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  1. I'm ITP and would love to meet other CoH players.
  2. I thank heaven I have never had to use essence of furries.
  3. As a kin/ defender I tend to not like knock back. Seeing your target get knocked across the room and denying your team the buff or heal can be frustrating. My other characters are more accepting. Of course there was the one team where the stormie was bragging about how he had the enhancements slotted that converted knock back to knock up. I carefully avoided any close contact with him.
  4. As a former Drow goddess Eilie is pretty bright but really spacy. Human Resources is lawful evil and smart. Saganaki knows a lot about cows. My others aren't dummies but they probably aren't rocket scientists either.
  5. My favourite pc is, has been and will be a Dark/Dark/Dark Defender. Typically the Defender I want to team with regardless of what I am playing is a kin/. I ❤️ Fulcrum Shift. And Speed Boost is always nice.
  6. On the redside I believe you see a Facemaker(?). Both are available as npc's to be placed in your supergroup base.
  7. All this reminds me of my early days with Repeat Offenders. When I told some friends I was playing in an all kin/ defender team they all told me that we were doomed and we were doing it wrong and that a defenders job was to be a passive little heal bot. That was some of the most fun I had on Live and it was made better by how wrong the critics were. Eccentrics of Paragon, Shine On You Little Glow Worms!
  8. I tend to approach other characters with a wait and see approach. Are they friendly? Is what they are doing working? And is what they are doing compatible with what I am doing? I've had less problem with novelty characters than with cookie cutter characters who do not know what to do. In my experience when some one makes unique power choices or uses they have a goal in mind which means they are thinking. My last encounter with a sub-par player was a tank in a pug tf. He had all the appropriate powers and they probably were slotted correctly. What he didn't do was tank. He was the most timid tank I've seen since CoH came back. This was at level 35. My expectations are that by that level you should have some idea of how to play. Give me a blapper or a pet free MM any day of the week over a pure coward. #endrant
  9. mousestalker


    How much knockback mitigation is considered enough and how can I get there? Dark/Dark level 32 brute who is getting tired of getting knocked on her butt.
  10. There are also unslottters, which are relatively cheap, as well as enhancement storage in super group bases. At this point I hardly bother to slot enhancements until level 22. Then I slot IO's which carry my character to 30 or so. At that point I do a respec and then slot attuned set enhancements for the rest of the level grind. The level 25 IO's get recycled for the next alt. I have yet to really dive into Purplemania for my 50's but that will probably happen at some point.
  11. Dark Armor. It gives you an attractive pink and black palette. Dark Armor has a nice aggro inducing pbaoe attack. Add in the blue inspirations you'll be using and you have a rockin' colour scheme.
  12. I strongly disagree with your evaluation of Dark. One example will serve: and Cast Fluffy to appear at the feet of the big bad. Cast Petrifying Gaze. You now have a two stack hold. One bad guy held until he can be dealt with. My knock against Petrifying Gaze isn't the hold, it's that, unlike just about every other Dark power, it doesn't do anything else. Everything Fluffy does stacks with what you do. And if all else fails, he is a secondary aggro magnet. If my party is face rolling through the minions then I do not bother casting him. But for actual challenges, Fluffy gets deployed. Similarly, Howling Twilight is always useful against the AV at the end of the mission. And I always use it against the AV. The rez is just a nice bonus. Dark is a synergistic power set. You should not evaluate each power on its own but must consider them in the context of a series of uses. There are other examples, but in my opinion, Dark holds up pretty well when compared to other Defender primaries. My problem is not Dark vs. other primaries but that Defenders really are not needed any more. The players are so much more powerful than the content at Incarnate levels that most encounters are trivial so long as everyone knows how to play their role. But that's a rant for another day... 😄
  13. If it helps any, please remember that just about everyone who was involved with City of Heroes when it was Live, lost their jobs. Also, I'm a moderator on another gaming board. Not a week goes by that I question my judgment in accepting the job. And we're one of the nicer boards. I cannot imagine how the WoW mods feel. Be kind to your mods and cut 'em some slack.
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