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  1. Some screenshots I took at the event: Dance floor! Jimmy!
  2. Crackling Umbra, Kinetic/Fire stalker.
  3. Already used that color scheme on one of my mains costumes, Daikata, Nature/Psy Defender! And here's one I made specifically for this thread, Jamie Frost, Ice/Ice or Ice/Martial Blaster (have not decided which yet.)
  4. Closed versions of the mini vest, classic steampunk, and victorian steampunk jackets on females. I wanted to use a short jacket on one of my characters, but since they use biolumenescence it looks like im showing off my tits when i use them. Give biolumenesence chest, gloves, legs, and boots the ability to use paterns. Biolumenescent Face can use em, so why not the other parts? Fix the retro jacket sleves so you cant see through your elbows anymore. The ability to use spectrum underneath shirts and robes. If possible, make spectrum a skin texture/pattern so i can use more pieces with it. Make those cybertech tattoos a pattern so i can use em without having to wear a tank top. Also make it that you can color the tats and tank seperatley. Custom eye colors. If possible, give us the option to have our wings only appear when we start flying, and dissapear when we stop flying. That would be awesome. edit: also, robotic left arms. I dont know why the og devs didnt make this in the first place.
  5. Big Al Hazard, AKA "The one man wrecking crew", was one of the most notorious hitmen of his time. He was renowned, not for his percision, class, or tact, but for his ability to send a message. Al was not the man you sent to do things quietly, he was the man you sent when you wanted a real spectacle. You know when he has finished a job, because a city block would be gone by the end of it. However, his carrer was cut short when he attempted to do some work in Paragon city. He massively underestimated the heroes there, and was majorly wounded and arrested a week after his arrival in the city. For most, this would be the end, rotting away in a jail cell for the rest of their days, but not for Al. He spent years planning his escape and his return, and now he roams the streets again. He is still nowhere near his previous peak strength, but he is slowly building himself up, preparing for the day when he can finally exact his revenge on Paragon city.
  6. Even if a limit is absolutely necessary, i still want it to be a little higher. Uhh, no. Fly does benifit a little bit from speed enhancememts if you enhance afterburner at the same time. Enhancing flight speed on afterburner raises the flight speed CAP more than it increases your flight speed, so you have to enhance both powers for the most effect.
  7. We already have ED limiting how many of the same enhancement we can put in a power, so why do travel powers need to have such a low speed limit on top of that? Flight enhancements are completely useless unless you have afterburner, in which case you need to apply enhancements to BOTH powers inorder to go any faster. Speed's cap is also really easy to hit. Cant say anything about leaping since i never use it.
  8. I just wanna use spectrum under a t shirt.
  9. Hey! I was wondering if anyone had a group photo of the costume contest that happened earlier today (specifically everlasting). I thought i took some pictures but it eems like they just didnt take (i checked the screenshots folder).
  10. Huh, I swear I had it happen when I played my sentinel on wednesday, but when I go and try it today it does not happen anymore. I guess I was mistaken.
  11. For the beam rifle powerset, Lancer shot can spread the disintegrate EFFECT even if the enemy you hit does not have disintegrate on them, effectively making the disintegrate ATTACK useless. I assumed this was a bug, but when I reported this in game with the /petition command, I was told to post this on the suggestions and feedback page, so I guess this is intentional. please look into changing the disintegrate attack into something useful please, like maybe give the disintegrate ATTACK a heavy DOT effect or something.
  12. When I talked to fire wire after being introduced to him by operative Kuzmin, He says he has nothing for me. Then when I talked to him again he thanks me for not killing him and then says he wont betray me again?
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