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  1. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we enjoyed the ego boost from your likes on the old posts. : ) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with after all that research!
  2. Head over to the Costume Exchange Warehouse if you'd like to see all 31 costumes in this set:
  3. Some basic medieval-fantasy designs for your modification. Inspired by nothing in particular . . . you can't prove it. YJ'sMedievalFantasyCoHCostumePack.zip
  4. Been thinking recently that a "costume library" thread would be cool, so thanks for starting one. Hopefully I'll be posting some in the next few days. I have a set of basic medieval/fantasy and golden age costumes I've been working on.
  5. My unorthodox beam rifler has a magical gun, capable of firing blood-stealing and other enchanted ammunition, made by Old West monster hunters. It was never meant to fall into the hands of a vampire. . . oops. The devious Nosferapew:
  6. Dormammu Rulaaru, I've come to bargain! I think you get a pass 😉
  7. Love it, they look great! As a rule I never* take any direct ripoffs past the character creator. I thought Dr. Horrible was required watching for the superhero nerd badge. *-ish
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7bdr6fjg-k
  9. How you gonna just challenge me out in the open like this?
  10. Fantastic! Using those sport pieces to simulate a sort of tights version of plate armor is really smart. Here is a potato quality pic of my union jack char I made a while back. Yours is much better 🙂
  11. I've made almost exclusively heroes in my time playing CoX so I figured I'd try my hand at villains by making nemeses for my favorite characters. Guardian of primal magic vs ancient alchemist that left his humanity behind in the search for immortality by any and all means. Nerdy mortician turned super strong/invulnerable after an industrial accident vs deathless lich in want of a new world order Engineer colleagues work on a power armor together. They split when one decides to play it safe with a clean power supply and reactive interface, while the other
  12. Thanks for the alternate costume idea for my jack-o-lantern toon
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