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  1. I always create bios for my characters, usually as soon as I start playing them. I usually write them in Word, edit them to fit into the wholly inadequate text editor that CoH provides. Once i decide on a final costume, I take screen shots and save it as a word document. I probably have 150+ characters between live and now. For me, bio creation is very easy and enjoyable and essential to my play of the character. But I've been reading comics since the late 60's, roleplaying since the 70's and storytelling my entire life, so your mileage my vary. If you really want a Bio, I can help. Bac
  2. Awesome job team! I loved all the little islands with bits of the game spread all over. Would be cool to go into City Hall/Arachnos base and snoop around. Also, could we get a TP beacon for Echo Park so we can access it from the Bases? I know there are plenty of ways to get there, but what's one more? Also was thinking that maybe you could put portals into the Echo zones. It would really tie in thematically. "All that is lost is hidden"
  3. Late, but for others who read this thread: The missions are not given in linear order and can be/are interspersed with the story arc the efficiency expert gives are. Just keep doing his missions until you get the last timed mission.
  4. Hey all, I am looking at trying to learn how to design costume pieces and art assets and I was wondering what tools I need and how I go about getting under the hood of COH. I really want to design a zone with dinosaurs and nazis (fifth column) just to see if I can. I can set up a private server to play with it, but any help you can offer or suggestions would be appreciated. Anyone written any guides for this kind of thing?
  5. Also, when I start a TF that I know will benefit from team teleport or some other power like Envenomed Daggers, I always offer to pay for them. A lot of times people don't know about them or just haven't done it. Only one person ever took my offer up although most people did buy.
  6. How about bringing back Pocket D VIP as a purchasable power? It would automatically unlock fast travel. I used to buy it on all my toons, still would for new guys. I'd gladly pay 10 million for it.
  7. Wow. I guess by now I should expect people to get upset anytime anything is changed. I don't see the big deal. If you are running content and TF and Trials and the like you will get those exploration badges, just by playing. I hit 50 on Sword of Faith and she had about 10 or so zones unlocked already. I suppose if every toon you play is PL'd then it could be a problem. Really, if it was an exploit that they said they were going to close, then that's fair. Reading this, it seems that that functionality was never meant to be in the game. Sorta like Hot Coffee in GTA: San Andreas or when Rikti
  8. Same here, it's why I farm and market. I have 70 something alts, intention to level every one and with purples and Winter sets, enhancement boosters and all the fun stuff. I want it now so I buy it. When I sell, I try and sell below the Buy It Now (BIN) price so it will sell faster. I am sure I have bought some of your stuff and you have bought some of mine. And that's freaking cool. It's not my fault if people don't understand how to use the market or use converters. I have given away millions and lessons to anyone who wants them. Some get it and some don't. BUT, any content in the g
  9. Already got mine saved for my Badger! (what badges at midnight)
  10. BY the way, I never said but thanks Dev's for all the cool stuff in the update. Great work. I already got one of the new I/O's and there is some fun things to try. I'm not saying you should ignore all the whiners and doomsayers, but most people will likely never notice the change and will certainly not come here and praise or bitch about it because the forums are only for the truly dedicated in the playerbase, otherwise Facebook wouldn't be filled with posts every Tuesday asking if the game was shut down because they don't know about the server status page.
  11. This is damn funny. Good one. All that does is move from one player to another and doesn't generate inf. In fact, it removes inf from the game. You can't really corner a market when you can really just punch a Nazi to get more salvage or whatever. Or run an AE arc and spend tickets to get salvage or recipes. And PvP? Until a marketeer calls me gay and and accuses me of intercourse with my mother, it ain't PvP.
  12. Oh, the farming nerf? Who the freak cares? I made 16 million last night running the exmplered farm, I got two purples. Now, that's not typical, some days I don't get any purples, but how is that not a good enough return on investment? Sure last week it would have been 32 million and I need the money because I gave away 1.2 billion to a couple of friends who wanted to start farming characters, so I gave them seed money and explained how it worked, they probably won't do it, but why not. But, I like playing with fake money and the market and converting and running task forces and build
  13. Wow. I have read all 25 pages of this thread and there are a lot of people who don't understand how the market works. I shan't bother trying to explain it, most won't believe it anyway. I was a marketeer on live and had about 25 billion salted away. Nothing compared to some. But here's the thing, I couldn't afford to purple out all my alts, there just wasn't enough supply and too much money chasing what was there. Flash forward to Homecoming. I am rocking about 4 billion, I make enough each week to feed my hungry alts, I never have to wait more than a day for bids to fill and can usually b
  14. I had this problem over the weekend! I'm sure you fixed it just for me!
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