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  1. Well I fired up Dead by Daylight again for the first time in like a year and I'm hooked again. I have this pattern where I play something constantly and then one day I'm like "i dont wanna play this no more" and i dont touch it for months. Then I pick it up again and I'm like.. I love this game why did I stop? The pattern continues forever
  2. I finished Deus Ex 2, and continuing on my cyperpunk game kick that I'm on right now (i think im just incredibly hyped for 2077) I started playing Observer, which is absolutely gorgeous, and the cyberpunk setting is everything I could possibly want visually from a cyberpunk theme game.
  3. Agree with the perspective on New Vegas, but I find Fallout 4 incredibly enjoyable. I've got some survival difficulty mods installed like a better injury/disease system, ammo and food scarcity, realistic non-bullet sponge combat and other stuff that really step it up for me.
  4. Every game in the history of games sees player decline over time, especially those free to play. Why would you expect anything different from a game from 2004 that already shut down?
  5. You were awfully snarky and gung-ho about proving your point in your last post. Translation: You post here claiming HC servers will go away if status quo remains. You get called out on it to provide proof. You can't. My original point stands. Take your personal opinion of DOOOOM elsewhere unless you have factual evidence.
  6. Hmmm, I asked you to prove to me how the servers for HC aren't sustainable when just a single person can do it, and all I see is more assumptions and predictions on what people will or won't do. Are you trying to say that not one single person would pay to keep HC going even if it meant paying the full monthly costs? If you need me to point out how reading and comprehending information works, I can do that.
  7. Uh what? Subscriptions? Paying NCSoft? What does any of that have to do with my post challenging to prove HC isn't sustainable and the population is dwindlng?
  8. What are you even talking about? Nobody is trying to legitimize HC in order to charge a monthly sub... where do you people come up with these assumptions?
  9. Explain that logic and prove it, as costs are covered with donations. One person could keep it "sustainable" if they donated enough. Otherwise stop with the DOOOOOM fearmongering
  10. Ok, so did you post it in the bug reports then?
  11. Not sure what point you're making here other than giving me your opinion that it's not nitpicky. My opinion is that it is. Nothing I've said is any different.
  12. People looking to get offended are always going to find what they're looking for. I don't really care what happens regarding the name either way, but i'm betting the general population has absolutely no idea about.... whatever it is these "negative connotations are" The powerset naming convention is a far better argument. If you really want to campaign for a name change, I'd use that to throw your vote. Either way it's extremely nitpicky imo.
  13. Thank you for the positive thread! Not enough of them in General Discussion imo
  14. I could only identify one movie out of all these quotes you guys posted
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