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  1. I was just waxing earlier today on my own Ill/FF toon I rolled. Since looking at the various Stealth powers in the game, I really wanted a character with Superior Invisibility. This seemed like a valid option for those arguably few subterfuge mishes where you "click on glowies", or get to the end and talk to prisoner/contact. (Though you may have to defeat a boss or some lieutenants toward the end). Since Superior Invis. is only available to Controller archetypes in the primary Illusion power set, this seemed like a no-brainer. Controller has Force Field as a secondary power set, so...Sue Storm homage toon! Now let me say that this a bit tongue-in-cheek but it has the pale veneer of truth to what I am going to say. The plan wasn't to get her to be the best toon ever (obviously) or even be able to solo many missions, but to be able to route through specific subterfuge mishs unscathed solo. As I've been playing, I've noticed a couple of things. First; the primary power set of Illusion, pretty much sucks in every way possible for solo until you get to the higher level powers. And secondly that the secondary set of Force Field comes in at a very close 2nd or 3rd for that title of "Worst power set ever". Though some of the powers on Illusion seem to share similarities with Mind Control and Psionic Assult, they are as different as night and day. 1) Spectral wounds is high dam, which makes it as effective or perhaps even more so than Psionic Dart from PA. This is one of the few compliments I will give to the set. This feels a bit OP for a level 1 toon to have. 2) Superior Invisibility is great, When I first got it, the first thing I did was walk right to bosses and did the Smack emote standing on their toes! It's the best power....UNTIL....you interact with ANYTHING. Then your 100pt. perception buff drops to -35. In a room with no bosses or Lts. on a mish set to -1; the minions spot me from 30 feet away and simultaneously went full agro the split second I clicked on a glowie. Boo! I can do the exact same thing with any AT using power pool Stealth (toggle) plus a Stealth IO at lev 12, or a Stalker's Hide at Lev 1. 3) Okay. I will give you that Spectral wounds is pretty nice, and Phantasm and Phantom Army are MM-in-training-powers. But every other power from level 2 to 18 is a veritable wasteland; go/give invisible (until you interact with something) or distract the enemies to give me a few seconds to go invisible and get the heck out of dodge. If anyone is aware of a contact that give you the mission instruction "I need you to sneak into the base and then run away from the first mob you encounter without actually accomplishing anything." This is the optimal powerset for that story arc. So if you're planning on soloing, expect to invest in a few P2W or Power Pool powers just to fill level slots. Does anyone seriously run solo missions with an Ill/FF toon? I imagine a giant virtual waste bin full of crafted IC/FF toons of levels 3 to 12 that people have hit the delete button on. Force Field...how you disappoint me. Let me count the ways. 1) You get Personal Force Field at lev 1, which seemed so awesome when I took it. Hah! Okay, so I can't do anything offensive so long as I'm in this bubble. That's not great. But I'm INVULNERABLE!! Those level 1 Hellions shooting at me are just wasting bullets! Suck it you stupid Hellion! THIS IS AWESOME....<Hellion drops gun, whips out knife, runs-up and stabs me to death.> Oh...so I guess in the description the words "impenetrable to all attacks" they failed to associate people stabbing you with a sharp piece of metal as an "attack". 2) Force Bolt is a bit lamer Telekinetic Thrust. Both avail. at 4th level, both have serious KB. But TT has a smash + psionic component that gives it a considerable edge. 3) Detention Field. "But Rocket", you say, "It's just like Telkenisis or Gravity Distortion field" in that you are holding an enemy "helpless" for a duration and you get it at the low-low level of 10. Oh! But it is SO MUCH WORSE, Captain Optimism! Detention field is a single target. And with Telekinisis and Distortion field, you/teammates can still damage the affected target. But the Detention Field actually makes the target INVULNERABLE. I took 2 levels in Concealment with another toon, and a level 14 just so I could get Phase Shift just for this exact same ability on myself to mitigate damage when I'm getting mobbed! "Hey! Thanks Control-Girl, you