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  1. Does anyone have a spicy archery/kin build after the changes? I want to play a 'rain of arrows go brrrrrrrrrrrr' toon.
  2. Bruhh i remember your metallic ice/ice blaster cold threat.. pretty sure you let me sk with you a bit back In the day when my altitus was at its worst rofl.
  3. So I've been seeing a small handful of psy/regen sentinels hopping around lately, and I was curious as to the potential efficacy of of the build. Now I've never played sentinels before, and the idea of a psy/regen/psy sentinel peaked my interest. Does anyone have any thoughts on the power sets used in conjunction with each other? It seems like link minds would be pretty strong along with using less than optimal psy attacks as mules for bonuses that regen sorely needs, and then proccing out some of the other attacks like the single target hold or other high
  4. Oh I had no intention of ever skipping ea. I'm an old school player all the way back to May of 04', I just don't have the experience doing high end io slotting experience with these particular power sets. Dark consumption id almost much rather have then not as there are enough sapping mobs that exist. It also frees up my incarnates to be used without having to consider using it for endurance purposes. More so I'd like to have it for possible muling for e/n +res and +recharge. Now should I take it, this will tighten up power choices to the possibility of
  5. This is good information I appreciate the feedback. Being an ice tank I was absolutely looking at stacking the -to hit of souls obliteration and gloom and even the toggle should power slots allow. I've also been looking at the new synapse shock enhancement set possibly in dark consumption and energy absorption. The recharge and e/n resist seems almost too good to pass up. However that removes the option of proccing out another good high recharge aoe. Do you think layering the e/n resist would be worth the the trade up of proccs? Or is there a better wa
  6. Bronana16969


    Ice/dm is a monster of a power combo, however the defensive nature of both sets has left the offensive aspect a tad underwhelming. While I understand the role of a tank is to.. well tank, I'm leaning into the speed clear meta and trying to figure out the balance for hunting set bonuses and adding in damage prices to buff my capacity to add to the clear speed. Are there any dm gurus floating about that have any pro tips on the slotting of dark melee. Bonus points for dm while coupled with ice armor. I'm also trying to figure out whether the newly buffed shadow maul is wo
  7. Fa/dark is solid for soloing. Lots of survivability built in between 2nd heal and -to hit.
  8. Your most recent procc'd out build certainly seems as tight as it can be, my only lazy person gripe is the 4kd res. Even with hover mitigating and the option to grab sg base kd res buff I still find myself wishing I could hop in and not have to chase sg buffs before running content. Big if, but IF you had to toss one slot towards an extra kd io (steadfast?) Where do you think that play might come from? Who am I kidding, there's is literally zero wiggle room in this build. To which I have to say is a mark of a darn good build.
  9. I don't disagree, dark probably has the higher ceiling when you start to look at the big picture with buffs and all. Rad has a pretty darn high floor though.
  10. Gonna Necro this thread because I'm on a rad binder. Plant/rad is super strong for a couple simple facts. It has complimentary clickie (plant) /set and forget (rad) powersets. So you're not losing potential on un-used abilities. Rad is cheap on slots, letting you to invest more robustly between sets and proc opportunities. This also is complimented by AM's +recharge letting you go lighter on recharge in slotting thus increasing proc probability. Depending on your build's playstyle your aiming for, many rad abilities can be skipped. This let's you spend m
  11. Damn those are some really strong bonii (boners?)..😰😰 Y'all I just finished slotting, quit playing like that.
  12. Okay I can see the train of thought regarding recharge speed +res as it can be a hard stat to come by. I think most of the issue I'm having regarding accuracy will most likely be solved once I hit my incarnate level shift. Is cardiac still considered to be necessary? Or would musculature be an option since this is a more dps oriented build power set build?
  13. I like build alot so far, but I had a thought. If you were to swap out one utility IO, like the 20% slow resist for example, wouldnt subbing in kismet's +acc be be worthwhile? Or do you feel the slow resist is more worth while?
