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  1. I'm interested @Armaaz please, if you wouldn't mind showing your hand, I'd love to see it.
  2. getting lost in the woods of Perez the first time or two you went in and ending up taking the hospital exit because CoT aint got no chill at all
  3. read the first 6 pages and did not see running all the way to bumf*ck New Jersey when I talk to Coyote in Outbreak, so I'm adding that as a peeve
  4. I am going to be using this in a bio at some point, its too good to resist
  5. a dark/fire defender does sound fun. Thanks, just what my alt-itis needed for the new year.
  6. its cool seeing how many outfits people have, how do you change them on execution of the first attack power?
  7. I am an alt-holic gamer, its been 21 minutes since I last alt-ed Now that's out of the way I'll begin my testimony; I just read the comments on this post https://massivelyop.com/2019/08/16/the-soapbox-no-the-mmo-genre-is-not-dead-but-it-could-use-a-little-positivity/ (if you're on mobile I aplogise but i wanted the full link in the interests of transparency) But I feel I want to say a thing to the Devs on Homecoming. Yo, guys, you're doing a great job! seriously! You brought my second favourite game and second MMO. back from the dead (sorry, Morrowind always has my heart) and for that I respect you. This post in a lot of respects, is based on the comments from that post. Stay the course. It's working. People will come and they will go, don't give in to the 'vocal minority' unless it's part of your goal anyway. I do DevOps myself (not useful to you guys or i would have volunteered unless you need ServiceNow) and I know how the yelling can get loud, but your vision, stated out loud the way you are doing it, does a lot to head it off at the pass. TL:DR, You're doing God's work guys, don't let the loud folk get to you. Most of us love being home
  8. hey Waypoint, I just started one of these last night, dont suppose you ahve some pointers for me? Earth seems a lot of fun but I want to take everything (except the sleep) and thats plain unrealistic. I've run it through Pines a couple of times but have been unhappy with pretty much everything Ive done.
  9. Helooooo Guardian! @Hopi @Dsaster Reporting for duty!
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