just gave that EB time to heal-up and also stack a few buffs! Great Job! Did you want to hang out for a bit and see if you can fill out an application to join Arachnos? Or maybe you can demonstrate that special power that sets the rest of your team mates on fire, while simultaneously disabling their toggles all at once and converts their slotted purple IOs into TOs!" 4) Force Field as a power set is all defensive purpose. I do get that, but only 2 powers in the set do any ancillary damage what so ever (not great for solo). One is Force Bolt (minor), and the other is Repulsion Bomb (moderate) which you don't even get until level 35 when you're eyeballing those epic power sets! And when on teams, let me tell you any melee folks will LOVE you for setting off a Repulsion Bomb. Melee types LOVE having to chase down all of the mobs they just invested time in grouping into a single tight ball. And nothing will make you feel that grinding through 35 levels was worth the while than when you do it with an IC/FF and start dropping those awesome Rep-bombs scattering enemies like leaves in the wind. And you thought honest healers got no love in this game? Oh if only the game didn't censor explitives that were being shouted at me. I would probably have a few words in my vocab. 5) In a similar vein, Repulsion Field and Force Bubble. try whipping out either of these on a team mission where you have a few melee folks doing most of the DPS (See Repulsion bomb above) If you think it's entertaining to watch people lose their collective S, get yourself "accidentally" booted off of a team AND simultaneously put on people's global ignore lists; then I must highly recommend you order from this menu the filling triple dose of Repulsion Bomb, Repulsion Field and Force Bubble on the same mob. Bingo! You're off this task force Sue!
  2. I've recently been participating in some Hamidon Raids (Hamikazee style) as a generic DPS machine, but this past weekend I leveled my Fire/Fire tank to 50 and an alpha slot and thinking I'd like to contribute to Hami as a "Taunter". Yeah, I'm feeling cocky! Sometimes it seems like there are crickets when they shout out for Taunters. I haven't offered to take on the role yet as I'm not really sure exactly what is going on in detail. I think I understand that they are taunting the Yellow Mitochondria to distract them from the swarm of heroes doing the concentrated volley of DPS. But my questions are: 1) When the call goes out for taunters to sound-off they say things like "Back Left" or "Front center". Um....what is the "left" or "back" of an amoeba monster? I've pulled up Hami pictures for the past few days trying to figure out what "facing" it is, or if the Mitos sort of lay-out in "stage" positions, but they don't appear to be from my perspective. 2) Addendum to #1: Some don't seem to reply with a "position" at all, and seem to respond with "1". Are those taunters just going to figure out which Mito to taunt when they are told to "get into position"? Is there some other hidden chatter they are making with the organizer to set themselves in place or a taunter's channel the rest of us aren't seeing? Seems like an awful lot of experienced coordination coming from 2 commands: "Taunters Sound Off" and "Taunters get into position!" 3) Is Perma-heal required to be a "Taunter"? Or be Hami-O'd to a hairs breath from the soft/hard caps in resistance/Def? Fire/Fire isn't the most defensive tank type, in fact many scrappers are more tankable, but I have 6 -slotted my taunt and pretty good at holding agro but that's also probably because of the dam-voke. But I'm worried if I'm the only taunter on a Mito and I go down, is it certain doom for the rest of the league? 4) What is considered "In position"? In taunting range and taking damage, or do you have to be inside the jello mold? 5) When the taunters get into position, are they just spamming taunt on their Mito and self-healing until the hami is done-in? 6) Is there a Taunter apprentice program available on the Indom?
  3. I just used this to modify my broadsword/invul scrapper and shes at lev 40 pushing better resists than my tank w fire aura at same level! When i have more slots and shes up more levels she might be quite tanky. I had to dump slots from confront though so as not to sacrifice damage output. Since a blaster that scraps is called a blapper; and shes a scrapper that can tank, is she a skanker? (Im being silly since shes not really able to hold aggro. She cant actually tank.)
