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  1. Haven't got access to Mids right now so can't see the figures. With that being said, Greater Ice Swords sucks, swap it with regular Ice Sword. Freezing Touch is amazing, I'd proc it out. Going with the theme of control, ice patch fits, but generally the long cast time hardly ever makes it a worthwhile power. I've used it maybe twice since hitting 50, and that was in a +4*8 solo ITF. I can't see the superior blistering cold proc to hold - this fires off frequently, and alongside freezing touch and your APP hold should hold down hard targets. Overall, seems like a fun and survivable build. WM could be a contender for soft control with the amount of KUP in the attack chain.
  2. You have slotted for +hp on a couple powers, but with hoarfrost you'll be at cap (even before accolades). I'd personally have sting of the manticore in the snipe and find an extra slot in seeds for 5% ranged def. Overall power selection seems legit. Some minor adjustments down to preference really if it were me e.g moving one slot from tactics to a def power for kismet. Ice storm is a little off on mids compared to ingame stats:
  3. Vea

    Squeezed out?

    @Darkir Do you happen to have a run down of what power set is better on either Defender/Corr? You've mentioned a couple.. Kin/Dark/Cold on Corrs. Poison/Storm for Defenders. I'm curious about the difference of -res powers and the actual in game impact. It looks like defenders -res powers are 7.5% more than that of Corrs. How would that affect your calculations above? E.g using corrosive enzymes? Also I think there needs to be discussion around team buffs. Take nature (overgrowth) and assault for both Corr and Defender, the damage bonus is 20% more for Defenders, applying this to the rest of the team could exceed the DPS of increase of Corrs.
  4. Sure. If you could, why wouldn't you. But it looks like a sellers market based on the people saying they wouldn't do it! Using Yomo's signature as inspiration, I want to be a superhero, not a trader.. Not a negative Nelly at all! - I would say see above, that the 138million is only a portion of the total inf gained. I'm not entirely sure how long it would take to get 70-90 enhancements, but from experience I don't think it would take longer than an hour. On that assumption its 2m inf/min just on the fee alone which is comparable to AE Fire farming. The investment up front from the builder is an obstacle - but a 30% return isn't too shabby. I guess if anyone is interested, they can post a build to see if anyone would take them up on it.. if not I will (if I have the inf eek.)
  5. Thanks! I'm a little bit fed up of slotting characters, and generally speaking I don't enjoy spending time in the AH - I also end up being the chump overpaying when it comes slotting, I'm not patient enough to let bids fill and prefer paying for the instant buy price 90% of the time. So most of the time I'm the price taker. I don't get much time to play either, so I'd rather do a taskforce or run story arcs over marketing. If there was traction to this idea, I'd be the buyer because I value my time. As to why do this over than mass production? Variety is the spice of life! Do you want to convert 100 ATOs to make 250m, and then wait for them to sell through etc. There's also an element of risk if supply of ATOs spike (see winter IOs recently.. granted they've gone back up). Expanding from the example build above here would be the total profit from this 'contract'. Enhancement Price per enhancement (est) Profit margin per enh* Saving from not selling on AH** Total Profit from Margin Total Saving from not using AH 15 Purples 22 1 2.2 15 33 18 Winter IO 20 1 2 18 36 4 LoTGs 7.5 1 0.8 4 3 5 ATO 9 1 0.9 5 4.5 3 PvP 12 1 1.2 3 3.6 3 Uniques 5 1 0.5 3 1.5 45 Other 2.5 0.5 0.3 22.5 11.25 TOTAL 70.5 92.85 *Assumed you can make 1m for most enhancements and 500k for those classified as 'other'. The profit margin here is defined as the difference between the Price per enhancement estimate and the cost to source that particular enhancement. This in reality will be different, I think assuming 1m profit can be made is extremely conservative. **This 'saving' is not paying the fee on the AH and is 10% of the price estimate. Total profit from this contract would be: 70.5 + 92.85 + 139.5 = 302.85. Which to me, seems substantial? Divide that by how long it would take you to do it would be your inf/min. If it took 1 hour, still gives a tidy 5m inf/min. I'm not sure what is considered 'good' but considering the number of people who farm for inf, anything over 2m/min is decent. I think this type of marketing is geared towards those who have a large stock of enhancements ready to go.
