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  1. Yeah, the price for them is a little steep, but if they will be available for purchase yearly, it's not so terrible, just tedious. It's definitely not worth influence > Merits though, at 100,000,000 per badge. But that conversion rate has needed some revision for a while now, I think.
  2. TEMP CAPTAIN: Smallz Team Roster: bless chop heksen smallz agni mr FUBAR kara mag massive phoenix' rick-oh rowdy vitruvius Masque Amra the Hunter Global: @AmraTheHunter or @AmraZHunter Removing Sloth, who has moved on to better and brighter things. Adding Smallz as temp captain. Thanks a ton Sloth for putting together a very solid roster and getting scrims together for the past 5 months or so.
  3. This ^. It's also a good way to get noticed by teams, then added to rosters and offered build tips and so on.
  4. CAPTAIN: @I make toast not friends Team Roster: bless chop heksen smallz agni mr FUBAR kara mag massive phoenix' rick-oh rowdy vitruvius Masque Amra the Hunter Global: @AmraTheHunter or @AmraZHunter Adding Amra the Hunter, welcome!
  5. I think you can do "minimal fx" on those to remove the patron mark or glowie portions, can't you? Agree on the melee attacks in some pools, but you can dip into villain epics and get some range and an armor as well...
  6. I dunno. When I first started aeons ago, there was very little web help so I thought you had to slot one of each enhancement in each power, so my Mind/BUbbles had 1 range, 1 hold, 1 recharge, 1 end redux, 1 damage, etc. in Dominate. It took me forever to kill stuff, until a rl friend showed me how to play. The game difficulty is fairly easy, but you can make it more difficult for yourself by tweaking the settings and so on. The best part is that your team can really change how hard things are; if players are on SOs or a mix of SO and basic IOs you can sometimes get slowed down. Overall the game is quite forgiving but some powerset combos are obviously going to be slower levelling than others.
  7. Archmage of Agony should probably be very limited and so should Night Widows. I think one of the Longbow ones is pretty OP as well.
  8. 1)Maybe shorten them. You can still get AB'd and that isn't great (or always reliable), or maybe give a short Absorb ablative HP while in AP/SP. 2)Dammit, I thought they'd fixed this with the last patch. 3)Yes please. 4)Yes please, some medium/smaller maps would be welcome. 5)Doesn't taunt already have this, I thought this happened with cage suppression in the day? Lukewarm on this as /TA and Taunters should have some form of role, maybe just reduce the duration of those effects somewhat in PvP? Don't get the IO thing, I'm guessing we'd have Glad javs that just work in Arenas? I'm for this as well. Just wanted to say that Kencian's post was amazing and correct on a lot of forms. My concern with any AP changes is if you completely remove the -Heal capacity on them, Emps will just be rotating AP's on Blasters in between evasion and so on, and won't be super killable and it could get to be a slog. Maybe instead of doing that, give Emps a scaling -Heal or -Regen for 1-3 seconds, or something. I mean, obviously I'll be the first in line to get behind no heal penalty, but I'm just kinda surprised to see this requested as I've never heard of this before today. Maybe increasing us to Blaster HP might be better, or just giving us AbsorbHP while in AP (this would combine with the absorb proc from IO's though). Edit again: Void's ideas on a PvP Zone of the Week are hella sweet, and yeah, make Warburg level 50 too. Warburg is a fantastic zone but getting nukes is a slog (Arachnoids do a ton of toxic, have immobs/slows...) and maybe having Destiny in there would help a bit. The superb post on DR/DEF curves by Alouu s worth a look, Sonics probably aren't ever coming back now but it would be nice to look at. Erm what I enjoy? Arena PvP is still hella fun though omg so much dammm coming in with each spike. Maybe look at procs a bit, or increase Squishy HP a bit in Arena/Zones or w/e. I only seldom go into zones but they seem...fine? I do agree with...was it mac? that the RV AV's are kinda outta control at times, maybe take a look at those things.
  9. Some requests from my roleplayer friends: A return of the "perma" costume temps that were granted in PvPEC events a while back, esp. the Ring Mistress one. A potential "Nemesis Staff " Assault set for Dominators, using the Nem Staff animations in game to do energy damage and so on. An ability to unlock more NPC outfits, whether through defeats, missions, task forces, trials... Thank you.
  10. I do farm but never charge. People have offered me X million per run or their purple drops or whatever, and I take those. I'm just glad to get people's alts to 50, though I do have a hard cap of two others on team, more allowed if in our sg/coalition, to prevent too much drop dilution.
  11. Saw someone mentioning this on Exelsior just now and adding my request for an examination as a Grav user as well.
  12. Miss are you going to roll in the KB? We will totally mentor/teach evade routes etc. Also, these events are always super fun so show up peeps!
  13. Also using 64 bit and no issues, but sometimes matchmaking does get borked and you need to reset.
  14. I was JUST mentioning this in Pocket D tonight. Need Hot Heals, the uniqueness is missed.
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