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  1. i really don't get how people are like 'yeah but bruising sucks because of the level gap' like it's not also applying to every other source of -res in the game and good in the hands of other folks like that. maybe i just don't understand the -res system, like does it work differently for bruising on tanks or something? many of the -res powers in the game on non-defenders do -22.5% res, and it ends up averaging down to the same -13~% as bruising when applied to +3/+4 enemies. this includes stuff like melt armor, enervating field, distruption field, acid mortar (though this stacks per pet like sleet so this is maybe a bad example) and anguishing cry - all fantastic powers in their respective sets, even outright 'signature' this is just something i've noticed when power analyzing everything that i've fought for so long in an obsession in seeing -res numbers (on cold dom and traps defender) - bruising seems like it's 'minor' because you think 'oh, it's only 13% realistically' but it's contributing equally as much as some of the capstone -res powers in many power sets given common situations where it'd actually be useful (ie fighting AVs on a team, or EBs solo, even) someone please explain it to me because i don't understand statements in the vein of "you must have brain damage if you think bruising is good" under the context of just lookin at -res contributions on my support chars in literally every single AV/GM fight they go into edit: also i figure i'll throw together some average pylon times to see how bad of a nerf the same bio/ss tanker build i used for the pylon times thread got hit once i stop bein' lazy and throw that char together on the test server. it's really funny in hindsight thinking about how i made that character on live in excitement at the tanker patches of Big Footstomp and Cool SS Damage guess jumpin' the gun is always a fool's errand
  2. i had to do an obligatory footstomp check, it's affected with the nerfed radius of 10ft so it's basically just back to what the regular radius is right now
  3. so, i was inspired by the giant writeup by sir myshkin to try out a bio/ss tank on the live servers (not the test tanker buff build) and ended up having my own tweaks to the build he had posted very early on in the tank proc thread for a tad bit more of recharge and survivability/resist. and, uh, well, i ended up with this. bio/ss tank, t4 core muscle, t4 core ageless, t3 core degen (-75% regen), t4 assault hybrid. one of the things that bothers me about ss times when actually testing them out is that you're actually starting off by testing with doublerage on, rather than starting from 0. it sort of feels like cheating because you're not going from 0-100 as part of the test, even though SS is generally gonna have sustained doublerage anyways. anyhow, that's the best result i had out of like roughly 10 tests, with 5 using hybrid on and 5 using hybrid off. one of the biggest shocks is just how stable the results were despite the crash factoring into the active time midway/twice through. with hybrid on, i got between 1m56s and 2m8s - generally pretty stable! with hybrid off, my times were from a 2m28s to a 2m45s. note that the 2m45s was a very high outlier, as a large majority of the previous tests i did sat the mode result at 2m30s or 2m31s on the dot, and the other 3 test results from this run doing the same. in comparison to his results from the previous post: it's interesting to see that the overall range is relatively similar despite the changes in damage/gauntlet. i'm... not quite sure how i feel about that because it then suggests that tankers might be losing out on a pretty large support role for a vaguely insignificant change in damage when considering ss? i don't know, but my string includes adding jab and punch a whole bunch to add the -res and fill gaps so i'm surprised things are still roughly even at a ST level? overall, i'm pretty happy with the results but something feels 'weird' to where the set itself doesn't feel as effective as the pylon numbers would suggest while in live play. i'm not really sure why that is, but it bugs me quite a bit. thinking about the -regen on offensive mode, i might consider using that while the rage crash happens to see if i can lower my time.
