb is the one GM I have never killed, and I think I've killed just about everything in the last 15 years. I never knew how to spawn him and never bothered to research it because I always forget.
  11. So I play on Indom. There has been a drop BUT during the day Posi runs are done quite often. I had thought of transferring also, but I decided against it. What I am seeing is a great deal of new players that do not fully understand the game, and thus may not join task forces, or even PI groups, because they do not understand their value. There are various PI groups during the day, but the same people keep revolving in and of the groups. Meanwhile there are 90 other people on the server. Some are PVP, but many are simply new and do not know anything outside of solo missions or begging for AE fi
  12. So DaoC was pretty much the same thing. The charm was not necessarily permanent. Mobs had a chance to resist the charm or break it every few seconds. It was dependent on your Mind Control level (so if you're level 50 but only had 35 mind control because you invested your other points elsewhere, than 35 level mobs was your best). Functionally though, as long as you stayed to even con mobs, the charm wouldn't break. But when you tried to charm more than you could muster, they would do the exact same thing, beeline for you. DAOC was heavily based on Everquest.
  13. I am in support of this idea as well. It is something that I've found mildly annoying. This way one can advertise for a level 54 Black Scorpion or Mako run the same way one can do Unai Kemen, Tiny Mac or Maria Jenkins. While some do join for a full run of the arc, I feel like it would be more friendly to the current state of the game for it to be more fluid. People join for a few missions and depart, just like radios, and then you recruit more.
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