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  1. JPG, I tried the how to but still nothing happens.
  2. I did, the character selection screen will not change, I do not think it works anymore since it was last updated a long time ago.
  3. I tried using the Splasher but it crashed every time, will look into it more.
  4. Is there a map that contains a green screen or some kind of workaround for screenshots ? Thanks.
  5. I tried that, found it too complicated and in the end never managed to make it work. Unfortunately nothing comes close to the simplicity of the Icon.
  6. Hello everyone, not sure if posting in the right place. The Titan Icon has not been updated in many years and as such can not access new costume files, does anyone know if it would possibly be updated ? I am only asking because I was unable to find a good replacement for a screenshot tool. For example in the titan icon you can load all your alts and take a screenshot which I do not believe is possible in any other software. Thanks.
  7. Would such a thing be possible sometime in the future ?
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