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  1. ah ha, that's it. the proccing out of the attacks! i didn't think to do that for claws-type attacks but that combined with weaken resolve brought my a time to like 1:40-1:45. still not as great results as i'd like (mostly because i'd really like to get into the ridiculous ranges) but good enough for an alternate build i can switch to for AV mowing.
  2. trying it out with a gloom build, i can't seem to get any good results. clocking in at like 2:10-2:20, which is significantly slower. i took weaken resolve on this build too and it's faster in tests using it (procced w/ achilles) (gains about 10-15 in time). what's your setup in slotting on the string with shatter armor? maybe i'm missing something here.
  3. i've been wondering about psi melee for awhile, because it's the first actual 50 i played up normally on homecoming. there's a certain weird factor to it that i think isn't properly captured in any tests where the nature of insight isn't necessarily about expending it immediately because it's a fixed time, but i always wondered what the actual performance is. the answer is... it's okay, i guess. with similar building, it averages out to around 2m flat for it's dps. the idea is that whenever you get insight, you expend it on regular attacks to it's maximum amount until the very last second, and then last greater psi blade hit at that point. while insight is locked out or not available then you get to keep using greater psiblade due to it's high DPA with a million procs on it that always activate. so, in my testing it's insight activate-> 8 attacks, GPB. then using GPB whenever it's up until insight comes back. i tried some strings where i added boggle to greatly increase the amount of uptime insight had, and it definitely did but it ended up with similar results to just kinda starting off with insight and letting things rock. it's unfortunate the psi melee has one of those cool factors like titan weapons where you have to pay attention to what you're doing for maximum output but the actual output itself leaves something to be desired.
  4. I still would like to know if bruising is ever coming back since that's one of those flavor things that defines a tank from a brute conceptually (whereas a tank makes a team stronger and a brute is more 'selfish') that I'm sad to see go. Is there any reason why a revamped bruising (ie minor stacking -res on all attacks or nonstacking -res on all attacks thats allowed to stack between diff tanks) is off the table?
  5. it's one of those things where having the pet out is really inconsistent in a live play situation, so it's not a realistic gauge of 'added damage' to me since they're very likely to die in AV/trial AOE situations and won't focus targets vs. bosses and whatnot in groups. i refined my gloom build some more, and ended up getting a 2:40 as my best time between like 3 tests - the big things are putting a decimation proc in gloom alongside changing out 2 of the lethal (glad's javelin and glad's net) for dam/mez hami-os on dominate. dominate does pretty fair damage and having followup boosting damage overall all the time means that it's affected more by the damage spikes from the aim+gaussian proc and the decimation proc on gloom. i think it's possible to reduce it more to maybe like a 2:30 range, but at the moment i'm pretty happy with this build since it's nice and snappy while also outputting sub 3m times. main thing i gotta look out for is how monstrous the endurance usage is. it's pretty ridiculous - if ageless goes down then the end bar just vanishes in like, two strings. also the build got the aoe hold back so theres more mitigation for it, which is just a nice bonus
  6. hmm, a quick test run on a revamped fortunata build that sheds a lot of res (loses out on tough, effectively 22% res) but gains shatter armor and the spider blaster. with the blaster out and not dying, i got it down to roughly 1m55. using follow up->lunge->dominate (procced out)->shatter armor->followup->lunge->dominate as a string, aim whenever i can and psychic wail whenever i can. i'm really not sure if trying to use a procced out gloom would be better than having the spider blaster out and alive doing damage, but i kinda doubt it. it's still a pretty big difference. without the blaster it's back up to 3m though, so i'm betting without having to rely on the pet it's not really worth the sacrifice in -res. i also tried using a gloom string, but it's still in the 3m range. there's definitely gotta be a way to get this to sub 3m solo and no pets/hyrbid- just gotta figure out what i'm missing.
  7. haha, it's definitely all relative. i never pyloned on live, so my standards are i25 specific and on the extreme outlier of bio armor scrapping. that PB time really makes me think i can do better on that fort, especially looking at that old thread about NW damage. fitting in shatter armor and a patron pet should really make the st damage skyrocket, i think?
  8. the hell? i really wonder how that was managed. followup slash lunge? even with bio armors insane offensive boosts and the presence of crits/crit and strikes proc stuff like dual blades struggled to push below 2min without a good attack chain
  9. haha, yeah. i really dislike mace from a conceptual/thematic level and love battle axe for that exact reason. i ended up switching up my main character from a warmace character to the battle axe character earlier due to that specifically. it's one of those things where it's comforting to know that it's pretty likely that i have the strongest build for that and do more damage than basically anything besides a tw/bio character. anyhow, here's the build: the string itself is just jawbreaker->clobber->shatter over and over again. the proc rate for force feedback is good enough, but since there's potential gaps without some recharge enhancements i used the dam/rech and acc/dam/rech purples on clobber and shatter to make sure they form a tight string regardless of whether ff fires off or not. this means you get to use the ridiculously stupid strong string AND get the benefit of having build up fire off more and hasten be extremely-more-than-permanent (like, 20s to spare on the average every refresh?) i know a lot of people would be uncomfortable with the def/res as there are genuine pretty big holes there, but it's one of those things where a single purple mostly accounts for that weakness and bio armor's ridiculous absorb click powers synergize with the FF procs firing off so hard. purples are easy to come by, and defense debuff can be accounted for by cranking your resists and just killing the enemies faster than they kill you with your double absorb clickies. you just gotta watch out for that psi hole, which will wreck the hell out of you. also as an aside, i tested a fortunata build and was getting 3:30~ pylon times using follow up->lunge->procced out dominate (5x procs) and psychic wail with gladiator's fury in it. it's kind of annoying that their ST damage is that low, but i guess that's the tradeoff for having a nuke and everything else. it really makes me wonder just how bad night widows are since they don't get build up AND follow up while fortunatas get to use aim and follow up. the disconnect in power is absolutely bizarre - i just can't find a reason to ever actually pick night widows besides thematics as a choice between the two unlike banes and crabs.