  6. It seems like a consensus that the fee is a little light or not worth it, but i'd say to that there is three elements of being paid. First the fee, then second your ability to profit per enhancement vs the estimate. For example in the estimate LoTG +Recharge could be estimated at 8m each, where they can easily be bought at 7m. And the third one being you save 10% if you were to sell via the auction house. As for a trade I think its a function within the game that could actually be used here. The SG base is a nice idea but would be susceptible to scams. (throwback to Runescape scams) - but again this would be down to the logistics of the transaction and can change per person. As for opportunity cost of spending time doing this vs traditional marketing would be down to individuals and how well they can market. Perhaps a case study? This good ol' Farming build. Highlights of this build and my estimate of the cost (not spending much time or thought really): Enhancement Price per 15 Purples 22m 18 Winter* 20m 4 LoTGs 7.5m 5 ATO* 9m (more if superior) 3 PVP Procs 12m 3 Uniques 5m 45 'Other' 2.5m *Assumption of non-superior in the trade, as I have hundreds of catalysts and it always seems to be better to use your own. Total Cost = 928.5m Fee @ 15% = 139.5 (Rounded up) From personal experience, from the estimated numbers above includes a sizeable profit I've achieved on the market myself. Assuming 1m profit per enhancement that's another 90m. As for inf/min - this all depends on your stock and how fast you can purchase. It would need to take longer than 70 minutes to be worse off than farming for inf (based on 2m inf/min).
  7. Not actually - but in theory I would. Hear me out. I'm fed up of spending time in the Auction House trying not to be ripped off and making sure I don't add an extra digit on bids. I also don't hoard enhancements for ease of use (I should..). What if I was able to post my build here and people tender their service of buying all the enhancements for me and transferring them to me in the trade window, 70 enhancements at a time. Obviously for a fee. I'd be willing to pay 10-15% of the build value as a fee and any extra savings you could find would be your competitive advantage. Most builds I've done cost around 1bn. That would be a 100m fee for your time plus the pre-determined estimate price. The logistics of this would need to be refined and discussed prior. My suggested method would be as follows: Post build with estimated cost of the build. 'Builders' post a fee they would be happy with and any feedback on original estimate. Price and payment agreed. Date and time of transfer agreed. Deposit of 10% of the fee sent to winning 'Builder' During transfer the remainder of Inf is transferred at the same time (often over multiple trades)
  8. Would I charge for PL? No. Would I accept Inf for PL? Yes. Would I seek to trade PL 4 PL? No. Would I seek for people to join my farm? No. Would I pay for PL? Probably not - It would require account sharing if I wanted to. Time is money. Having extra people in my farm increases the time it takes to get to 50 and reduces the INF I get. So not worth having the extra people in. I would say it's a transaction not worthwhile. Now, paying someone to buy enhancements and slot a toon for me... that's a service I'd pay for.
  9. I would +1 for a Plant/Fire - it's a fun build to play and impressed me. The other build that is meant to be strong is Mind/Psi @Chirikiti has done some nutty things with one. Mind/Psi will be my next Dom... when Chiri shares his build.
  10. I'd opt for Plant. Conductive aura isn't worth it. Pick up some recovery serums from P2W for pre-incarnate end issues.
  11. Rad/Sonic. The -regen is invaluable.
  12. It's not being converted into anything (I imagine) - The set gives defense to S/L with only two enhancements. It's also a low level enhancement set (level 10-20), so there are less of them in game. Most people don't convert at that level.
  13. @tripthicket - The Incarnate abilities are somewhat separate from builds. They will not change as a result of a respec. You can have multiple Incarnate abilities, but this requires to create new abilities in the incarnate window. Taking your example, your initial build requires the Agility Alpha Incarnate however the new build requires Musculature Alpha Incarnate. You would need to create the Musculature ability from scratch, you cannot refund the initial ability you created. You don't lose the initial one you created.
  14. Perhaps - The Ironman badge seems difficult to get in my opinion. How would you suggest to get it?
  15. A well thought out guide +Inf. One thing I wish these forum guides had is pictures. I'm too lazy to do it. So many people didn't realise you could use threads for the alpha ability, simply because they didn't scroll down. I think a picture or gif would show this a little bit better. Another thing I wish guides had was more detailed analysis/comparisons. What I would really like is a comparison between the different Interface abilities.
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