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  1. I think the difference here is that he had two accounts and the name was in use on one. "Superguy" was on account A. He wanted "Superguy" on account B He deletes"Superguy" from account A, and then tries to rename a char on account B to "Superguy" as it should be free. He gets an error. He re-creates "Superguy" on account A with no issue, then renames him, so in theory the name should be free. He tries to rename a char on account B to "Superguy" again, and again gets an error. There's probably just a time delay from when you free up the name to where the system recognizes that the name is free. If the name recycling threads on the server forums are any indication, there's not an issue i'm aware of.
  2. Agree. I would also not consider myself a roleplayer or have really much active interest in roleplaying my character, but I do appreciate and enjoy existing in an environment where that goes on and would certainly be respectful and play along in any scenarios i got caught up in.
  3. We can agree to disagree. The subject of the thread insinuates that if something isn't done, the playerbase will dissipate which is in my opinion unnecessary fearmongering without any evidence or accurate statistics, something I don't appreciate. There's absolutely no need to implement forced server merging when anyone can move to whatever server they want. If everyone wanted to play on the same server, they would. So why do you think they don't?
  4. The servers are paid for by the donations and there has been no issue meeting the donation goals within hours of them being opened. Way too early for these "sky is falling" freakouts. You can transfer to whatever server you want. Some people like low pop servers. If the donation goals start struggling, let's freak out about it then.
  5. Wait... is your chest piece spectrum under the trenchcoat?? I didn't think that was available to females under trenchcoats as I've tried to go for a very similar look before and it wasn't there....
  6. Yep this has been on my radar for a while, but I haven't picked it up yet!
  7. I don't think you're following. You can't vote "I do not want any changes to difficulty / rewards at all" because question 2 is required. You'd need an N/A option on question 2 otherwise you can't submit a vote for question 1.
  8. There's a flaw in your poll. Question 1 has an option to vote for no changes, but question 2 is required in order to submit.
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