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  1. Holy cow, Psoma? Hi, I kept bringing you up in Arena chat, you were so good on Emp, haha Gratz on your family, let know if you want anything PLd/slotting help, would love to help.
  2. Welcome, Mochi. Looking forward to seeing what happens. 😄
  3. /signed. As someone who almost exclusively plays Nature Corr, the Nullifier cancelling is a great boon when in gathers to launch the big Nature buffs. It's also somewhat useful if you have time to fire a Snipe, or to drop Phanton Army, or...any other number of situations where you'd just get rooted and fragged. Good example from Silent with CM, where you basically wave an arm benevolently, only to go to the 1606 dustbin shortly thereafter. Please keep the animation cancel of Nullifer as is, in Arena at least.
  4. @Neuronia, @Shottimus Prime Have: Fire/Nature Corr Fire/Poison Corr Beam/Nature Corr Beam/W/e has Gymnastics Blaster (think it's still slotted) A bunch of Emps, but only the Grav/Emp and Emp/Ice Def have Jaunt Willing to roll a new alt, can PL it to 50 and Alpha but will need help slotting (IOs). Qualifications: I once loaded in on the wrong team during scrims last week. I was also on a 3 v 3 team with Hot and Maverick Hunter and they carried me. Captain: No. Also, please let's not the Overbrook Dam map. (Edited to add 2nd ac
  5. Great comment Hot, The randomization was quite excellent. That said, my builds haven't changed since I played for Sloth ages ago, so a new build would be appreciated. >_>
  6. @Neuronia (main) @Shottimus Prime (alt)
  7. This was an excellent event. Line-ups were varied, target-calling was incredible, hosting was great, no issues from what I saw. Thank you so, so much Hot.
  8. Kara + Rick-Oh, ATs to come but likely Blaster + Emp. @Neuronia Fire/Poison Corruptor @Ricko Beam/TA Blaster
  9. Yeah, the price for them is a little steep, but if they will be available for purchase yearly, it's not so terrible, just tedious. It's definitely not worth influence > Merits though, at 100,000,000 per badge. But that conversion rate has needed some revision for a while now, I think.
  10. TEMP CAPTAIN: Smallz Team Roster: bless chop heksen smallz agni mr FUBAR kara mag massive phoenix' rick-oh rowdy vitruvius Masque Amra the Hunter Global: @AmraTheHunter or @AmraZHunter Removing Sloth, who has moved on to better and brighter things. Adding Smallz as temp captain. Thanks a ton Sloth for putting together a very solid roster and getting scrims together for the past 5 months or so.
  11. This ^. It's also a good way to get noticed by teams, then added to rosters and offered build tips and so on.
  12. CAPTAIN: @I make toast not friends Team Roster: bless chop heksen smallz agni mr FUBAR kara mag massive phoenix' rick-oh rowdy vitruvius Masque Amra the Hunter Global: @AmraTheHunter or @AmraZHunter Adding Amra the Hunter, welcome!
  13. I think you can do "minimal fx" on those to remove the patron mark or glowie portions, can't you? Agree on the melee attacks in some pools, but you can dip into villain epics and get some range and an armor as well...
  14. I dunno. When I first started aeons ago, there was very little web help so I thought you had to slot one of each enhancement in each power, so my Mind/BUbbles had 1 range, 1 hold, 1 recharge, 1 end redux, 1 damage, etc. in Dominate. It took me forever to kill stuff, until a rl friend showed me how to play. The game difficulty is fairly easy, but you can make it more difficult for yourself by tweaking the settings and so on. The best part is that your team can really change how hard things are; if players are on SOs or a mix of SO and basic IOs you can sometimes get slowed down. Over
  15. Archmage of Agony should probably be very limited and so should Night Widows. I think one of the Longbow ones is pretty OP as well.
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