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  1. Yeah I always hate when I have to find new monitors, I don't really keep up with newer stuff coming out so I'm always lost when I start looking lol.
  2. I recently upgraded my rig in December, here be the current specs. CPU: Intel i9 9700K, Stock Clock May overclock it in the future, but Intel's default Turbo Clock is working excellently for me. CPU Cooler: Corsair H110iGT I've had this thing for ages, it needs to be replaced but it's still running pretty well from all that I can tell. GPU: EVGA Nvidia 1080TI, This was carried over from my previous build. I may look into the next gen Nvidia cards, but the performance difference between this and a 2080 wasn't appetizing enough for me.
  3. I much prefer the new forums! The SMF forums felt old and clunky - personally I prefer XenForo over IPB, but both are great!
  4. The announcement was posted in the #announcements Discord channel yesterday morning.
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