  4. Not your question but some procs state that they only fire when the power is active. I did something dumb and slotted a full set of Panacea (and a lot of inf invested in the ios as well) into a self healing instant and couldnt figure out why i never got the constant auto +end/+heal. Ah dur! Irl i have 3 full sets of self-affecting Stupefy slotted.
  5. I usually go for Monitor Duty (in base) and Patroller (street) to get the first responder ability to TP to base. That way, I get the use of all of the in-base teleporters. I know it's a power you can buy for a 1Mil infl from P2W, but that's a set IO I could be buying. You can acquire upto 30 charges of base TP. But the next one I usually go for is Wentworths. Between the two, you probably don't even need Long Range TP. YMMV.
  6. I remember having a villain character back toward the sunset of live. Got him to around lev 20 soloing. But felt it was a hum drum experience as a class D character. This go around I had the idea that my favorite toon needed an archenemy and since my toon's history dates back to the 1940's and fighting the Germans, a Nazi villain would be good. I came up with a good name for a German Oberst (Colonel) who was notorious for telling the prisoners he interrogated "Don't think about whether or not I'm going to kill you. Everyone dies. You will just die sooner than most." And with the given name of Maurice, he was cleverly labeled with the nickname "Momento Mauri (Mori)" (Latin for "Remember, death is inevitable.") by the American troops. His life experience under the 3rd Reich twisted him into a vengeful power hungry mutant seeking nothing more than utter world domination. A Red skull type with Professor X's mind powers. After being face punched through a Counsel time portal into present day by my other toon in 1941, he has made the Rogue Isles his base of operations to regain his power and exact his revenge on our protagonist. But then I realized he would never actually get to face my Hero character. They would never even be mentioned about to one another. And I was running around the Rogue Isles doing some stuff that felt pretty Unvillainous. I may revist old Mauri....But for now, I don't really feel inspired to.
  7. Back sword scabbard like ninjas have but w/ dual swords. I thought this was in live??? We need decent deadpool and deathstroke homages. ;) I find it odd that chars pull a sword off of thier back out of thin air.
  8. Just curious (as I haven't added med bays to the base yet), but when you appear, is it facing the same direction as the base entrance direction you enter facing? (South?)
  9. That's why people and I mentioned above that it works great with Vidiot Maps download. An actual spreadsheet of every permutation in the zone would be cumbersome IMO. Just get the Vidiot map download. The spreadsheet gets you the Zone you want. And then the Vidiot map will show you who is where and what the range level is in that area. I just used it twice today. Once for a lev 42 char in PI to hunt for Nemesis (and I was averting areas that had 44+ level spawns), and again this evening doing the Midnighter Badge, where you have to find the Lost to cure. It worked great! If you don't have vidiot maps downloaded, when you open the map of the zone you're in, you'll get text that shows the faction and the level that they appear in that area. And instead of then looking for the neighborhood on a chart, just open the vidiot maps and go to where the faction is you need at the level range you want. In the example below, you can see it gives the factions as 3 letter abbreviations and the level they appear in , around that area. Note that some areas they don't seem to be strictly following neighborhoods. YMMV. Good luck hunting!
  10. Thanks knight! But I wouldn't know where to put it on the wiki. I've never contributed to one before. I should give credit to Paragon Wiki for the information is all gleaned from zone info on those pages. It seems "accurate" in a general sense, but it wouldn't surprise me if there are some areas that have a small pocket of a faction that was never caught on paragon wiki.
