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  1. On my Dark Melee / Energy Aura scrapper, it appears that I have a taunt aura using the fury mechanics.
  2. Can confirm this bug. Through some testing i've come to the following conclusions: Performance shift +end scales to levels of the mob it affects similar to that when the Power Transfer proc was introduced. Panacea doesn't work regardless of it hitting mobs or not. I've not seen it fire off once. Theft of the essence proc is substantially more effective than the performance shift proc. Theft of the essence proc will fire off multiple times in one game tick if there are more mobs. Performance shift chances to proc will be increased if there are more mobs present (a bit inconclusive here soz). Procs will only fire off when the aura is affecting mobs. Here are the results of the testing for 2 mins (small sample - but i'd say conclusive) I was using Cauterizing Aura with Theft of the essence proc, Performance shift proc and Panacea proc all mobs stayed aggro for the entire time, no deaths etc. Edit: Added some Frigid testing - 30 ft radius affects proc chances. Performance Shift stays the same, theft of essence does not.
  3. Here is an example of an ice/fire farming build (which can be improved given that this was built in August). It's softcapped fire defense and capped fire resistance, this blocks most damage - barrier doesn't add anything to this because you are still going to get hit ~5% of the time taking 75% of the damage. You do get damage mitigation by bonfire KB->KD. Are you ignoring what bananaman has posted? He doesn't refer to p2w, he tells you what incarnates to use and even tells you how to run a map. You -could- use temp buffs from SG bases to save slotting for resistance which would be some cheap salvage.. but I doubt bananaman relies on that.
  4. @Frostweaverskeptism is fine and I'd welcome it especially here on the forums where some people spend more time than in game. I just don't quite understand the skeptism considering bananaman has actually explained how to farm on a blaster in his first reply.
  5. @Frostweaver I'm not sure why you are ignoring @Banana Manand dismissing what he has to say. He's not the only one who has made ice/fires that can exceed the clear times of brutes. Farming is getting as much inf/min. To maximise this you need to maximise killing speed for which @Banana Manhas pretty much said is all about mob saturation and hitting as many mobs in the shortest space of time and doing the most damage. So it's redundant to consider large maps. You can have multiple builds so again seems silly to build for balance when you could build for effeciency. You can build an ice/fire to have soft capped defense to fire, capped fire resistance which is sufficient against 4/8. An Ice/fire can hit more than the target cap and thus kill things quicker per cast of power. E.g blizzard will always hit 16 targets for the full duration of the power, where as say atom smasher will only hit the target cap once. At damage cap and mob saturation this results in higher clear times than a rad/fire brute. I don't get what you are trying to achieve, there's a decent ice/fire build on the forums somewhere and you could try it on the beta if you care so much. Saying bananaman doesn't know what he's talking about without disproving anything doesn't make much sense to me? You are totally correct about there safer options..so if you afk or don't want to pay attention then sure go for a brute.
  6. Pretty sure you don't have much KB protect if you are hovering. No gimmicks? You are talking about stacking barrier, tanker proc and storm kick to reach the numbers you are suggesting? And of course your toxic hole..
