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  1. Oh, yup, I was looking in graphics and someone in my TF told me it was in the controls. Thanks, I should of looked more thoroughly.
  2. Title. I was really enjoying my Ill/FF Controller while leveling but I just hit 50 and I feel absolutely useless. Was in a MLTF and even the 48 Brute was doing more than I was. I have like no damage and I can't CC any of the AVs, which seem to be the only thing that was giving anyone any degree of trouble. We were mostly Scrappers and Brutes and they would just wade right through groups of enemies without taking any damage at all. If any enemy even glanced at me I had to immediately use Personal Force Field or I would just get destroyed in 3 hits. Eventually all I was doing was sitting in invi
  3. Title. It wasn't too bad on my Psi/WP scrapper until I hit 32 and got Mass Levitate, which has HORRIBLE amounts of full screen shaking and is making me dizzy/causing my eyes to hurt.
  4. I was having the same problem using CreamSoda, I downloaded Tequila as someone recommended and ran it from the same folder CreamSoda does and it updated the game, launched, let me accept the agreement and now I have no problems. If I had to guess, I'm guessing CreamSoda didn't get the message that the game was updated this morning.
  5. Am also receiving this error. Well that explains it then.
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