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  1. I stopped playing a while ago because I started getting an error on login. "Can't connect to DBserver". I can login, accept the agreement, but when I select a server the client locks up for a while and returns that error. I originally thought this was an issue with with my old computer. It was on its way out and could barely run anything. Now I have a new gaming computer and just installed a new client and am still getting this error. The issue isn't with my computer itself. My internet is just fine. My account is 100% finished. Is there something I'm missing here? I installed the
  2. If this power pool IS possible but too hard to balance you could add a weakness that is just as bad. Like if your entertainment meter becomes completely full you start to go insane and loose the ability to recognize what is real or possibly loose control of your character for a short period of time. Like if you cant tell what is real then maybe some of the enemies you see are actually just delusions. Or your allies will look like the enemy. I'm not entirely sure of the limits of the mechanics for the game yet so forgive me if this too is actually impossible.
  3. First of all I fully acknowledge that this suggestion may not even be possible. But I'm posting it just in case. Toon Force! The ability to fight with the powers and abilities of a Cartoon! For an idea of what these abilities could be go watch The Mask or a couple Looney Tunes episodes. It's basically the ability to manipulate reality on the condition it is entertaining. This power pool could work with or similar to the Brute's Fury. If similar to fury but separate you could make it so certain abilities are locked behind how entertaining you are. At first you can only u
  4. How exactly is this done? Because when I asked the help channel several times they always say the global channel doesn't work like the help channel. Unless I'm mistaking the Gobal tab as a channel. If that's the case then we should probably have a global channel.
  5. We do technically have a global channel but as far as I know there needs to be a command entered at the start of each sentence your want posted to it. I'm sure you all know how easy it is to use the help channel so I wont go into details about that. But my suggestion is to basically make the Global channel work just like the Help channel so that we all stop using it for casual chatting.
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