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  1. You made PERFORMANCE SERUM a click that can stack easily. So I read it as 200% Regen per stack. You'd be able to get 400% perma I would assume from that alone. Then another 200% Max from ADRENAL HARNESS. Was this not how I was ment to take it?
  2. If everyone used AE for the purpose it was intended for, and if the rewards were limited in some way so that AE wasn't the obvious choice to get the most bang for your buck then I wouldn't have a problem with it. As it stands, a HIGH majority of players using AE only use it to farm. A Min/Maxed method of gaining the most resources/per time invested. It's the only reason people like you defend it, because you don't want to actually put in effort for your gains. They don't have to change a thing about AE in it's current rendition, but if the rewards given out my World Content got inscreased to such an extent as it then became more lucrative than AE Farming. I would sure bet you and everyone else wouldn't care what happened to AE anymore.
  3. It's not the only culprit of mashing 2 ideas together. I still can't get over Wolves and Lions.... I mean really? Whoever made some of these sets had no concern for concept builders.
  4. Oh boy, easy to soft cap Ranged/AoE defense with easy to cap Smash/Lethal Resistance and half the regen strength of the Regeneration set. It sounds like it will be super easy to make this thing OP with IO sets. Especially OP for a Sentinel that never even needs to get into melee range. Sure, it's extremely weak to all other damage types, but it wont matter between the ranged defense/regen/heal bot. The Tier 9 ability could use some work though. Cooldown is to long and survivability is to solid that it wouldn't be much use in taking. I suggest an 8min cooldown, shorten the stun to 3secs and add a blind that lasts 10-15secs to work in tandem with the stealth.
  5. You must not be old school enough if you didn't even mention AE in this post. AE is the single biggest issue when it comes to taking people away from the world content. AE is nothing more than and exploit to pass by all content and just farm resources that screw up the games economy. If I could only request 1 thing ever to be done to this game, it would be the removal of AE completely. But I would settle for them removing access to it every other day or so just to pump players back into the world. Or.... make world content MORE REWARDING than any farming you could do in AE. But as to all the things you posted in the OP. /jranger
  6. Yeah, this would be wonderful. Doubt it's in the realm of possibility though. I'm sure someone will be along to inform you of the numerous ways why I can't happen soon enough. But I'll just leave a +1 instead and it would be great for concept builds. Honestly, who's idea was it to mix lions in with wolves? *sigh*
  7. Now your just grasping. I said stand in front of a door and punch it. I didn't say anything about hammering nails. And if your swings are glancing off a closed door you have some real issues. Btw, I could absolutely care less about this topic. I only made a comment after reading what I thought was a silly comment. No need to white knight. I'm out.
  8. Yes, it does seem odd doesn't it. *rolls eyes* Maybe read the quote I was replying to and you might realize I only said what I did so they would understand that it can go both ways.
  9. Now go stand at the same door(in melee range) and punch it 1million times. How many punches do you think will miss?
  10. Ah yes, both good points. Hmm... yes I guess I didn't think the toggles out fully. There's a lot of sets to keep in mind. What if the toggles were less impactful, because I still think they would make for a good inherent. Titan toggle could just get Extra HP that would bring it up to tank/brute levels, or close to it. The Destroyer toggle could just be a Recharge buff. The Savior toggle could just get the Regen Aura. The Subjugator toggle could just get the crit chance vs mez'd enemies. A better way to implement these might be to only get 2 toggles no matter what. Say you pick an armor set and a support set. You would only receive the Titan and Savior toggles to switch between. Just shooting off ideas.
  11. I'm going to feed off of Steamy a bit and agree that the concept is a good one. I also like it as a Vet 100 reward, brings back some of that flair the game had on live, now that Khelds and VEATs are free from the get go.(Which was a damn good choice I might add, as I got to recreate my main right away.) We just have to come together and figure out the best way to implement it. So here's my thoughts. First we can't have people running around with Fire Armor/Fire Armor(Burn baby Burn!) To fix this, when choosing a Primary, certain secondaries become locked. If you choose and an Armor Primary, all Armor Secondaries are locked. If you choose Support Primary, all Support Secondaries are locked. But if you want to go Damage/Damage I don't see a huge problem with it other than gimping your survivability for the chance at unique concept builds(Like Dual Blades/Dual Pistols.) Secondly, I'd like to submit another idea for The Incarnate's(Might need a diff name) Inherent Ability. What if the Inherent gave the player 4 toggles at start. You could only have 1 of these toggles active at any time. The First would be The Titan(toggling this on increases your HP, Regen, DamRes, Def, and offers you Good Mez Prot/Mez Res.) The Second would be The Destroyer(toggling this on increases your Acc, Dam, Recharge, and offers MINIMAL Mez Prot/Mez Res.) The Third would be The Savior(toggling this on increases your Healing, Buffing and Debuffing Str, grants a constant regen aura that effects yourself and teammates, and offers MINIMAL Mez Res only.) The Fourth would be The Subjugator(toggling this on increases the duration of all control abilities, grants a 50% chance to Crit Mez'd enemies above 50% Health and a 100% chance to Crit Mez'd enemies under 50% Health, and offers MINIMAL Mez Res only.) Now you we have a rewarding Archetype that offers better customization and get's the ability to fill any role they desire. Edited: Just realized we would probably need some sort of pet mastermind toggle also. So 5 toggles to choose from.
  12. Thx for the ridiculously rude response. So here's another question for the OP, are you aware of the current lighting issue in game this month? Is there anyway to possibly turn the sun on in Kallisti during the contests? I mean, especially for the 2nd CC which will more than likely feature many dark looking characters.
  13. Are you guys judging a CC held on all 5 shards at the same time? And how will the finalist from each shard be judged against one another if they're not able to be seen together? Just curious how this is playing out, and what might be expected from us.
  14. That would be the idea, player does most of the dirty work as the Alpha and the pets are there for minimal damage support and aggro aid. The name is the only thing I could think of on the spot because of the dang Beast Mastery set lawl. If you guys come up with a better name I'm all all ears. I feel like the sweet spot would be for it to feel like playing a Scrapper/Sentinel but with pets as it's defense.
  15. Ah, good point you guys bring up about the duplicate attacks. Ok, so yeah guess those should def be replaced. I don't want to make this something that would be able to steal away a tank or brute's job either. I didn't realize bodyguard mode offered those kinds of resistance numbers(Damn.) I think they would have to probably tune those down a bit for this class. I also don't believe this class should be given a taunt either. Minimal Mez protection MIGHT work, but might make it OP so I dunno. I would say some KB protection would at least be warranted. Things I would suggest for replacing the player attacks on the Pet side would be... First 100% agree with the Build Up idea. Then maybe a pet moral booster which would increase the stats of your pets. Then maybe a long cooldown player invincibility ability that takes away access to all your other abilities for the duration. So basically you become a crazy unkillable target for a short duration but you aren't allowed to attack. Those last 2 abilities would work well together. If you see your health getting low, boost your pets and then go into your hibernative state.
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