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  1. You'll be happy to know this already exists in a City Of game... Just not this one. Maybe one day.
  2. That's when you put it on Incarnate difficulty for team size of 1 lol
  3. Ok, well instead of just putting up a wall of stubborness and chanting "power creep" what if you put the same effort into figuring out a way it could work without causing these issues. But I'll go ahead and take a crack at it. Let me know what you think. Guarded Pool: Tier 1 - Tough, Readiness(AUTO: Small HP Absorption buff that only applies at full health, offers KB prot/res until the grey bar depletes) Tier 2 - Insulated(fire,ice,energy and negative energy damage resistance all at half the value Tough gives Smash/Lethal) Tier 3 - Weave(This power is reduced in effectiveness unless you have taken Readiness. Being ready for a fight increases your change to dodge attacks) Tier 4 -Alert(psi damage, sleep, and recharge debuff resistance) Fit(toxic damage, stun, and slow debuff resistance) So by adding "Readiness" we now have 2 Tier 1 powers like other pools. Readiness is a must have if you want to get the max benefit out of "Weave." So now if you want to get that maximum amount of Defense from IO resistance ehancements in Tough and Weave combined you will still need to use 3 power slots. Yes, you will be able to take Tough a bit earlier than you can now, but who's staying in those early levels long enough that it will really matter? Do people even start slotting set bonus IO's that early? I don't think it should be that big of an issue. I also decided to combine the Fire/Ice and Energy/Neg into one power that offers all of those resistance but at a reduced benefit. This keeps the total power selections to 6 and follows the pool format better. Alert and Fit would each offer similar benefits to Tough though.
  4. Noooooooo, how could more power choice increase anyone's fun! What a fool I am!
  5. Boy did you read into things wrong. I could care less about buffing things. I just want pools that offer more and designed in a way to give you what your looking for out of them for your character concept. If I wanna make a tankier character I got with Guarded Pool. If I wanna make a ranged build who can throw down up close with melee combos when need be I'll go with the Fighting Pool. This isn't some evil plan to make more OP characters as I could care less about that. Shoot, I only just hit lv 50 for the first time since coming back. I have over 50+ characters. I haven't bought built a single character with IO sets yet.
  6. Bet you could by simply saying "Hi" in one of them. 😜
  7. Could even change the Fighting Pool idea to require more investment for the buff aswell. Fighting Pool: Tier 1 - Boxing(disorients), Kick(knocks down) Tier 2 - Hook(cone punch)(chance to disorient), Spinning kick(cone kick)(knocks back)(3 target max on both) Tier 3 - KO(a devastating ST attack when enemy is at 50% or lower HP, does less damage the more health they have)(has both punch and kick animation options) Tier 4 - Determination(a 30sec damage/To-hit/recharge buff with a 5min cooldown which also grants Disorient, immobalize, and knockback protection for the same duration) (can also be used while under any status effect to break the effect) (activation animation could be slamming your fists together like a boxer getting ready to fight) Made a couple changes to Determination as well. Having an even higher requirement to unlock it should allow you to utilize it more often.
  8. Ah, I don't know why I thought it was a tier 2 already. Ok then, would this work? Guarded Pool: Tier 1 - Insulated(fire and ice damage resistance), Resistant(energy and negative energy damage resistance) Tier 2 - Tough Tier 3 - Weave Tier 4 -Alert(psi damage, sleep, and recharge debuff resistance) Fit(toxic damage, stun, and slow debuff resistance) Or Guarded Pool: Tier 1 - Tough Tier 2 - Insulated(fire and ice damage resistance), Resistant(energy and negative energy damage resistance) Tier 3 - Weave Tier 4 -Alert(psi damage, sleep, and recharge debuff resistance) Fit(toxic damage, stun, and slow debuff resistance) I don't think we have any Tier 4 pool powers currently, but maybe that's something that can change to better flesh out Pool sets while fighting the power creep some are worried about?
  9. This exactly, well said. All adding new powers to pools is going to do is give you more options to choose from. Say you want to go with the whole "Offensive Fighting Pool"(as proposed in this thread) That's going to use up a lot of slots in order to get all the bonuses from taking multiple powers in the set, which is going to limit what other pool powers your able to take. Maybe you wont have room in your build for Hasten anymore, or cherry picking leadership abilities. Hell, we could even do a similar mechanic for the "Defensive Guarded Pool." Abysmal buffs on their own, but taking multiple powers from the set increases the potency of each. Forcing you to dive deeper into a Pool Set and use up more slots to really make them worthwhile.
  10. Incarnate abilities being a thing makes all power creep comments kind of laughable in my opinion. They literally can not add anything to the regular pools that are going to make you more OP than those things. Oh, and don't squishies currently need a buff in order to become useful choices again? Your right that the guarded set would be a more useful for squishies who aren't already running a bunch of toggles. Archs with Defensive sets will really only be able to run a few of these extra poll toggles on top of what they already have. Squishies have might have the endurance available to run more from Guarded but it will effect what else they can do. Endurance is there to fight against any power creep that could possibly come from this. Do you think you could run 5 resistance toggles and a defense toggle. Or even more defense toggles if you want to try and squeeze Maneuvers or Stealth in aswell. Sure, you might be able to make a really survivable build, but your DPS is going to suffer cause your gonna lose stamina super quick. But what about Catch a Breath Insp you ask? Well sure, insperations can help out a bit to offset just about anything. But if your filly up on blues your not filling up on reds or purples anymore. And once your out of them then what do you do? Start detoggling.
  11. I wish we could do a loooooong list of chores for signature heroes and villains in the game to earn their exclusive costume parts or body parts(such as Mako.) Imagine getting to run around in the Black Scorpion armor and slapping a cool helmet on with it. Hell, they could even gender lock these parts if absolutely need be. Just know if your running chores for that person you might wanna be the same gender.
  12. Ah, I see. Yeah I wouldn't want to take away the more flashy animations from sets for pool powers. I did call it KO because of the unique mechanic I included. It just sounded right. But it could just be a large charged up straight punch or kick. Maybe new animations for this power if that sort of thing ever starts to happen. Yeah, Fear protection wouldn't be to bad to offer if we wanted to offer a new protection in Pools. I do feel like Status Resistances are more reasonable to offer in Pools though.
  13. First part, not sure what I took from SS or SJ? If your speaking of the Hook(I had to look it up, but it's called Cross Punch and is already in the set. Just changed it a bit.) Then the idea for the Spinning kick came from the one of the same name from Martial Assault which is a cone that hit's up to 5. The pool version would only be 3 target max. Second part, I know I didn't mention it in the OP but I assumed we would keep the attacks getting buffed for each additional attack in the set thing. But a good idea would be for only the one buff per power taken from each tier. So taking Boxing and kick would no longer buff each other. But if you had both, they would both get buffed by picking a tier 2 attack and visa versa. Third part, not sure being able to get other mez protections in Pools would be a good idea or not. Combat Jumping is the only tier 1 pool power to do so and it's only for immobalize protection so not a huge deal as all ranged sets that would even need the ability could still attack if immobalized anyway. Acrobatics isn't even needed for the kb protection is offers anymore, but it also has some minimal hold protection(only reason anyone would even take it still.) But to use up a whole slot for just 2 hold protection seems like a pretty huge investment. I added these same 3 protections into the "Tier 3 Determination" ability for 30secs as an optinal way to combat these status types if only momentarily. I also added Status resistances to the guarded pool. I just don't think status protections/resistances should be easily/quickly obtained in pools. Lastly, that Defiant Autopower is a nice idea also.
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