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  1. Had to re-patch here. Make sure you check your Tequila client in case the new patch reversion requires that.
  2. Any chance in allowing Incan gathers for this sort of thing? There would obviously be issues in that you could incan people away from spikes and stuff, but I think that power also adds an extra +Heal component (?). Probably not ideal though.
  3. Ability to get more server transfers. More story arcs in the 20-40 range. Some of the recent ones are really cool. Purchasable costume temp powers, that would be perma. Occasional GM-run contests on servers. Those were fun in the day, when a Comm Mod or someone should up to play etc. Featured build of the week, to expose people to new stuff.
  4. Just saw this and thanks so much for plugging these in. Tons to look through here, wow. 😮
  5. So I'm seeing a lot of Blaster attacks use two att/dam IOs from sets. What's the advantage of doing this over 2 acc/Dam Hami-Os, if there isn't a set bonus involved?
  6. I have a farmer on Excelsior if either of you want some levels. Can also transfer my grav/emp or grav/ta if you want some support/disruption help. Global @Neuronia
  7. So Smallz, Void and a bunch of other people just ran a gateway event on Torchbearer which was pretty nice. The Blasters were a good mix of Fire, Beam, Psy and there were some nice other toons like Corruptors and so on. We had enough emps to go 2xteam and Smallz and Pixel and M3z and Tempty and everyone explained about locking and were really cool. There were some newer Emps and Blasters and stuff there too which was nice. A lot of the matches were pretty close, mid-level scoring (both teams had a dozen to a a little over a dozen kills) and stuff on the usual outside maps (Striga, Atlas, Steel, Skyway, Outbreak) and people were rolling pretty well. They did a lot of what was suggested above, with binds/macros for insps/phase/dim shift etc, lots of questions asnwered. Certainly hoping they keep this up, was very fun. It was definitely a different pace than kickball nights on Indom, but still good to get the rust out. Late edit: For views on fun, mine is mostly tied to map variety. I like Atlas/SKyway as much as the next person, but having Lab/Cargo show up now and then is cool too. For powersets, it's hard to gauge but I'm guessing (almost assuredly) that beam weapon spikes would be a lot deeper/cleaner than a mixed group. But that's up to the KB organizers to settle, I guess, as well as the players.
  8. Just got in my first of these since re-launch. It was fun. Lab was a little crazy, lol, but it was good to see everyone again. Looking forward to next Wednesday, for sure. Thanks to everyone who showed up. P.S. The "Black Team Rule" is nice to cycle through people. P.P.S. The "Loserball" FFA with my grav/ta, a Dom and a Scrapper with webnades was peak awesome.
  9. Thanks a lot X. I'll just work on the Grav/Emp then. I've not gotten any younger, you know. I should be able to Glue Arrow a few peeps between evasions/respawns, hopefully. Have a good day and see you in Pocket D. (Yeah will need to not AP constantly, hearing CriticalKat in my head right now about that, lol....)
  10. RIP. I know what it's like to deal with crippling depression, friends and an outlet are so important here.
  11. So should I have both an Emp/Water and Grav/Emp then? In what situations would someone switch to a Defender build over a Controller, and vice-versa?
  12. Many thanks. 🙂 Can't wait to get back to kickball in two days. Nervous as hell but it should be lots of fun.
  13. Yeah I read that about grav/emp. Could you flip me a build at some point? I'm finally going to try kickball this Wed now that my TA has all the HP accos, but want a specced emp build at some point soon.
  14. A PvP Ladder or some sort, with perma costumes or Reward Merit prizes. That's probably a self-organizing thing though, but mostly a way to get +HP accolades across my alts without re-grinding them. Would pay some amount of $ for this. For Arena/PvP zones only, of course!. 😄
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