  4. wm/bio because it's basically just slightly less good tw/bio in terms of output and nobody plays it so i get to feel like a special snowflake still you have similar-ish output to TW without any of the awkward feeling downtime or drawbacks of the momentum system when they do pop up. it doesn't run the risk of being nerfed like TW, and it's monstrously stable at the expense of not being as dynamic (and fun) to play as TW. whiffed clobber? no problem! just shatter! whiffed shatter? no problem, just jawbreaker! got a crowd around you? hit that crowd control! that whiffs? hit shatter or whirling mace, and then crowd control again! i genuinely don't understand why it's so good in comparison to all the other weapon sets, it's so bizarre. multiple superior damage attacks, an absolutely outrageous extreme damage attack.. nonstop knockup/knockdown/stun on stuff.. i actually have no idea how this set and BA were even supposed to be comparable when BA is so lackluster. i'd be very curious to see how SS on a scrapper performed vs. WM for battle of second place, honestly - i've got this gut feeling that SS might lose out just 'cuz of it's lack of stability/smoothness from it's crash in comparison to WM just hitting buttons edit: the crazy part is, i think i get why mace isn't played that much- and it's just that... well, maces aren't as cool as axes! or swords! or katanas! if i could get battleaxe with the literal same output then i'd switch to that in a heartbeat!
  5. Kanil

    How Does Beam/ Stack Up?

    so, i posted a thing in the plyon damage thread showing beam rifle's potential for damage for those more curious about a demonstration of it. so far i've only solo'd jack in irons and adamastor because i can't ever find the other gms but it's been pretty easy cruising. the inherent -regen in beam rifle definitely adds up vs. that GM health - it's about equivalent to tossing an envenomed dagger in yoru string. it is a br/temp build but i'm honestly not sure how much the secondary comes into play for GM hunting specifically. the /temp part of it seems.. i dunno- it's probably good in teams (if nobody has or can use an envenomed dagger) but the amount that time stop and time wall add in terms of -regen is like... it's about the same as the degen part of single shot with 3x the animation time. so the /time component isn't really necessary at all for the gm meltathon. the big part of BR is how you can really feel the lack of aoes though, and that's where i think things really help out because end of time is a comedically good pbaoe. after having a generally top-end dual pistol and assault rifle char, beam rifle is a very nice change of pace because those two powersets are so middling in comparison.
  6. cool, cool. put in my wm/bio time for now, will probably add more later. the form is missing dual blades otherwise i woulda put in my current test in: db/bio scrapper, 1:21~, t4 muscle (core), t4 ageless (core), t3 degen (core), t3 assault (radial) i assume this is around the best possible outcome for this build because the range on testing is still drastic. i guess it wasn't a quirk of fire armor after all and just how DB works. like, my total range is a 1:18 lowest to 2:15~ highest. i don't know -why- there's such a potential disparity using the exact same string over and over. there's no like, stable point with outliers as well, it's just all over the place in general. it's kind of frustrating to see it all over the place because it only really gains traction in a long and sustained string against a single target. in live play, it just feels 'less' than war mace still due to war mace being more stable across the board and being able to spike up it's damage output ASAP with the build up + proc into CC ->whirling mace combo. i had also tested out a fire/bio armor character but their output wasn't up to snuff so i ended up canning them before i got any footage. the average time for that was like, close to 3m with the lowest range being 2m25s~ or so. fire melee just feels... lacking? i dunno.
  7. yeah, i did see that but the big thing that throws me off is the bonus damage and DOT from the disintegration mechanic- it seems like maximizing lancer shot is where a lot of the juice is at given the additional heavy DOT damage from that bonus on top of the general bonus damage on penetrating ray. ill have to check out adding some procs to see if i can really crank up the damage on stuff, though given i have so much extra recharge sitting around in the build.
