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  1. Alright. So now we're playing math and minmaxing. I've already made a spreadsheet for this. Some people might chime in and say it doesn't give exact numbers from observed and expected, but ain't nobody going to achieve those numbers when server lag is at play. Every other number available is mathematically correct. Anyway. The only thing I don't have modeled is the 10 second cooldown on Enhanced Water Jet, you kinda have to account for that on your own. Anyway, my main is Water/SR. So I plugged your numbers into said spreadsheet, and all things being equal, you did produce a higher
  2. /raiseshand Yeah, as a heal, the heal is trash. As a damaging attack, however, it's great. 3.5PPM procs have a 57% chance to trigger. Slot it with procs, don't look back.
  3. From what's available, I'd say give Dark/Regen a go. Dark has the capacity to do high end damage, but it's very endurance hungry because of procs and really wants Cardiac Alpha to pad end use. Regen might be able to offset that enough to allow for Musculature.
  4. Ice and Water are the lowest in single target damage, but Water is definitely worse than Ice. AoE wise, Water is the absolute top end. Water's heal is trash.
  5. You didn't put procs in Dominate. Durability doesn't take a ton of slots to function. Put the full set in Dull Pain if anything. Durability pulses a 30.1 hp absorb every 5 seconds. Making it a 52 hp absorb is only mildly helpful, especially when Hasten would like another slot and Invincible would like more slots as well.
  6. Prices seem to fluctuate with whatever ATs people are building at the time. Sometimes PS drops down to maybe 2.5M, and UG can go as low as 3M.
  7. Level 25 IOs have the same strength as an equal level SO, without the degradation as you level. I'd honestly just buy whatever is cheaper. A lot of times it seems like 25 IOs cost more than their 30-35 counterparts. If you have the currency to support it, I'd look at getting the Performance Shifter proc to put in Quick Recovery or Stamina. Since Regen likes HP so much I'd also look at getting the Unbreakable Guard unique for the extra HPs. You can either wait until 28 for Resilience, awkwardly stuff it in Reconstruction, or get Tough. Anywhere should be fine since it's for leveling
  8. Oh, never really addressed your question. I guess you can aim for those soft controls, but it's like you said, trying to make it into something it's not. As you have it built, you'll be fine, you're only missing out on a few procs at best anyway. Sonic as a set is more about force multiplication than it is about sheer damage output. If you're also out there randomly doing soft controls you're just leaning a bit more into the team support aspect.
  9. I would probably skip Scream in favor of Shout. With Screech as a viable attack for Sentinels, Scream isn't needed to complete a ST attack chain. I would either just put a plain recharge IO in Amplify, or the Guassian proc. A +5 recharge will sync its recharge time to be more inline with Dreadful Wail, or the Gaussian proc will give whatever you use after the build up more oomph.
  10. Corruptors, Defenders and Controllers already buff/debuff harder.
  11. The theoretical maximum single target rotation would be 4-6-20-21-4-8-20-21, but that is also kinda endurance hungry. Having Dominate procced out will do that since it has a fairly high base cost. Disintegrate has 5-slot Apocalypse with the proc, and the Gladiator proc as well too. Lancer Shot has one of the ATOs in it, probably OS since that affects damage output. Piercing Beam just has the Positron set 5 slotted also with the proc. Mind Probe just has whatever you need for your defense slotting. Dominate is also procced out. Obviously this doesn't
  12. Actually, you know what? I'm not even seeing 30% proc rate. Screw procs in this ability.
  13. I dunno, how much does a proc at 90% chance for 71.75 (x3) damage appeal to you? If it does not, then skip it.
  14. Maybe he was shooting for the under-powered Blaster build. None of the benefits of a Blaster coupled with none of the benefits of a Sentinel.
  15. What I'm referring to is the procs ability to stack up to 6x when used on an aoe ability. It's the difference between a 180.7hp shield and a 1084.2hp shield. But the only ability Ice can use to take advantage of this is Frost Breath which isn't very good, so I guess it doesn't matter anyway.
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