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  1. yeah i figured people would just mute the vids, haha. i usually play muted but for recorded vids i tend to turn sfx on. the rule is mostly for convenience sake - stuff like tactics and focused accuracy is usually good for that, but it's basically my own comparison point to i feel like picking up random insps and huffing them into reds can skew the results more vs 'sometimes i gotta use a yellow insp when i'm blinded'. it's not meant to be huffing yellows down 100% of the time or whatever. a more fair comparison would probably just totally disable inspirations but being
  2. quoting myself bc since vids are unbanned i decided to record 1 attempt of each and they ended up with the exact same time on both stalker and scrapper, lol
  3. okay, just recorded first runs of just about everything i could. playlist is here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRcxfxypPPGjsGMnEwDzswMxGqKDniZcl show me your gatdam runs!
  4. yep! been recording a bunch of first attempts. forgot to turn off xp in a lot of them, but shrug i've done just about every single thing posted on here except the variations. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRcxfxypPPGjsGMnEwDzswMxGqKDniZcl
  5. rad/bio/mu scrapper t4 muscle/degen/ageless core/assault radial off recovery serum used avg: 1m42s so, this build has... some real big caveats - it's only permahasten with ageless AND applications of FF from radioactive smash. it's so end heavy that it needs to use recovery serum for prolonged ST strings if there's no parasitic aura. it has crit strikes on devastating blow so your opener is slow as fuck. it's passable enough when it comes to ST damage and super fun in live play ultimately because of how much damage devastati
  6. so here's something vaguely interesting. rad/bio/mu scrapper with ball lightning and zapp instead of fireball. this build is more realistic, with 31% s/l def but it has a massive endurance issue if not actively using siphon DNA/paraistic aura AND t4 ageless core. rad/bio/mu scrapper with ball lightning and zapp instead of fireball. t4 muscle core/ageless core/degen core t3 hybrid assault (off) avg: 4m38s times so here's something strange. the average is VERY consistently slower than using fireball (fireball usually has 4
  7. savage/bio/fire scrapper t4 muscle, t3 ageless, t3 degen, t3 assault (off) avg: 2m2s times: string is vicious (w/ strikes) -> savage -> maiming -> savage. throw in savage leap when it's up and melt armor when it's up. interestingly/annoyingly, the build up (blood thirst) is surprisingly a factor in the weakness of the sustained DPS/dmg - mostly because of the lower damage boost and absurdly long anim time (2s!). any time gaussian's doesn't proc on it, it's just straight up a damage/time loss in the long run. it's strange, becaus
  8. 19.03 - slightly diff spot and lower on the list. anyways, made a savage/bio because i'm an insane person i guess. been wondering about this for awhile. it's okay, i guess - good AOE timing but the ST is kinda miserable. pylon times average a little over 2m with some dips into the 1m55s range. really annoying. savage/bio/fire (fireball) scrapper t4 muscle t3 ageless/degen/assault (off) avg time: 4m55s times:
  9. generally they're not used but if you wanna run tests with 'em go nuts. it'll just be a weird sense of scale for comparison since none of the other tests are usin' em.
  10. what are you talking about? where did anyone say that? you're off on a weird tangent puttin words in people's mouths and makin strange assumptions about build preferences. i don't really get the implication at all and given im one of the fellas who'd like to see some numbers i don't really get the point of puttin words in my mouth besides fulfillin this weird axe you seem to want to grind with "rech and def building" what am i missin here edit: damnit, forgot again: obligatory demand for toggle full auto
  11. i'm saying 'if they say it's the default pick for builds to invalidate parts of the game in terms of build variety eradication and what's been observed', show me the receipts - my stance is the same as lax's in terms of how the change doesn't really positively affect things in increasing diversity or power pick variety or build variety. if they can show 'hey, every build takes this because it's good' then sure, that tracks with the logic. so far the presented defense is 'it's overpowered because there's no reason not to pick it' and 'it invalidates intended designs'. the former sh
  12. you have hard numbers on power picks, right? 'cuz i wanna know what the hard numbers on RoP picks vs. other origin pool T5s to where 'this is overpowered and the default pick to invalidate the game as a norm build-wise' comes from when it comes to just how many people actually pick RoP as a whole, esp. separated between 'squishy' chars that would take it what's the public perception on those picks in the sense of 'hey it's arguable how strong this is, idk man' that's shown by the power pick numbers? why make powers that people are discouraged to pick and invest in? ther
  13. its one of those things where gloom/dark oblit is just way better than any of its competing options for ST with some AOE as a bonus- without gloom the ST damage on widows is lower than fortunatas with gloom by a lot and that bothers me too much, haha id be curious to see how much adding electrifying fences and the cone from mu would shake things up though
  14. rad/ninja/mace blaster w/ def amplifier using t3 muscle/clarion radial/assault (off) avg: 5m51s times: i said it before in the pylon thread, but the 'weak' times on this set really bother me for blapping purposes - even with the additional help of a defense amp there are still deaths and the times are still overall just on the 'good but not great' side which feels gross as a blaster with that kind of survivability i dunno, it's.. annoying. crit strikes very much puts scrappers in a very solid and clean area for their role, which is
  15. it's definitely likely it would be better to swap to moonbeam but i want ball lightning to have a second pbaoe/aoe for extremely fast AOEing (see: clear times in trapdoor). GIS crit strikes is also important in live play because it lets you much more likely have crit strikes on command for crit frozen aura/ball lightning for AOE-melting - in a team/fast paced setting you can ignore it and just use faster attacks but if you're taking lead or taking care of crowds having that kind of firepower is really important. realized i don't think i posted this char either so
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