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  1. *Heavy sigh* Doesn't work if you're going for fur. Also thong is unfairly only available on the female model. So without stopping to ask if I should, I give you Steampunk Bikini Gorilla. I now know how Dr. Frankenstein felt. . . this creature shall torment my conscience for the remainder of my days. Please. No reward. stg.costume
  2. Whipped up a couple "realistic" armored knight costumes. Costume files for your enjoyment. Knight.costume knight5.costume
  3. While we're on Star Wars, I present Lord Thuhl
  4. Am I too late for the summerween party?
  5. As long as we're doing semi trucks and sports cars, here's Maximus Grand and Flame Rider
  6. Always struggle to make an Ironman-type power armor, but pretty happy with this one. "Steel Centurion" or something: Maybe:
  7. Cool costume / concept. I'm not really getting much of a "demonic armor" vibe, though. I went a little more sinister with a witchblade-esque armor and one with some regular armor. The second one has "Armor Plate" bottoms that match well with the high heel design. A tiny bit bolder with the color. You could change the red to purple or whatever suits your fancy. I did pale skin for thematic reasons but obviously keep the darker tone if that's what you want.
  8. I gave it a shot and couldn't really anything better than what you came up with. I clipped the warrior helmet detail into the bunker shield using the brow and cranium sliders and that sort of works? It's techy looking. Making the head tall deep and skinny helps it read as a chameleon also. I think the first one you made with the yellow eyes is a great look, you don't have to take the chameleon theme too literally. Spider-Man looks nothing like a spider, after all.
  9. It took an embarrassingly long time for this joke to land. . . bravo
  10. A little homage there for sure, helps her read as a witch. Thanks!
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