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  1. Cool, thanks for the help iv'e actually havent played a Corr since the OG release of CoV, might give it another try 🙂
  2. So im just jumping into controllers and i wanted to make a "Buddy" troller while not great at soloing can provide a lot of utility and is a bit more easier to place. Right now Ice/Time to me seems fun, a bit end heavy, but fun. But im open to suggestion
  3. I love titan weapons as a powerset but the sound effects just are kinda lame, Titan weapons suppose to be massive weapons but in most cases, you can't even hear the impact or anything... I'm supposed to be swinging a giant axe but it sounds like I'm waving a twig around... :( Not saying they have to have unique sound effects (though that would be dope) but use the sound effect from other power sets just so its actually audible
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