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  1. I am curious what levels of team members you had. Did you have many incarnates? Did you run +4? Inquiring all defender team minds need to know.
  2. Of the water blast set, I would avoid hydro blast. It has a longish animation time for a single target attack and it looks goofy. I would take all the electric affinity abilities, but the most skippable would probably be the Tier 9 - Amp Up. Just a reminder, Faraday Cage is game changing. Live inside that thing.
  3. What kind of trouble are you having with your trapper? Traps has historically been considered a set with very high survivability. The one caveat is you do NOT want to outrun the forcefield generator to set up the acid mortar and poison traps.
  4. It should be pointed out that Howling Twilight is AUTOHIT and recharge is debuffed as well
  5. Of course you play your MM how you like but -- wild growth, wild bastion, tough, weave, frozen armor, hoarfrost all sound like you COULD if you wanted to be in the tankermind business when you get to the level 40s, not something you would aspire to between level 18-21 for sure, but eventually. Boldly plant that mushroom on Nemesis head and let the zombies go to work.
  6. Robots can definitely use the KB>KB proc in the tier 1 and tier 3 especially. My robots masterminds also took the Scorpion epic pool for the AoE immobilize and the defense shield to add to the tankermind toughness. I mentioned in another thread my first villain was a Bots/poison mastermind, and I because accustomed to lining up foes for knockback into walls and such so that the burn patches have the best effect. The KB>KD is a godsend. Good kb users know that foes should not be knocked out of tarpatch, freezing rain, faraday cage, sleet, ... and on.
  7. QFT, It gets massively better at level 22 (SOs/IOs) and as stated gets better each even level to level 32. I am also a proud proponent of using Howling Twilight as an opening salvo on tough groups - auto-hit stun, slow and -regen - even with nobody to rez
  8. You can definitely slot for sets in your dual pistols blasts, ranged damage sets, targetted AoE, PBAoE, kb sets, but you should keep in mind what a lot of other heroes slot for +recovery, +regen, +recharge are basic benefits provided by your primary kinetic powers. IO slotting for a kinetic would probably want to provide +def +resistance +mezz resistance or protection, kb protection. Kinetic powers like siphon power and fulcrum shift don't take sets IIRC. Siphon Speed takes slows, but I usually just slot generic accuracy and recharge. Transfusion takes healing or accurate healing -- you definitely need acc in transfusion. Transference takes end mod sets. It should be pretty straight forward. Most of the time while leveling to 50 I use generic IOs and put in slots as needed to make the hero effective and do a big respec at level 50 to maximize IO sets. By then you should have a feel for the synergy of your sets and have a feel for what 'holes' you need to fill.
  9. I had a Kin/DP on Live. It was very fun. It had amazing synergy. To your point about surviving fulcrum shifting +4/x8, you as a team would expect the tank/brute/controller/dominator to dull the alpha strike, for just a tick or two before you jump in and fulcrum shift the spawn. Remember, Fulcrum shift in itself is -damage to your targets, too. Another tool you can get with the epic pools is mass hypnosis. Meat stick aggroes, you hit what punchvoke/taunt misses with the aoe eleep, then FS in more safety within less than a couple seconds. You can put sleep sets in mass hypnosis, but it really bare bones just needs some accuracy. They don't need to sleep long, just long enough to defeat them. Good luck with your defender.
  10. I had a demons/thermal and a demons/sonic on Live. Thermal gives you heals for you and your pets the other sets don't have. The thermal shields stack with your pets +resistance abilities. The debuffs in heat loss and melt armor are both very good. Thermal does have a mezz 'hole'. Sonic performed better than I had hoped for. I made it mostly for theme (dead rockstars). The set has no heals; however, sonic disruption is a top tier debuff that synergizes very well with the melee minded hellfire demon and demon prince. The shields do make your pets tougher. Sonic dispersion covers most of the mezz protection except for sleep. Cold I paired with a necro MM on Homecoming. Cold has no heals, but does have a 'dull pain' type of buff that you can cast on a single ally. The defensive ice shields are very good. There is no compromise in Cold's debuffs; infrigidate, benumb, sleet, and heat loss are a powerhouse of debuffing. Cold offers no mezz protection. Forcefields I have not paired with anything besides Robots (although I am certain it would work well with necro and ninjas). Forcefields has no heals. The forcefield bubbles allow you to plan for soft cap defense. Forcefields has no debuffs. Dispersion bubble does provide PbAoE defense and mezz protection excluding sleep. Personally I would go with thermal for the heals, stacking shields, and very good debuffs, but a good case can be made for sonic and cold, too.
  11. Did you unlock your patron epic power pools by doing the red-side patron story arcs that start in Grandville?
  12. I cut my mastermind teeth on a Robots/poison, my first villain, my first mastermind on Live. i knew how to work the kb, the focused fire and stacking foes in the burn patches of the Assault Bot. Robots are fairly sturdy and definitely deadly. I do however, believe that demons are stronger. I could go on about demons healing other demons and allies ( unlike protector bots), the varied attacks, cones, AoEs, but to me when the Demon Prince wades into a group with his chill aura debuff slow, wielding the Greater Ice Sword circle attack along with the living hellfire running rampant is when the demons are the deadliest.
  13. Don't forget your vault storage available as base improvements and also vault reserve in places like Steel and Talos. Plus, you can store things on the Auction House too.
  14. Psylenz0511

    Dark/DP Help

    All of the dark servant's attacks and heals debuff to-hit. Also remember the Chill of the Night PBAoE aura around the Dark Servant that has an unslotted -tohit of.... I can't locate the Red Tomax stat, but I vaguely remember it is ridonculous like 30% So when you can't shake that melee guy dogging you, hug the fluffy.
  15. Yes, I lost connection just a couple minutes ago myself. I hope they have a weekend crew able to handle this situation
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