  8. so, here's a vid for beam rifle/temporal manipulation with a 2:32 time. in multiple attempts it usually averages that 2:35~ range, with the far extreme slow end being like 2:45~ and the fast end being 2:20~. i put the tildes there because i measured using the recovery on ageless, which i'd pop immediately. so maybe a bit slower than that since it's a real rough estimate. since there's no established BR attack chain it took me a bit to try and figure out what was 'optimal', and i'm pretty sure i still haven't reached it yet. generally going between disintegrate->lancer shot->sniper ray->penetrating shot as a starter and then doing the same chain sans disintegrate twice seems to be ideal since that's how much you can do the chain and still get the full disintegration bonuses before needing to re-apply the attack. on top of that, managing aim and build up so they are constantly active on top of each other rather than stacking both at once seems to produce substantial effects as well- doing the same string while applying both instead of juggling the two would shoot up my times to around the 2:50-3:10~ marker. generally any 'lesser' attack string would do the same too. i'm surprised adding 'charged shot' to the end of the loop there pushed the times that high too given the additional -75% regen it has (and the force feedback proc i have on it shortening the bu/aim timing) but i guess that's the nature of those attacks.
  9. thanks the writeup! i'm sure you get asked the question like a million times, so i appreciate ya going into detail about it and showing vids for it. i'll have to check out the tank proc thread- i've only recently started dipping into considering frankenslotting procs thanks to trying to squeeze performance out of dual pistols blasting, so it's great to see someone go super in-depth into it in testing and mapping that stuff out since it takes a lot of 'theory' off the table, when you can see the results. as an aside, i'm still thinking about db/bio as a test - given just how often critical strikes gets a chance to proc with blinding feint and how much sheer +dmg you get running a non-moonbeam string, it feels like that combination might be able to fly close to TW if you build it right and have the right string (there's no way it's not just BF->SS->AS, i guess?)
  10. what's with the low difference between the times on a tanker and brute? is it related to the damage scaling change or more how the majority of the damage is coming from procs and 2x rage? whenever i see proc-related builds, i'm usually thinking about the loss in set bonuses too. i've honestly never played SS because i really hate the idea of dealing with the crash but was thinking about doing so if the beta changes go through as a change of pace. how do the other numbers generally look for that build? with bio, you're running two recharge-intensive powers to really keep you extra alive (parasitic and abalative) and assuming you're trying to be optimal overall, the crash highly damages your survivability if not for those powers adding a monstrous amount of absorption - is it one of those deals where you can get away only putting procs in like, 2 powers (ko blow and gloom?) and then get away with it because the procs are so good, or are you potentially sacrificing 4 sets of bonuses (20-40% rech?) to keep that in balance so you can keep attacking while the crash is happening. idk how much test you've done in livefire scenarios but i usually end up using this stuff as a measure for avmelting in live play so i was curious since i really want to like SS otherwise, haha anyhow, here's the best time i have db/fire scrapper i've had for awhile. i'm actually really bothered by how bad the the time is relative to /bio scrapping - you'd think the additional -res proc and the extra build up on top of DB's nonstop bonus 100% damage from blinding feint would help bridge the gap but it still doesn't. i'll have to try a db/bio at some point because the difference between this and wm/bio seems really extreme when considering just how much extra stuff warmace has in comparison to db's moves. the variance on times is extremely high too- unlike wm, where most of my results ended up around 1:35, this can vary from 1:35 to 2:20 easily. it's really annoying, and i don't really quite grasp the 'why' - i assume it's possibly related to the moonbeam proc making a massive difference alongside the general lack of control when the build up on building feint fires off. note the disclaimer that i have the superbase +recovery and +kb protect buffs on because this thing's endurance drain actually beats out ageless's recovery with a full IO set (pancea, miracle, perf shifter) and fire armor's total lack of kb protection. just more stuff on the pile that's annoying about this build.
  11. let me hail of bullets 50 targets instead of 16 if i die by getting sneezed on while superman gets to eat nuclear bombs to the face without flinching while killing everyone around him
  12. mind you, this is basically the best possible result with the crit going off nonstop and like maybe three or so whiffs total. the actual average is more around a 1:35. i really hate that the most optimal string i've found so far is just the 3 strongest attacks in a row over and over. i was really hoping to fit in the t2 since it's so fast but it apparently is suboptimal vs just lettin them rock edit: forgot the incarnate stuff. it's t4 core muscle, t4 radial assault, t4 ageless the one you always pick, t3 degen -regen
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