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  1. It appears to me the devs have updated us through various means. It's going to take several hours. As noted in other forum threads, for a volunteer groups of admins, Homecoming has experienced amazing percentage of availability from the beginning. I appreciate all the good work of the Homecoming team.
  2. It's hard to say which is the best. For support on a group, level 45-50, just pre-incarnate, I would say that forcefield brings capped defense, mez protection and endurance drain protection ( I am looking at you, carnies and sappers). Everybody likes kinetics too if they even go to Null the Gull to tone down the run speed factor. Personally I think water blast and sonic blast are hard to beat for secondaries, ymmv, for grouping, but for sheer proc recharge buffs to the defender: /energy with the KB>KD and the Force Feedback +recharge makes a very strong case for MORE fortitude,
  3. What can a mastermind do in the final taskforce mission against the flying teleporting twin AVs in a s*** storm of airstrikes?
  4. Ice blast is a good set. I paired it with Storm and Cold Domination. Ice is a bit clicky. I don't think EA would do too well with ice blast. Three points about ice: good dps, good slows, and nice holds. I would pick ONE of these to level with and then respec at level 50 for the late game. Note with Ice Storm and Blizzard, you can cast around corners or from different levels without establishing line of sight. It's a cool trick for safe dps. Also note that you can proc damage for slows or holds. When you are leveling, slows can be a very handy tool for mitigation.
  5. I recently did the Ouroboros Positron TF in all its glory warts and all, and I have to say, that task force is annoying as hell. Go see Azuria, go back to Positron, and then go to a different zone for a door mission, so much ridiculous running around. Sister Psyche doesn't have that. It does feature different zones, but I didn't feel like a ping pong ball being bounced around between contacts.
  6. Back in the day when there was no ATT, few Recall Friends, no Ouroboros, I remember being on a Synapse that took 6+ hours. Mapserve errors back in the early days meant you were booted from the TF. Positron and Synapse were all easily over 3 hours.
  7. WST or not, its still great xp, merits and FUN
  8. I recently rolled an electric / electric affinity controller, which I am enjoying immensely. Jolting chain and static field never cease to amuse me.
  9. I too, like Bonfire on my masterminds, especially robots who are KB>KD kings
  10. You haven't slotted for knockdown in your pets, but I would consider the value of Heat Mastery: Bonfire slotted for knockdown, to collect foes in the assault bot's burn patches
  11. Sister Psyche TF Ouroboro style 6PM EDT Everlasting Friday 6/11/2021, See you tonight
  12. Someone please remind me what end mod enhancement does in the dark nova form? I can see putting +tohit in it, and I have a Performance shifter +end in there, but what do I get from end mod slotting??
  13. Stepping back, I think we all agree that Empathy benefits from increased global recharge, so I am changing my support to /energy secondary with the Force feedback +recharge proc and the KB>KD at least in the AoE attacks. The +recharge proc works great on my storm defender; it should be a welcome feature to an empathy build.
  14. You can proc both rad blast and water blast, too.
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