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  1. I have spent.. maybe a minute or 3... and downloaded a copy of all of JJDrakken's buids to date (6/30/2021) a zip of those builds is attached. Some of them may be duplicates because, frankly, I got a bit spacey after about the 700 mark, but some of them look like duplicates because they are different types of build for the same AT/Set. Working out which are which?, well at this point, may the odds be ever in your favour. I do not plan on doing that trip again and JJ, thank you. mids builds.zip edit: there are 1144 mids builds in this file.
  2. I happened across the news when it first broke and (not really) helped with error messages and such trying to connect when it first went up. I'm not ashamed to say that when the load screen cleared in front of Atlas that first time and the music played and there were hero's coming in from all directions, I had an eyeball leak for a hot second. Welcome home Arseovrteakettl and Black Talon. May your positional defense be strong and your fists be righteous in their anger.
  3. @Hyperstrike I have been meaning to thank you for posting this build somewhere else and now I have the chance, so thank you. It's pretty and strong in all the best ways. Energizer bunny doesn't do it justice, he is about lvl 40 or so as I took a break for alt-itis reasons but all the inf i make goes to email to complete his build. of course, now I am thinking about dark so the alt train thunders on...
  4. rizlazz

    Pick a Dom

    after reading some of the answers you guys gave (thanks again for responding to this thread) I rolled up a Dark/Sav who is currently sitting at 37, the Grav/Eng is still at 19 and there is a baby Grav/Elec which seems fun so far. I am pretty pleased with the dark/savage, she is hell on wheels.
  5. rizlazz

    Pick a Dom

    so I went with a Grav/Energy (using teleport on Singy was the selling point,) seems fun but is only 19 right now so we will see what happens in another 10 lvls or so. Thank you for your help!
  6. rizlazz

    Pick a Dom

    I have rolled several Dominators trying to get a feel for the AT but so far I am not a fan of the roller coaster ride in between domination and non-domination, does anyone have suggestions on something that will fit my itch for control and slapping critters silly that doesn't require being a punching bag for a few minutes? I have played every AT more than once and can make them all work for me except this one and frankly its starting to piss me off a bit. I know its me, but maybe there is a training wheels version in someones head I can borrow for a wee while?
  7. I very much enjoyed this Arc, thanks for building it.
  8. you are talking about TP of the bad guy into the kill box right? or do I need to immediately roll 27 /traps toons....
  9. I'm interested @Armaaz please, if you wouldn't mind showing your hand, I'd love to see it.
  10. getting lost in the woods of Perez the first time or two you went in and ending up taking the hospital exit because CoT aint got no chill at all
  11. read the first 6 pages and did not see running all the way to bumf*ck New Jersey when I talk to Coyote in Outbreak, so I'm adding that as a peeve
  12. I am going to be using this in a bio at some point, its too good to resist
  13. a dark/fire defender does sound fun. Thanks, just what my alt-itis needed for the new year.
  14. its cool seeing how many outfits people have, how do you change them on execution of the first attack power?
  15. I am an alt-holic gamer, its been 21 minutes since I last alt-ed Now that's out of the way I'll begin my testimony; I just read the comments on this post https://massivelyop.com/2019/08/16/the-soapbox-no-the-mmo-genre-is-not-dead-but-it-could-use-a-little-positivity/ (if you're on mobile I aplogise but i wanted the full link in the interests of transparency) But I feel I want to say a thing to the Devs on Homecoming. Yo, guys, you're doing a great job! seriously! You brought my second favourite game and second MMO. back from the dead (sorry, Morrowind alw
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