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  1. Discord ID: 🚦MJ🚦- trafficwerewolf#6717 Applicable skills: I have a Bachelors in Creative Writing, a degree in Games Design and over twenty years experience as a GM for multiple game systems. I have written many stories set in the City of Heroes world, centred primarily on my own supergroup but lore heavy as world building is a key skill of mine. I have written two comics, one is still available online I think: Minnie Gunn and the Gentlelady Thief. I am a strong collaborator in writing teams and my specific skills are world building and connecting existing ideas to new story elemen
  2. We here at Honourable Reunited on Excelsior have an Open Door Policy on our base. If you want to come in and have look around or use the facilities, you are more than welcome! Our base code is HU-48 Base is having some new rooms added to it, so some areas are hard hat areas!
  3. Once upon a time, when CO was first hyped and released, I bought a lifetime subscription to it, believing it would be a better 'version' of CoH. At first it seemed cool, the costume options alone were standout, but as I played it I just wanted to play City of- again and so I went back to it. There are many reasons why I love city of- even though it has outdated graphics and static combat (which being said, looks and feels chaotic when you're in a team, it's bonkers). 1. Community - I have formed lifelong friendships with my first teammates on CoX. We write together, draw together,
  4. Can the items still be rotated in 360 degrees instead of just 90 by 90. I cannot remember the keys for the life of me.
  5. Jakey K here. Supergroup Base architect for hire. I hope I remember all my old skills when the bases are back (though I expect that won't be for a while, there are much more pressing things to be done) I also played as the: North Face (Ice/Earth tank) Music Teacher (empath/sonics def) Red Coat (thugs/poisons mastermind) Jakey K (martial arts/super reflexes scrapper) and literally dozens more! Some of whom I've forgotten!
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