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  1. I understand you are going for set bonuses. It still looks like you do not have enough endurance reduction in maneuvers, steamy mist, hurricane, tornado and lightning storm. Snow storm can easily get by with 2 slots of endurance reduction and the proc; accuracy and range are in my opinion wasted enhancements on snowstorm. Steamy mist, tornado and school of sharks are underslotted.
  2. I think in most cases a /storm corruptor is weaker than a storm/* defender. That said, I agree with much of what @Ethereal Starwrote but I would suggest some slotting in your kb powers for the force feedback -recharge proc, especially in water burst and gale. These can boost your recharge so that you cn easily have multiple storms and tornadoes at one time. For the proc alone, you gain recharge and knockdown which make gale very useful. Storm does have strong synergy with knock down if slotted. As was stated in this thread knock down is like a short hold, where the foe cannot atta
  3. Bots/Traps is pretty straight forward and still very solid defensively. You get a nice mexx protection in Forcefield generator in =Traps
  4. @Aurora_Girl Was not Afterburner rolled into Fly with a toggle enable and no longer a separate power selection. You can still put fly speed enhancements in Fly. I am not sure of marginal value putting more than the single slot in Fly.
  5. What is your base accuracy and +tohit? I would think you need more accuracy slotted especially for fulcrum shift, siphon speed and transfusion. I don't mind muling procs and such in combat jumping, but its way overslotted for defense. Defense from combat jump is negligible. If you want the set bonus I would put more defense in grant invis, vengeance or stealth. I am not a fan of phase shift. If you are low on health, get in position for transfusion. You cannot buff teammates with phase shift running. If you are stealthing with stealth and the stealth proc in sprint,
  6. Necro post I know but I have a question. If putting the damage proc from the 'Slow' set Impeded swiftness in frost breath or ice storm... can that proc fire with each tick or is it on cast only?
  7. On teams, Sonic/sonic gives as good as they get, very useful. It is slower soloing when 3 lower level ability are ally focused buffs. Kin/Sonic is good on a team or solo and is a classic buffer build.
  8. Overall and for the most part this build is solid and would be successful. I however would not slot as much end recovery and +end (some but not as much) in health and stamina to put more +tohit in tactics (or tidal forces) for more team +tohit. I also would swap PFF for Hibernate, only because you are mobile with PFF running. I do approve highly of grant invis for extra defense and for stealthing purposes on teams. Red Fortunes are way chaeaper than LotGambler and overall not a bad set. It's good to see you hit the LotG +recharge, although I am not sure if your core powers would need it. I wou
  9. My question is: why would you not want to be a clicky kinetic seeing as you can debuff or blast secondary powers until the animations stack up and you literally can't fire off more options in even the highest recharge situations?
  10. Water/Dark is another good combo. Some of the -def can slot -res procs and increase all the debuff goodness of the combo.
  11. I have an elec affinity/fire defender that is really... ahem... HOT.
  12. A thermal fire defender is a beast in teams. SO MANY good tools, hard to decide on which pool powers to squeeze in. FF/Beam Rifle gives the FF defender a sizable -regen for big bosses.
  13. The -resist is best on a defender. Sonic does NOT solo as well as other Primaries. Masterminds also work well with the sonic shields and aura on a melee pet. Teaming is a sonic defender's best bet. The sonic debuff aura turns tanks into very chewy brutes, ... and blappers into roadkill, but the shields do help... Our all defender group has shown that defenders that like or thrive in melee range can also wear the sonic hula hoop. Poison defenders are a good example of this. The sonic shields make them more survivable, too. Another point, Liquefy gets better numbers on defenders and it often ove
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