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  1. Checked this out this weekend. Very well done!
  2. Didn't they buff Defender TA at some point? I played a TA def on live and absolutely loved it even though it was the worst set at the time.
  3. I have yet to remake my old spider from live, but back then, your unlockable 2nd costume could use any costume pieces, except the backpack slot which was locked into spider
  4. Thanks so much for bringing back these events!
  5. If I pay you $1.99 for something that I don't even know that I'm getting (as your description is incredibly vague), then I absolutely have every right to voice my opinion about it via a review. That's the beauty of IOS and the internet, and that's the risk you take by charging for your app. You have a choice of how you want to respond to negativity and how you want to portray yourself to your customers. You've clearly make a decision on how you want to do that. I also made it pretty clear that I made my decision on your response to the review, not the review itself, and your response here certainly hasn't swayed my opinion. Good luck with your app, but I'd never pay you a single penny.
  6. I looked up the app, and saw that it was $1.99 cost. I also saw the bad review, and your response to that review calling the guy names, so I'm gonna pass.
  7. Ok well that's awesome. I see a classic Joystick and buttons panel in the corner there with Statesman on it.. i wonder how that works?
  8. That is very cool! I'm not sure what it is, but it's creative!
  9. I had a War Mace Tanker on live, I based him off of an enemy character in the MMO Anarchy Online. I never got tired of playing him, I solo'd him to 50, BEFORE the buff. It took FOREVER, but I didn't mind.
  10. The Animus Arcana... like omg I can't even see the Cloud of Ices and Lightning storms, then I try to tab target and it selects some enemy a mile away instead of this stupid Animated staff thats right next to me that I can barely even see let alone click on it to target. UGHHHHHHH
  11. TBH i just remember yall from Radio Free Zion.... Matrix Online represent
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