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  1. Welcome back SecretSkull! I remember how bad I wanted to be a RoA - there were so many alternative SG's like Knights of Apocalypse and Legends of Apocalypse! Too cool!
  2. Wow! So many familiar faces! Even Snow Globe decided to show-up! So glad to see all of you coming back!
  3. OMG! I remember this!! Ok, let me explain myself - back in the day, there were a LOT of WoW players and the only players I met that played CoH were on other servers. You were the first person from Triumph AND from a SG that I also had a character on! Hello and I am so thankful you remembered!! Also, HELLO MrSamoa, Malawi (tell Scotland I said hi!), Anti-Catwhoorg, and TOGO!I'm sure I'm missing a few... Also, Anyad - I used to be on PowerTrip are you still in contact with Magnus-X and Azure? I remember spending a lot of time with them!
  4. What Servers are you all on now? I'm on Indomitable and Excelsior - global handle @Sh4rpie
  5. Glad to see more familiar faces responding here! Also, Hello Hand Grenade! It's been far too long my friend! Glad to have a chance to get through the queue this weekend for a brief 20 minute session. Ran into more people from Triumph too! I am on Excelsior myself with my original name: Sh4rpie hoping that I run across anyone familiar. Feel free to add me or say hello! Don't be afraid!
  6. I think I am getting this error because the servers are maxed out right now, however, I got disconnected from the map server in Kings Row and now my hero is listed in an Unknown Location not giving me the ability to load Kings Row/ Paragon City. Anyone else run in this issue?
  7. Wow! So many oldies in here! So many memorable names as I was scrolling through the forum posts. I know that I have either teamed up with you either on a Hamidon raid or waved at you waiting at Talon station on my way to Peregrine Island. Glad to see the Fusioneers, GH’ers, and all of the others in-between. I had an Alt Empathy Defender who was named, Viewtiful Joe on Defenders of Tomorrow. I remember you Duffy. TempestMaster I remember seeing you in the SG Base e/wave Vanden, I remember Powerthrust but you will always be remembered by your outfits. Hello Finland! Hello Lady Kay! You
  8. Hello all, Former Wild Card, which was part of the Grand Coalition along side Global Heroics and Fusion Force, had plenty of different heroes but went by Sh4rpie. Just seeing if anyone else made it back to this game. I know that I saw a bunch of Triumph folks on the City of Titans kickstarter but I never got around funding that endeavor. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hello and I hope to be back in Paragon City soon!
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