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  1. The devs kept a lot of sub-par things around, so yeah, I'd say you do. Bruising provided a very small marginal benefit to damage against one target, provided you were using your very terrible T1 attack every 10 seconds to keep it up, without there being any sort of useful indication when the effect fell off of a target. It did nothing in AoE situations, which are and always have been the predominant style of combat, and even with bruising, Tank damage was utterly laughable. If they had wanted to go in on "tanks serve as damage buffs to their teammates", then having it be, say, an effect that was applied alongside taunt could be useful, or simply have it apply to all tanker attacks. Bruising was a bad band-aid fix that didn't actually solve the problem, and removing it and giving tankers decent damage and better AoE is pretty damn near perfect.
  2. Those people need their heads examined. Bruising is an objectively bad mechanic.
  3. Nope. There are many reasons why bruising is and has always been a garbage mechanic, but this is a major contributor. "These modifers apply to almost everything in combat: Debuff strength, Mez duration, Knockback magnitude, and Damage are all affected." https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Purple_Patch
  4. The idea that a ranged DPS AT should always outdamage a melee DPS AT in melee range is silly. I mean, how would you like it if Scrappers could suddenly out-DPS blasters at range?
  5. Yes, that's why I'm asking the question. Captain said that there's going to be a couple more rounds of patches before it goes live, and that it's dependent on people other than him. So I'm asking, "Hey, got any idea what timeline we're looking at?"
  6. @Captain Powerhouse: Is there any sort of rough ETA for when the patch that will contain the tank changes will be ready for live? I've found myself playing less CoH because I have a whole stack of tanker ideas that I don't want to start building until we have the new hotness. 😄
  7. Nah, that's not a problem. Because the people who are claiming to be at damage cap all the time aren't.
  8. Meanwhile, over here in the game that people are actually playing rather than Jack Emmert's ancient fever dreams, LTs and Bosses of the same level as the player are easy meat once you're past 22 and have SO level enhancements in. The pathetic nature of TOs/DOs affects a lot more than just accuracy. Damage, endurance, recharge time, all of these things add up to make pre-SO levels an utter slog for no good reason.
  9. There is no good reason for lower level players to be so much weaker versus even level enemies than higher level players are. At higher levels, you have more powers and more enhancement slots, why double-punish lower level characters by saddling them with enhancements that don't enhance worth a damn? At this point, I either DFB or AE farm characters to 22 because trying to play the low level arcs is just too damn painful with how terrible our characters are at that level. And that sucks.
  10. Personally, I hope that whatever changes they make to Energy Melee (and it does need it, badly), the set stays focused on single target damage. Having EM be the premier ST damage set would be both cool and thematically appropriate.
  11. Stone Armor is one of those I1 sets that needs to be rethought from the ground up - unlike some other sets that are that old, the introduction of IOs did not help it much, and it's just terribly designed overall.
  12. There's a simple fix for this - remove TOs and DOs entirely and have SOs drop/be sold instead, at the same prices. People will freak out about it, like they did the last time I suggested it, but it's still a better bet for making the low levels fun.
  13. I have a Bots/FF build (unfinished, because waaaaay too many other alts) that skips the pulse rifle attacks and the useless later powers in FF to take a whole pile of power pool attacks. It's pretty hilarious, even in it's current, underleveled state.
  14. . . . Super Reflexes gets good insanely early on tankers. It is not hard to be just about to the def softcap on SOs alone, at 22. You have to give up most of your offense to get there, slot and power-wise, but if you don't insist on maxing it you can still do quite well. (I can't confirm it just at this moment as I am not at a machine that has Mids, but I'll doublecheck it when I am no longer at work.) SR is astonishingly powerful as a tanker primary, and I have to wonder how you built it that you found it not to be. In fact, if SR had been put on tankers on live in it's current form, I can guarantee it would have been nerfed.
  15. Not really fair to characterize the Rage stacking stuff as "tanker changes", they are quite independent.
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