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  1. I'm not sure where to place this thread. Anyway, I did the arc from Dr. Shelly Percy and was introduced to Marshal Brass at level 18. I unintentially crossed over via Null to the Blue side and did a TF and levelled to 20. I crossed ack over and did the first two missions of the Aeon arc (stealling the jetpack and rescue/kidnap dr. Hammond). The next mission i nthe seires will not trigger even though I halted XP at lvl 20. I recently crossed back to Blue and did a couple missions to lvl to 21 and have halted at 21. Is there a minimum level requirement to trigger the final missions in the "Aeon conspiracy arc?" Thanks
  2. I did the hero arc in Atlas Park, but I hated doing it, with its heavy population right around the statue of Atlas and the venders there and Ms. Liberty. So I created a gold-side toon. People said that the Gold side was tedious and hard, but I did not have a problem at all and enjoyed the arcs there. I especially like the way your toon enters Paragon in Talos and you get that "track your double" arc. I like how some of the mid-level content is somewhat tailored to your Praetorian (if you have one). There was not a red-side (track down your double) equivalent when I had a Praetorian cross over to Rogue Isles, though and was quite lost.
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