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  1. Dark Armor. It gives you an attractive pink and black palette. Dark Armor has a nice aggro inducing pbaoe attack. Add in the blue inspirations you'll be using and you have a rockin' colour scheme.
  2. I strongly disagree with your evaluation of Dark. One example will serve: and Cast Fluffy to appear at the feet of the big bad. Cast Petrifying Gaze. You now have a two stack hold. One bad guy held until he can be dealt with. My knock against Petrifying Gaze isn't the hold, it's that, unlike just about every other Dark power, it doesn't do anything else. Everything Fluffy does stacks with what you do. And if all else fails, he is a secondary aggro magnet. If my party is face rolling through the minions then I do not bother casting him. But for actual challenges, Fluffy gets deployed. Similarly, Howling Twilight is always useful against the AV at the end of the mission. And I always use it against the AV. The rez is just a nice bonus. Dark is a synergistic power set. You should not evaluate each power on its own but must consider them in the context of a series of uses. There are other examples, but in my opinion, Dark holds up pretty well when compared to other Defender primaries. My problem is not Dark vs. other primaries but that Defenders really are not needed any more. The players are so much more powerful than the content at Incarnate levels that most encounters are trivial so long as everyone knows how to play their role. But that's a rant for another day... 😄
  3. If it helps any, please remember that just about everyone who was involved with City of Heroes when it was Live, lost their jobs. Also, I'm a moderator on another gaming board. Not a week goes by that I question my judgment in accepting the job. And we're one of the nicer boards. I cannot imagine how the WoW mods feel. Be kind to your mods and cut 'em some slack.
  4. I second the recommendation of Night Widow. The major problems with it is that they are rather rare and there aren't a lot of guides for them. Small children can generally play most archetypes, but Widows are the hardest class to play so I would not recommend anyone under eight playing one. 😄 If you want to play a blapper, as discussed above, my suggestion is to play a Sentinel. You still get the ray beam shooty goodness, but you are a bit tougher and can take more punishment than a blaster. My suggestions are for a straight forward hit things hard build, go Brute. For a slicer 'n dicer, go Widow. For shooting at point blank go Sentinel. As for what power sets to go for within each class, you have to work pretty hard to gimp your character in CoX. Pick whatever sets appeal to you for primary and secondary and run with it.
  5. As a kin/, I typically target through the bad guys. The one remap I do on all my characters is to remap 't' to find the nearest enemy. I just spam hitting 't' and heal, add endurance, fulcrum, shift and other fun debuffs. I also hit speed boost from time to time. That way the team mates who are doing their job (fighting baddies near me) get the full benefits of my awesomeness 😄 . Melees who run off away from the main party get squat.
  6. Incarnate on Easy Mode Now that your character is fifty, it's time to start unlocking the incarnate slots, starting with Alpha. You will need: 1. A base with teleport pads for the Rikti War Zone, The Abyss, Eden and Dark Astoria (not Echo: Dark Astoria). Your base should also have the Pillar of Ice and Fire. 2. The base Teleport power (available from the Pay to Win vendor) Guide. 3. Access to Ouroboros Guide To start: 1. Go to Ouroboros and open up the first Dark Astoria mission (Burden of the Past) Guide. The contact will be Heather Townshend. Set your difficulty to as low as you can stand. I have no shame. I typically go 0. Finish then repeat the mission until one of two things happen. a. You get tired. b. A Rikti Mothership raid (MSR) is called. 2. If a. happens, log off and go about your life until you are willing to resume grinding. 3. If b. happens, go to the Rikti War Zone and join the raid. After the raid you can resume grinding in Dark Astoria, look for another MSR or join a Hamidon raid Guide 4. Once you have enough shards, thread and salvage to select the Alpha goodie you want, create and slot the goodie. Continue doing Heather missions and raids until you are fully slotted out Guide. Here is the rationale. Grouping up to do Task Forces is a very efficient way of getting the required loot (Experience at this point is a trivial issue). But grouping up inevitably means a lot of waiting around. The Heather Townshend mission can be done solo in less than fifteen minutes and has a merit and salvage award at the end. Hamidon and the MSR produce very large amounts of goodies in a short amount of time. They do involve waiting for the league to form. Of the two, the MSR seems to yield the best rewards over time. Further going on MSR's will unlock the other five slots in very short order. I know that the incarnate trials, especially BAF and Tinpex, are popular. But they are not nearly as flexible for fast unlocking and slotting incarnate powers as doing Heather's errands. They are more fun. But this isn't about fun, it's about slotting your Hybrid slot in as short a time as possible.
  7. Typically you set the chain as the length of your forearm multiplied by 1.5. Cut a chain of the number of links that equals that distance. If you are using spiked chains, reduce the length of the links by the length of the handle. Be sure to wear eye protection.
  8. When I do that, all I see is the Homecoming server message of the day, not the Everlasting TF
  9. I'm signed up with Everlasting TF and have the channel on my chat tab. I have yet to see a MotD. How may I remedy this? Is there any way to see the MotD on demand?
  10. Fair enough. I very much love my D3 Defender, but I think the Dark/Dark Controller is probably stronger. The Dominator should be fine.
  11. Roll up a widow. Either Night Widow or Fortunata.
  12. It depends on the zone. The Rikti War Zone should be perilous. Peregrine Island is a city zone where civilians live, work and play. It makes sense that travel should be relatively safe there. Too much obvious danger ruins the immersion and harshes the mellow.
  13. I think the Conglomerate mostly wound up on Everlasting. I know Rachael Storm did and a few others.
  14. I would offer to power level folks but my 50's are a dark defender, a kinetics defender and a widow. I can help people die slower, die faster or die with really swell buffs. No one ever seems interested in my assistance some how. 😄
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