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  1. Goblin Guard! (he's a hero, promise) Gobby here is able to attract and absorb matter and energy, then recycles it! How environmentally-friendly! ♻️
  2. Hi, I spawned the original idea on one of my alt accounts. I toyed around with the idea with multi-boxing at first. Originally was going to do a crystalline djinn or elemental. When I got my friends involved to keep in line with the multi-boxing rule, it changed drastically with their input. There are four of us in the final version: the main body, a backwards-facing ;flex1 body with the arms and backpiece for the head, and two people on either side to fill out additional arms. Emotes on the side-arms are especially fun since one side can dribble a basketball while the other texts, for example. It was the fiendish arms who realized they could "feed" the mouth by juggling. As for playing? It plays like a statue 😛 Thank you for the CC. Was fun toying around with this and convincing people to CONFORM in the public vote at the end.
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