  7. Pretty much, but it's also a high recharge power so the proc rate is really high.
  8. Vea

    Optimal Brute

    Here is a list of primaries ranked based on an average of high recharge and low recharge assumptions. It's from a scrapper DPS sheet for ST builds so the numbers don't mean anything except really the ranking. You can use this as a starting point and add any other knowledge you have to it and how you intend to build. I'll also comment in the melee sets i've used. I won't talk about TW we all know it's strong some people get along with it. If you only care about DPS go for a scrapper. Savage Melee is a set that's slept on but probably this is due to a lack of understanding of the set and hasn't had the scrutiny or experience that other sets have. The positives (other than its rank) is two AoEs, the build up mechanic is nice and its cast times are all low (which is a personal preference). The negatives are it's numbers are based on including the damage over time and doesn't have much mitigation. Fiery Melee - Haven't played. But meh. War Mace - Haven't played.. but will. Knockdown procs are fantastic. MA - I have a MA/Elec brute. It has some additional utility in powers like +DAM in eagles claw and +Def in Storm kick. The lack of AoE is noticeable in this powerset. Rad Melee - Damage Aura is nice. A self heal in the attack chain. -res procs. My personal opinion on this is that I don't like it because I can't count the amount of times i've cast Devastating blow for the critter to die before its fully cast. Ice Melee - Freezing Touch is amazing. Greater Ice Sword is not worth using. Using Cross Punch is better than using GiS but I think Gloom would be even better if that fits. Frost also can take range enhancements which increases AoE capability. Frozen Aura is similar to footstomp just without the +rech proc and smaller radius. There isn't a Stone Melee/SS comparison here but I believe Stone would sit slightly above Fiery Melee. Superstrength would be quite far down I'd imagine around Spines/Dark/Staff (this is due to rage). Optimal is quite a loaded term and really depends on your build and incarnates. Another thing to consider is how often you play as a team and the composition of that team. If your damage capped all the time those powersets without build up will suffer (claws, DM, staff etc.) For a general build I think you need the following: Mitigation, Proc variety (and chances), A strong ST attack chain, A strong AoE attack chain and access to different attack types if possible. Now secondaries are a little easier to discuss. It's all about layering damage mitigation where the new Armour types shine. (Bio and Rad)
  9. Poison Trap in Poison is not the same as the one in Traps and does not have the -regen element. Benumb doesn't stack from the same caster. Howling twilight stack does stack, and you don't need a dead ally to cast it. I'd recommend doing it as an opener against all AV's. It bugs me so much that people don't use it! Poison Trap from Traps does stack from my limited testing. 1000% seems to be enough though in most circumstances. Disintegrate does not stack from the same caster. You can also supplement -regen with envenomed daggers which are available from P2W venders. They have I think a 1s cast time and provide 250% -regen. Most -regen powers do not differ between archtypes. -regen has diminishing returns once you reach a certain point so I think looking to maximise -resistance would be better. I have a Poison/Beam Defender which has been fun and can stack decent -res and an okay level of -regen. Poison also has -heal and -special. A corrupter version would be fine and do the same job just as well. For debuffs, for end-game/level 50 content I'd rank(in order of best to worst) -resistance, -regen and -damage as the three debuffs that are worth seeking/maximising.
  10. Above is a build a buddy of mine used.
  11. WM > BS. Soul (Tanker) > Darkness (Stalker). (I'd say Soul is better than Darkness for stalkers also). War mace doesn't really benefit too much from the tanker changes (except from the damage scale increase). Whirling mace is bad and shatters arc is small. Crowd control isn't affected. From my understanding the SD/WM tank has a better theme, it will be easier to slot overall meaning you will be able to invest in your Soul powers to make them more useful as I'm assuming you want to use these powers more often than not. Stalkers are a little bit stronger now but I wouldn't say Paladin-level of survivability.
  12. I think I have to disagree with you here. Bio is probably more survivable too. Defense is just one layer of survivability, you will still be hit through soft-cap defenses. I'm not eniterly sure how much resistance you can get with EnA but I'm pretty certain it's not much. When I was building my brute I originally started with EnA and ended up with Elec just based on the resistance numbers. The saving grace of EnA is that you don't need end drain or the T9 so that's two one powers spare, where in comparison Bio you kind of need to take all of them. I'm an advocate of SM. So for me it's SM/Bio. SM/EnA if you are bored of having too many Bio toons!
  13. It's possible now on the beta, copy your spider over and change it up. The area this power can cover is somewhat convincing me. Slotting just one Dam/Range from Posi increases the area covered by 80ft. +5 the dam range adds another 10ft. Using intuition radial adds a whopping 140ft of area covered. (I'm basing this of area of a segment). I think this means each cast will hit the target cap providing there is enough critters.
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