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  1. Oh and sorry meant to include this in my last post (tired). Skip Dark Pit, it sucks. Cone with no damage and mag 2 disorient is meh. Howling Twilight is MUCH better imho and adds more control and damage to the mix. A lot of players don’t realize that to use HT, you DON’T need a fallen ally to use it. Just a target that needs an ass kicking! 🙌🏻
  2. I would say you’re pretty spot on EXCEPT for Torrent. Torrent is a great alpha attack that can be easily converted to a less sloppy KB to KD power. A great control cone and I don’t recommend skipping.
  3. So I’m rolling out a new blaster and I’m curious how Wild Fortress’s absorb will work when paired up with Preventive Medicine’s absorb proc? Do they work with each other? Or will the absorb from Wild Fortress cancel the proc out? Any advice from you proc masters would be appreciated!
  4. Don’t underestimate Dark Blast. It’s an AWESOME control set that makes any blaster a blastroller. I currently have a 50 Dark/Devices blaster that is CRAZY powerful but I’m in the midst of making a Dark/Energy that may usurp it. I don’t currently have a build spec’d out but here are my suggestions: Umbral Torrent - Your bread and butter for survivability and alpha attack. Overwhelming Force set does well here. At very least, I suggest placing a kB to KD here to keep your cones in the same place. Go double Tentacles ie choose Soul Mastery for your Epic pool. This really helps in terms of layering double immobilizations and keep enemies in the ranged zone. The beauty of Dark Blast is that you have different attack chains. You have your single target attacks and then your cones. Great situational variety. (Including two single target holds if you go Soul Mastery) I recommend Hover as it’s a great method to keep those pesky melee’ers away from you. However, if you like jumping around the combat field, YMMV. Overall, energy blast feels very right to this set as boost range amplifies your cones potential and power boost will pump up your immobile and to hit debuffs. (Also your heals! Which will really help as an emergency button so you can pop conserve power/siphon life)
  5. Are there any fight scenes in the movies or comics that make you want to jump on CoX and play a specific AT? Which one stands out the most to you specifically? Whenever I watch Infinity War, I always want to play my Scrapper when I see Cap and Black Panther jump into battle. Curious which moments stand out to the community!
  6. I’m now almost 100% convinced you’re trolling right now mang. No new player should do this with a blaster right off the shelf. They should see someone solo it and aspire to it and see the potential their AT has. What would this take for you to believe it? (If you’re not trolling)
  7. You do realize when the game was made...they said one hero was the equivalent of 3 minions? (Or some low number) We’ve come a LOOOOOOONG ass way from that. Have you unlocked incarnates? I’m just boggled that you think this is impossible for any AT period let alone a blaster.
  8. Velotricity - My speedy Elec/Shield scrapper
  9. I didn’t have any questions. I’m firm with where I stand. 😬 Got no cure for your gameplay chief aside from playing less linear. Situational gameplay will always have different outcomes and solutions with various teams. My attack rotations on my blaster vary and that’s always exciting to me whether I’m range or melee. It’s interesting to see that you thought the ITF was impossible to solo...so my guess is you’re very set in your way of gameplay. Blasters are tougher than you think and nowadays, you don’t need a defensive primary/secondary to keep yourself alive thanks to IO’s. 🖖🏻
  10. My man...you can do this with melee damage too. In terms of picking them off one by one...I can’t understand why anyone would or want to. But if slow paced game style is your choice, so be it. Honestly, I have no qualms with how you or anyone else chooses to play this game but I can’t back the logic of “the primaries have no synergy with the secondaries”. Aggroe is attained via melee or range. I think the problem is people lay out combats in their head for the ‘perfect’ scenario where the enemy stays put and they’re dead before they get them. No one ever thinks of the scene where the tank and brute aggroed two mobs at once, AMBUSH, wandering mob or the “I thought I had it under control” guy. The blaster that can survive THOSE scenarios impresses the ever living fuck out of me. Because that guy/gal understands how to play their toon and knows that the game isn’t 2 dimensional and they know the balance between blaps and blasts.
  11. Wow, you ain’t blasting right son. But then again, I guess I’m not teaming right either if I don’t have a tank on my team lolololol
  12. If you’re a good blaster, you’re always taking aggroe PERIOD. If you’re a better blaster, you know how to keep yourself alive. If you’re the best blaster, everything is dead before you are. 🙌🏻 PS - Smashing/lethal resists are super duper easy to get on the uppity up and are a good majority of what melee inflicts. #NoFear
  13. Just throwing my other 2 cents in. You don’t have to go into the melee zone. Sometimes the enemy comes to you. That’s where the punishment is provided. Sure you can kite! But FUCK that! Lay the smack down with a tier 9 and set the example for the poor bastard that dare get close. I honestly don’t understand how people play their blasters as I’m seeing more push on secondaries than I initially thought I’d ever see. Every set has some differences...but for the sets that have blaps, I use them for single target leftovers. I blast everything in sight and annihilate with any AOE/cones and then clean house. I blast. I blap. I fap...errrr, I win.
  14. There should absolutely be no argument saying a blaster’s melee powers don’t make sense. A blaster is a killing machine. A gun. A bazooka. A knife. A sword. An atomic bomb. It kills (arrests). Plain and simple. To give it anything else would change it’s purpose entirely. And even at that...it’s so easy to get defenses soft capped thanks to IO’s and incarnates. Not to mention the surplus of IO usage really helps with a variety of procs and set bonuses with the blaster’s secondaries.
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