  10. i kinda had a thought, like 'wait, i should be able to retroactively apply the things that make that battle axe build really strong to mace since my mace build was pretty vanilla' and i did. so, here's a 1:15~ time for wm/bio. timer starts at 4s~ when siphon dna is hit. i'm not actually sure if i gain time with siphon dna vs. just doing the chain but i decided to test it like once and got that run, haha. the actual average of the mace was brought down by roughly 10s, so instead of averaging a solid 1:35 consistently, it averages a solid 1:25 pretty consistently now. with this run, i'm almost certain that mace would be able to break 1m with a good stroke of luck.
  11. i was thinking about how broadsword shares most of the anims with ba/wm, and thought 'well, theoretically it should have the luxury of being able to be procced out given the -def component of the attacks to maybe even the score' so i tried out a build. took a lot of fiddling around, but it's not bad - luckily, broadsword's primary attacks have the same kd proc factor as ba/wm so i'm able to slot very similarly to the axe build. in terms of ST damage, it's heavily reliant on force feedback firing off despite the actual FF proc being less reliable than battleaxe's version due to the recharge time being slightly faster on broadsword than BA. that makes the standard time sit more around a 1m45-1m50s range with similar dips as wm/ba into the sub-1:30 range. the procs are pretty heavily spread, and i think there might be a better secondary chain (if ff doesn't go off) if i sacrifice boxing's slots/some def and super speed for slash but i can't be assed to respec and try it out. it's really bizarre to me that hack and slash have the exact same anim time despite one having half the recharge time. given that broadsword's version of crowd control/pendulum doesn't have any kd/kb component, it's probably worse in live play than the ba/wm builds but interesting to see as a thought experiment how far you can take things. bio armor definitely seems to level the playing field pretty well in a solo single target situation on all of the i0 weapon sets, which is nice. mace obviously still has the advantage in crowd control's 10 target cap but that's just gonna be a given since mace got a buff pass while neither BS nor BA did. it's really hilarious to me that this vid starts off with a miss, but i guess that's just RNG for you.
  12. done. messed up the formatting a bit and forgot to include the archetype on some of the results, though.
  13. well i couldn't resist so here's a test server axe/bio run. thematically, axe is my favorite set so it hurts to know axe is significantly weaker from a numerical standpoint on paper due to not having clobber and slower anim times. given the SS build before, i wanted to try and leverage what strengths axe has with it's version of shatter being stronger and it's ability to be slotted for knockback IOs on all it's attacks and got some surprising results. t4 muscle, t4 degen, t4 ageless, t4 assault hybrid (non-active) it's more variable than war mace but generally still pretty stable. has a slightly lower average time (like 1m45s) vs mace's but in exchange it has some potential for really hilarious lucky streaks and might even be stronger in live play because of the nature of the high recharge of the build combined with force feedback/damage procs firing off on basically every single major swing. i had a run that i didn't record that was like 56-59s with extreme amounts of luck, to where crit strikes procced off every single build up (and gaussian proccing every time too) and i spent a bit chasing that dragon but to no avail. there's some more slotting that can likely be done to make this build even more jacked up because whirling axe has FF but not cleave (or whatever axe's version of crowd control is) since i put a superior avalanche in there. it might be possible to just permanently sit around 250-280% recharge when doing regular stuff, with a 13s~ or so recharge time on build up
  14. okay, i rebuilt my fire/bio char after learning about a better string (aka how godawful greater fire sword is) and played around with some slotting and adding a fuckton of procs to fire sword. i originally naturally had 182% recharge but had to sacrifice a lot of it to crank out damage - that 20% lost recharge doesn't really sting thanks to the strings still being pretty loose. the average time is definitely on the weaker end of the melee sets i've played, sitting at around a 1:50 - i'd be very surprised if it were possible to dip into sub-1:30 with how it's laid out, but at a sheer output level it's pretty good when considering that the only -res in this is from melt armor+heel proc. i know people really like incinerate but i honestly hate the 4s burn window a lot. i think it sucks in live play on boss-level enemies since you usually want to alpha strike/mulch them as fast as possible! once again, this one has music so probably mute it. the journey in bio armor scrapping continues - not sure if there's many other sets i really want to play in terms of melee stuff besides battle axe, but i really can't imagine battle axe being decent in a high-end environment
  15. here's a 1:30 on kat/bio scrapper. t4 core muscle, t3 core degen, t4 radial assault t4 core ageless . i had to ask in the scrapper channel for the right slotting and attack chain to really get this right - was pulling 2m~ times with crit strikes on SD, but it seems that GD is the right place to put it after all due to how crazy GC is. i completely underestimated gambler's cut - i'm not quite sure why it procs so often given it's rech/anim time... might have to experiment more with that to reduce times, maybe. either way, just doing GD/GC/SD/GC over and over seems to be the key once you've got high enough recharge. this is another one of those sets with annoyingly high variation. this is the lowest it got, but the median for the times was closer to the 1m50 mark, with the average probably pulling at a 1m45~ or so. it finally made me realize the obvious thing of 'oh, sets that have a high dps due to low anim times are probably naturally going to have higher variance across the board because they have more chance to miss'. sorry for the music, just wanted somethin' besides the game sound fx playing.
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