  11. I must be wired into the collective consciousness of COH, because I was just working on this for my own use today. Ever feel like your contact is trying to troll you? (Not the group faction of that name, but really just like they want to see if they can push your buttons? Does the following request sound familiar? "Hey Captain Superpants, to move this story arc along, you need to go beat-up 50 coconut smugglers!" And no matter how many times you click on your contact he refuses to tell you WHERE you can find coconut smugglers, so you can dirt nap 50 of them. So you spend like an hour wandering around the zone you're in thinking "My good buddy Contact-Man wouldn't send me all the way to another (possibly more dangerous) zone to find 50 of these guys? My contact isn't some sort of jerk!" Oh, you naive simple-minded hero/villain. Hey, maybe you're an idiot savant and you remember exactly where every faction level of them will spawn in the entire city of Paragon, Praetoria and Rogue Isles. Or you've never had to even THINK about where a particular faction is. Your toon is so awesome enemies just flock to you just looking for autographs. But if neither of those things work, you can check out this handy-dandy cross reference list that tells you where you are most likely to be able to find these enemies BY LEVEL! Yes! They are also organized by the zone level, so you can easily figure out, not only which zones they appear in, but also the range of levels in that zone. Along with using Vidiot maps, your contact will never give you the run-around again. Never more will your HELP channel pleas of "Where Can I kill a bunch of <insert faction name here>?" be retorted with "Did you try looking in your mom's room?" or "Try looking on Paragon Wiki. You'll find them there, noob!" Wow, I should get some INF for this. Or let me know how I could have made it better. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DI_tV6KIVi605oAFc8sB5xXPVPshsYBx There's a tab for each player alignment Hero/Villain/Praetorean.
  12. I didn't really know what "base building" really was until about a week ago or so. I'd be a bit disappointed if we had to pay prestige now, but I now know I would put INFL into prestige more so than unique ENHs or trying to build up alts. I didn't know any better during Live when I was made a member of a SG. I'd never seen any other super base before, but I remember going in the firt time and feeling I just walked into the Justice League and I was just made a junior member/prospect. Looking back, it was a decrepit spartan 4 rooms all interconnected into a square-circle. We had 3 telepads, a couple of invention stations, and I think 3 or 4 racks of salvage, and very little else. Our leader/base builder admitted he really didn't know what he was doing exactly, and that there was a lot you could do, but he didn't want to waste prestige as he didn't know if we'd be able to continue to pay upkeep each mo. (like me in my first apartment!) Flashback even further time: I remember teaming with these "incarnate guys" who were team friends of the leader and other SG members that would invite me on missions in Architect missions. And these guys were so AWESOME. One guy had a white zoot-suit and I think he was a peace bringer because he'd change into that floaty alien squid thing between decimations. Meanwhile, I'm all slotted out with every Unique enhanccement I could get through Wentworths or booster packs yet I'm still face-planting every couple of minutes. And I also remembber the day they invited me to be in their super group. Did you check out those footprints?....The ones I left on the surface of the moon when I jumped over it. That supergroup base was pathetic by what I've seen posted on these boards, but it was more than just a spot to keep salvage and TP from one zone to another. It was this almost tangible representation of everything that was great about being part of a team. I can't really put it into words, but it was so much more than just being told "Yeah. You're one of us now, kid. Welcome to the big leagues!"
  13. On live, we relegated all of the base stuff to our leader and he admittedly wasn't sure what to spend the prestige on without being wasteful and admittedly he said he didn't know HOW to do certain things. I bet this is what he needed. My thing was to just tag along on mish's and TFs, and dump any unused AV ENH I got from drops or super packs into storage. Our team base was stark and barren, but I thought it was beautiful. It was just 4 squares inter-connecting each other. One room was just 3 telepads and I think one was "broken" (I didn't know what that meant back then. It just didn't have any Beacons for it!) Just having access to a super base with standard craft tables, telepads and storage space was awesome. Just being a "member" made me so happy. But now that I've gotten to play with it (and with your help from this FAQ, keeping me from losing my mind trying to orient things or change things), I have a whole new appreciation of this game. Thanks to you and the devs and gms, I have had my eyes opened-up a whole new dimension my Super's story. And I can now see how awesome and gratifying it is to be able to have something in your brain and make it into a thing you can perceive with your eyes. +1 INF.
