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  1. Thanks for the update. Just one question, what's a "Foorl'?
  2. That's the problem, there is no option to delete. Any chance you guys can do it for me? If not, oh well. I'll live
  3. No big deal, but I created a character the other day, but I cannot access it. The message says InvalidPlayerInfo. It also says that he has been offline for 7055 days. Character Name is Tiger Uppercut.
  4. Thank you for the update. I REALLY appreciate the fact that this game lives again. For that I thank you all Immensely
  5. I'm loving that I can load my old costumes, and power customization. Most of my character names are not taken either. The server seems to have a hellish load, but its stable. Being able to have my level 50+ costumes available at level one is big plus. I see some Jello Shooter, and some RSF Regulars, so I am hopeful that we can get some SF/TF coordination going on.
  6. Anyone here from the little server that could, and often did?
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