  14. Yes.. it adds flat fire damage to your attacks. Which adds up fast. FE does give fire powers an extra 20 or 30% +dmg compared to the 80%(?) It gives everything else. Its essentially another Build Up at it's core.
  15. Nah ss/fa is perfectly fine to farm, it's incredibly competitive with other top tier sets. I've seen it finish maps with incredible time. However I see skipping rage to be problematic as it's a huge source of +dmg and to +to hit, which when built around can negate the need for extra acc being slotted into powers.
  16. I've seen ss/fire builds built around p2w/sg buffs and I think it's all quite similar In the grand scheme. But.. being able to clear minions/lt's quickly will let you clear room for your burn to hit bosses/EB's more reliably. Which I think was the major previous point being argued.
  17. Is there a high end modern rad/fire/pyre build floating around that includes new additions such as bombardments chance for +fire proc? And I ask for /pyre mostly because of the way melt armor interacts with procs and the existence of farms that include EB's. Secondary and less important inquiry would be if there are any that function around p2w/sg buffs as a way of streamlining the build with speed in mind. This build would obviously be less focused on inf generation and more geared towards speeding up the levelling process for the door sitter. I hav
  18. How high were you able to get your max hp with that build? This is has always been a primary aim for me when building any room using Shield Defense. Obviously regen (my second big aim) can now be put on the back foot since +hp procs and siphon life are available.
  19. ill/storm for dps ill/rad for rounded content Both can do the same stuff more or less. After you factor in incarnates I feel like ill/storm pulls ahead. Pre-incarnates storm will suffer in the endurance management department. Throw in temporary powers like envenomed blades /shivans/ heavies and it's an AV power house. But so is rad Albeit just a bit slower and safer.
  20. For single target you have gfs or incin depending on which is better dpa. Ideally though the point of the tank would be hit cap. So I would just drag the mobs to the next spawn if possible. There's also fire blast if you decide to slot it for more than just the 10% recharge bonus from apocalypse.
  21. For fire/fire/pyre, the chain would look like what.. fireball-burn-fsc-bof rinse repeat? Combustion ended up being my mule for 4 slots of the ATO for +10% rech and 2 of the other ATO for +max end and the other ATO proc incase I were to take this build elsewhere. Those last two slots are obviously the first to go should I choose to add anything else.
  22. Yeah dark/, rad/, and elec/ can work as well with their damage toggles giving you enough aggro to taunt through the burn scatter when combinesd with say -quills or irradiated ground. Those sets will also give you an option to run a second build that can be pretty decent for other endgame content as they're very well rounded. Bio/ will give you more damage than the afformentioned sets through it's -res and+dmg, but will be weaker to alpha strikes in other Content. This can be well mitigated through clever building though.
  23. Unfortunately fiery aura makes the backbone of all top tier farming builds. Fiery embrace and burn is just too much damage to pass up. Mobile posting right now so I can't post any builds, but.. Fire/rad Fire/ss And fire/spines are pretty much your top 3 contenders for farm speed. I wouldn't deviate if you're set on making it a tank since clear speed will already be slower than a brute. Deviations would probably be: /Claws /Ice (exotic damage version of ss) /Fire As far as primaries for tank I'd say: /Rad /Bio
  24. So with everything going on with tankers, I decided I wanted to roll a wp/claws in an effort to revive an old claws/regen scrapper I had on live. I chose tanker primarily because willpower is going to benefit most from a larger go pool. And I've been itching to play claws with high end IO's being more available now. I know the dps won't be stellar compared to a scrapper, but this isn't a primary concern.And 2 where does claws see the most benefit from the guassian's BU proc. My two big questions, would be 1. where to slot the +absorb proc since I see Willpower getting
  25. Also, aside from what much of Sarrate had to say.. Regen benefits most from two things (2.5 really), max hp, recharge and the last .5 which I specifically dont count AS important would be a second from of damage mitigation. Higher hp boosts your regen effects, most notably Instant Healing. Recharge let's you drop reconstruction, dull pain, instant Healing, and MoG quicker and more reliably. And a second form of mitigation will give you more bang for your buck from regen. Defense is easy to stack, but defense debuffs are more common th
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