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  1. When leveling up I received this window.
  2. That is a shame, it is not the 'best of both worlds' as implied in the patch notes. It becomes something that may be good for one and not for another. That is a change in how something fundamentally works. Have to drop it and work around it then. 🙂 Thank you for the super replies!
  3. Thank you, I was not aware of the taunt effects overriding -threat. I had been told previously the reason why scrapper provoke was weaker than a taunt from a tanker was specifically the difference in their threat levels. (Not accounting for the number of targets, I mean just on a single target the ability to keep aggro.) I also feel like when I would run super speed on a tanker they had far more issue keeping aggro on groups because of super speed's -threat. I have no proof though, just a feeling and what others had told me. Thank you for the reply I appreciate it. Though I think l
  4. Stealth is applying -1 threat when toggled on. This is not the same as current live, and was not mentioned as a change in the patch notes.
  5. They've patched again and it appears to be working just fine now.
  6. When I run Tequila it appears to do the file stuff fine and the normal servers work just fine, however the HC Beta (64-Bit) and 32-Bit give this message window when attempting to load that client from Tequila. The Staging 64 and 32 both work fine as well. Thanks for any assistance in advance 🙂 I've rerun the validation from options and still get the same message, the manifest is set to http://patch.savecoh.com/beta.xml
  7. Hah, cool. Nice find, and glad someone else sees it as something to improve 😄
  8. Sleep powers would be very viable if they did something like force enemies powers to set to a 'used state'. So like you sleep a crowd and it forces all their abilities into recharge, meaning they only have a delay of a couple seconds or so... in most cases. Where it would be super handy is combined with -recharge abilities, the pairing able to shut an enemy down quite fast, or sleeps used in succession to hold enemies in a state of inability to take action. My favorite use for this would be prevention of powers like moment of glory. If you opened with a sleep attack those annoying paragon prot
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