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  1. With active development happening on Mid's again outside of database updates, any chance the DPS/attack chain calculator will be looked at? It spits out very weird numbers, depending on if Damage per second/Damage per activation/Damage per animation is selected under View.
  2. That's, uh, certainly an interesting build you have there. Why on earth would you take Injection/Aid Self, especially on a set with self-healing that you will be hitting on cooldown? You're getting 26% healing every 3.5 seconds while doing damage, and Aid Self isn't actually much stronger as a heal at 38.7% with a 4.48 second cast time, and has an interrupt time to boot. You've got eight enhancement slots wasted between those powers!
  3. How are your defenses that low at 40? I don't have a low level version of my SR/Katana build lying around, so I whipped up a quick test build in Mids (with the unofficial updates) and at level 40, using mostly level 25 common IOs, I had 57.7% Melee/Ranged/AoE defense. Three Defense buffs and one EndRx per toggle, Three Defense per auto, using Weave and Combat Jumping in addition to powerset powers. The only set IOs I used were the uniques from Steadfast Protection and Gladiator's Armor, slotted into Tough. And I didn't gimp the rest of the slotting - three attacks six-slotted, two five-slotted, three slots in PB for easy perma, two slots in Build Up. I have to assume that you a) skipped getting any pool defense powers (which is a mistake) and b) didn't actually fully enhance your powers. This isn't a SR issue, this is a build issue.
  4. Because Tankers didn't have access to Claws in the live game - the set was proliferated onto them in i25 and the restriction on combining it with stone armor was not kept.
  5. Personally, I just want the SO changes that have been on beta for the past month. Being able to play through Praetoria on the test server without it being an act of masochism was amazeballs.
  6. It's been an excellent build. I can take on villain groups that used to require eating inspirations by the bucket with no problem, and the damage is passable. (Doubleposting because I can't insert a quote when editing a post because there's no plain text forum editor so I can't copy and paste the quote in. And that's terrible. *cough*)
  7. I think the assumption is that the stuff on beta now will be a part of Page 6, hence the question the OP asked. And yeah, given what's going on in the world, delays are understandable.
  8. Hah. Try Tanker SR sometime - that'll break you of those silly notions right quick. But even for the lesser versions of the set, you still have staggeringly good Defense Debuff resistance. With only a pair of common defense IOs in each power: 93.23% resist for Brutes and Scrappers, 82.87% for Stalkers. Defense cascades are not a problem for SR. And there's a lot less untyped damage around than there used to be.
  9. Sure, but it would be good to have some idea what they're up to, given that a really nice set of simple changes have been on the test server for a month now with no word on what the next step will be. Is there anything that needs further testing? Are the SO changes something they've decided to ditch? Or is it waiting on development of other things that they are planning on putting into Page 6 (which is fine)? It's mainly due to the fact that it's been on the test server for so long that people are antsy, I think.
  10. It's got the worst AoE damage of all tanker sets, and the second worst ST, IIRC. (Pretty sure Ice Melee is worse at ST damage, but is in the upper half of sets on AoE.). The secondary disorient effect on EM is pretty nearly useless, and the Stun power is completely useless. Energy Transfer is pretty slow, but at least hits for decent damage, while Total Focus both takes forever and hits like a wet noodle (in terms of DPA). It's effectively no better than the T1-3 attacks. It needs some or all of: A new secondary effect Animation changes. Increase in damage. A better AoE. Personally, I'd like to see it continue to have lousy AoE, but be taken up to be one of the top performing ST sets (excluding Titan Weapons, because that shit needs it's own rebalance pass.) That's a terrible idea. The old sets deserve to actually be addressed and rebuilt to the point they are comparable to the later designed sets, not just slap a half-assed bandaid on them and call it good.
  11. All of that is true, and because I'm recreating someone from live waaaay back in the day, it's all irrelevant. 😄
  12. I'm not, actually - hover and (suppressed) stealth provide the same defense. They both give a base of 1.75% defense on a blaster - I verified this on test just in case I was misremembering.
  13. I'd say almost 29 percent more regen/s would be worth it, combined with the absorb shield from Preventative Medicine. *shrug* Though I agree with using it and Thunderstrike to start out fights - jump in, TS, and then FoT. So, here's my revised build, based mostly on Hyperstrike's, since it was almost perfect for my needs. I dropped everything flight related because trying to use hover in melee is pain, took Stealth (same defense as Hover, when suppressed), Vengeance as LotG mule and Short Circuit because it would feel weird playing the set without it.
  14. Why would you not slot a sustain power to increase healing? I'm curious.
  15. That's basically exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, and will make an excellent base to tweak from. Thank you.
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