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  1. It sounds as if you misinterpreted the patch notes. It's still a utility power, but now it has a new animation and has the potential to hit more enemies. It still recovers endurance.
  2. I love the changes to Dark Melee. My only feedback is that I wish that the Stalker version of Dark Melee would exchange Touch of Fear for the new Dark Consumption.
  3. Can you provide any numbers to give this statement context?
  4. Thank you, I can confirm that it has been fixed!
  5. This may be a known issue, but Island Rum does not currently accept https://manifest.cohhc.gg/testing.xml as a valid manifest. Here is what I have tried. 1. I opened Island Rum. 2. I clicked Settings, Manifest. 3. I entered https://manifest.cohhc.gg/testing.xml and then clicked "Add". At this point, nothing happens. I cannot expand upon this problem because no error is displayed, no log is created, and the client does not show any indication that an additional manifest was added. If I click the icon that displays the list of available manifests, the Beta manifest is not displayed as an option. Only the default Homecoming manifest is displayed.
  6. modest

    Corr or Def?

    You can see the results of my testing in the Pylon thread. There is also a lengthy thread in the Defender subsection of the forums where quite a lot of people have tested Storm Summoning on both Defenders and Corruptors.
  7. The new version opens without a problem. Upon opening Island Rum, it downloaded the client again in the user/Applications/coh directory. After the client finished downloading, I was able to launch the 64bit version without any problems.
  8. I also have the exact same problem as @Psych Devil and @jthig32. This problem is unrelated to Safe Mode. My computer runs Mac OS X Mojave 10.14.6. Two hours ago, I opened Island Rum, it updated successfully, and I was able to play on Homecoming without a problem. I just opened Island Rum again. Island Rum updated itself a second time, and now the Island Rum program is stuck at "Application Not Responding". To clarify: Island Rum will not open. Island Rum uses an enormous amount of my CPU and causes the fans in my computer to ramp up on full blast. This is new behavior that was introduced after this evening's update. Once again, this problem is unrelated to Safe Mode. I do not use Safe Mode.
  9. It's like I'm looking into a mirror. I also main a Rad/Sonic Defender, and second a Fire/Atomic blaster. @vibal My latest project is a storm/dark defender, and I recommend it to you based on your enjoyment of Illusion controllers. I posted the build here. The play style is somewhat similar.
  10. I decided to create a Storm/Dark Defender on the test server to see how it compares to my Fire/Storm Corruptor. I built for general PvE play, so my build is not tailored Pylon runs. Storm/Dark Defender: 3 minutes 40 seconds (220 seconds) 2 minutes 52 seconds (172 seconds) 3 minutes 25 seconds (205 seconds) 2 minutes 48 seconds (168 seconds) 2 minutes 44 seconds (164 seconds) Here is my build: I then recreated my Fire/Storm Corruptor on the test server and took it on a Pylon hunt: 2 minutes 53 seconds (173 seconds) 3 minutes 1 seconds (181 seconds) 2 minutes 16 seconds (136 seconds) 2 minutes 28 seconds (148 seconds) 2 minutes 27 seconds (147 seconds) Here's my build: The Corruptor was a bit more challenging to play. It required that I maintain a nearly flawless rotation with the Fire Blast powers, as well as use the storm powers as soon as they recharged. The Defender had more leeway for error, as the only attacks that I used with the Defender were Moonbeam and Gloom. The majority of the damage on the Defender came from Storm Summoning.
  11. I can't recall having heard that term when the game was live, but I might be drawing a Blanker.
  12. @Arctyc I have edited my Rad/Sonic build a bit since the last time I shared it on the forums. Here's the build that I swapped to: I have also attached a .mxd file. Both builds work well. The V13 was a bit better in teams, and this one's a bit better for solo play and soloing AVs. Modest-V15.mxd
  13. modest


    @QuiJon Plant Control/Psionic Assault is one of the old school Dominator builds that could tackle AVs. The trick was to use Entangle and Roots to immobilize the AV at range. It required that a player move closer to use Drain Psyche once every 30 seconds, then immediately jump back. I suspect that Plant Control/Martial Assault can accomplish this as well because of Martial's high damage. The single target damage that a MA Dominator with Envenomed Blades puts out is very good, and it should easily overtake an AV's regeneration.
  14. modest


    This topic is about plant/MA. I posted a build for that specific combination.
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