  14. "Good name" is relative. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one guy thinks of as very attractive woman, another may consider a hard pass. What I think is a fantastic name you might thinks is lame or a bad simulacrum of a marvel property. I've seen people with char names like "Sup3rP00per$kyNite" and I'm like...."Great name!" But I'm just trying to be nice. What *I* really like in other people's names is something easy to type so if I want to find them or chat to them without clicking on their name or scrolling through the chat window to find a statement that they made....So, to be completely honest, when I see a name like "Puck" I get all warm and fuzzy. Now the reality is that this sort of relates to another thread recently about the fact that we're being given 1000 character slots and that people might start "hoarding" good names. Compound that with the fact that I *THINK* I read somewhere that NCsoft had removed the ability to use any of the literal trademarked Marvel and DC property characters from the game (Note: I did see a WonderWoman <-no space) And I think we know that DC and Marvel have completely run the gambit with names they have used removing probably 10,000+ otherwise good names from the pool. If you bet me that Marvel had a Super named "Kitchen Sink", I would NOT take that bet. So people fret and have stated that it's not fair that people are going to each be able to hoard a thousand great character names that you'll never be able to use (1,000 people with 1,000 names each is a million). But just be a bit creative, and take a deep breath if someone has already taken G-Man. And throw in a few underscores or extra-hyphens or something else. It really won't break the game for you if you can't be the one and only Dark Reaper, will it? And if it breaks it for them, too bad for them. They can go cry to mommy. I was in Atlast the other day with a character I woundup renaming later (not because of anything but I didn't really like the name when I chose it: Spell Binder....Spellbinder was chosen), and some toon named Spell Caster (similar right?) ran up to my toon and just stood there for about a minute not saying anything. I'm sure they were either thinking "Damn. Good name." or "That MFer took the name I wanted!" or maybe "Hey, I wonder what belt that is she's wearing!" Maybe you have to use Dark*Reeper* or Shadoe_Reaver or some variation. But darn it, make it your goal on the server to be the BEST damned Shadoe_Reaver there is! Just the other night I wanted to make up 7 character names for a SG backstory and wanted to see if they were already used, and I only had to change a couple of them. It's not that I wanted to *hoard" the names, but more that I didn't want to steal someone else's thunder or steal their story (maybe their character was never a member of a historical supergroup. Maybe they're a loaner...or a Villain! "Hey! Mr. Cuddle-puffs is a destroyer of worlds, not a lame goody-two-shoes cape!"). <-I view this as the REAL issue rather than "He already got the best name!" I figured I'd be trying to come up with variants for hours, but I think I came up with 7 uniques straight up names in about 30 minutes, a few I wound-up not even using. On my server at least there was no: Canis Lupus (Latin descriptor of Timber Wolf), Capacitator, Silver Silhouette (I specifically did not want Shadow or Shade. I wanted something using alliteration with a more femanine feel to it), and Fugue State (for a mental controller. The first names I came up with were single word "Fugue" and "Phylactery" but then I just build the story around the new name. And the reality is, now that I think about it: Nobody would know what a Phylactery is. and think "This guy's just making up words!" or if they looked it up in a dictionary they'd be like "Box?" Why is this knuckle head named box? And why not just use *_BOX_* you idiot!). Then we get into the discussion of "Why can there only be one SuperMan? What's the harm if you're in Atlas and you see two? I saw 2 Doctor Strange simulacrums the other day on INDOM, and I thought they were both great, personally. I'd have invited them both on the same team they looked so good! So, it doesn't bother me if I see someone with Rocketeer, or Rocketer, or Rickochet that looks exactly like my char build. We're all building that Iliad epic in our story arcs brains, and "living the dream" as far as I am concerned. If they want they can even join my team or SG. The more the merrier, I say! (Though you and I both know.....who the REAL Rocketeur is and the other guy is just a pretender. </EMOTE WINK>) BTW, speaking of duplicates, there's a story arc in the game....Well, I don't want to spoiler it for you. The important thing is to pick a name that you think is the prettiest girl at the ball, and hero like you've never hero'ed or villain like you've never villain'ed before!
  15. Fantastic idea. You totally get some infl for that. Going to use this on all my toons and recommend to teamates. But I'm going with "TAKING A KNEE!" for the verbage. I also am a #0 rester :)
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