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  1. I run a Tri-form WS. Orbiting Death is generally only used as a costume accessory and only has one of the ATO global procs slotted. I will power it up at the beginning of a mission and then it is forgotten. If I was running Human-form only, it would be worthwhile.
  2. You think you can change your @Global one time, via the menu pull down in-game.
  3. I think I started Issue 6. Maybe my memory is faulty but I remember slow jogging back to Hollows missions all the way from Atlas Park due to no hospital in the zone. Then needing to sneak my way to the mission entrance all the way across the zone. Ugh. Of course I was so new to the game that as a blaster I took the confront power so that I could pull just one at a time. Power descriptions can be pretty vague. That experiment turned out to be a massive learning experience. I had to hold onto that power a long time before I had earned a respec and changed powers. He became my main, an elec/elec endurance sapping blapper. I can't bring myself to rebuilding him here, despite all of the love I feel for that toon. I guess you never forget your first. :D
  4. I rolled a Plant/Rad that was pretty sweet.
  5. I finished my first WS on live, prior to the implementation of inherent fitness, and never used that pool., mostly thanks to Stygian Circle. You need to slot, at the very least, a recharge reduction enhancement in that sucker. Since you have inherent fitness put an endurance modification enhancement in the default slot and call it a day. As others have said, endurance reduction enhancements are a big help in attacks also. Maybe swap one of the damage enhancements out for this purpose. At least in the big hitters. More damage sounds good until you are flopping on the ground trying to catch your breath. Remember, "slow and steady wins the race." Don't be that hare with quick bursts of speed and then needing to rest. I was glad to see that you are at least slotting some accuracy. That can be a killer of the endurance bar also. Good luck with your purple haze death machine. I mean arrest machine. :D
  6. I currently have three on Homecoming. Water Bjorn a Water/ blaster from the Scandinavian fjords. Violet Tendencies a warshade. Brief Encounter a /Time corruptor that only sports a pair of tighty whities.
  7. I take either door 2 or 3.
  8. I am an former Triumph player that has finally joined up with my compatriots. My handles were @TriNitroToluene and @DynaMight. My main was an elec/elec endurance-draining blapper named Long Shock but I had many others that I played. I haven't decided whether I am going to remake any of my old toons or start fresh. I teamed up with quite a few of you and it is wonderful to see all of you back. Hopefully more will join in.
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