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  1. To the person copying looks in this thread, please attempt to only use aspects of a costume. Not the entire costume. There's actually a rather expansive gap between utilizing a clever trick in the creator and outright taking an entire look. I know I don't speak for just myself when I say I value my costumes enough-so that I've purchased commissions. So, it's more than a little annoying to have my costume and a friend's costume both be outright stolen in two days. EDIT: They claim to have been doing this since launch, so I guess my request won't matter. Carry on folks. Don't p
  2. Don't get Ghosted! This girl's having the time of her afterlife as a search-and-rescue hero. Get haunted, nerds.
  3. Released the following names: Heatsync Sam Nesia Blitz Beetle Backseat Bell Pepper Belle Pepper Hue Manatee El Pato Frick Frickenstein Girlgoyle Ace Invader Nobleman Align Incant Frightening Bolt Chump Change Pscythe Sir Ender Spotter Punch Buggy Hover Hands Bellyslide Jelly Dancer Cloud-Cover City Slicker City Ichor Budgie Deadly Sloth Animator Love Struck Golemancer Lady of Liberty Ice Rink Caiman Rider Family Jewel Defunked Sheer Handheld Handhold Knightvision Wicked Wick Win
  4. Goblin Guard! (he's a hero, promise) Gobby here is able to attract and absorb matter and energy, then recycles it! How environmentally-friendly! ♻️
  5. Hi, I spawned the original idea on one of my alt accounts. I toyed around with the idea with multi-boxing at first. Originally was going to do a crystalline djinn or elemental. When I got my friends involved to keep in line with the multi-boxing rule, it changed drastically with their input. There are four of us in the final version: the main body, a backwards-facing ;flex1 body with the arms and backpiece for the head, and two people on either side to fill out additional arms. Emotes on the side-arms are especially fun since one side can dribble a basketball while the other texts, for e
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