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  1. This is the one I use. Emphasis us purely on damage output. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1487;708;1416;HEX;| |78DA6594594F135114C7EFB433605B96224B5B68590A580AEDD0AACF287B5088441| |25F276319CB98D292B60FFAE837708D2F7E00717BF643B87E005F0C2ABB3CB83ED5| |33F7FC6D9ACC2493DFDCB3DF73CF9D955B732DAF16EF5C104ADB6CC1AC548C35AB5| |8B58B56415B31F3764E384F33BD83FFE5C655B398B7D6F5F98295AB96ED9C593066| |C8B11AAF1BCC5937AC62C5D267EC9271A59C378B76CE982E6F96CAA275B5542AE80| |B767E832CF37EB95ADBB2ACF5002B0A8EA64B7E2F5BE6BA55AE6CD85BC675AB6A46| |E6B7EC9C5E4FB15AB18D154A6A956F87A9B8317ABF26049E9A269EAA426455E1D90| |69F31D5E7E00B66D34B6628496E8AF4F58A1F5E92F944D34FE6A9DFE01F879A0893| |ADC2B68A72A24A5DF61733423A2FEB54EF02FBF997C04BCC96CB5E9973B25B91DCA| |5BA35D4AD7D86CD0EB3ED1BDBB6BD1692C138AF831E4D722FC187E3F836A73CD2E7| |741AD4995D1930EB913E3D298EB14DB5FAB8D6DA3EC509701C253021A47DCF36DB1| |F90AE15395A935C571831C2260588A9A27793F7D23BCFF2E827EE6B2FE568473FDA| |A3D0C598FDFDE00038C83CA47C1D9C4FED98E1DA072F82D3E02CD736398535E5E94| |48D9DBB5CE3D01EB80F1E30870FC123A6420DEC665FD15DA347784912C2098742BC| |C3E1B35C9D4ABA08262512546484912E10279AEDE4759C6CFB10A70F5D1D017DA48| |B216B0C7EC7B4F301EC62E00D4FD499B7E03BF03D33F101FCC81CA60EC451571C13| |9CC0042731C1C9BFE804D98EE2B447514F12DC49F26D726A18BBCBA7387E0FBC0F3| |E60A61E828F985FC87702BE138B7C32A9253EA93426258D49496382269F90794215| |01EA87CEF50B7D886B113D4264D0A30C7A1455EBB7DC195C3AAD9BF2EE6A728EC75| |DDA8C4B927549CEB924E75D9265976455C52F83248A94F88274FB59523BF2D7FF12| |D07EF737FC37AE6152A6B82BC72EEB9346C963EE619F7363113FDAF0DDDF7093FF0| |10BA8FCFE| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  2. I concur, Elec/Bio Sentinel is the bee's knees. Even pushing for defense you will have a higher damage output than other secondaries.
  3. I'm not 100%, maybe @Bopper can confirm, but I don't think Performance Shifter procs can trigger off of two different abilities?
  4. Alright, so I see you using the Impervious Skin set multiple times, and the unique multiple times, possibly in an attempt to get the regen bonus multiple times? Well don't the regen bonus doesn't stack. The status effect resistance does stack, if you're building for pvp or something I guess. Otherwise you're just thirsty for recharge? If you dropped one of those and put the slot in Fire Cages, you could have gotten 10% recharge from the Ragnarok set. 4-slot Reactive armor and eek out some more defense. Or 4-slot Unbreakable Guard for 1.56% to S/L instead of 1.25% to S/L/E/N. Do you. Same thing goes for 6-slotting Sentinel's Ward. Now you have more defenses and more recharge. You five slotted the Gaussian set, skipping the 6-slot bonus and getting 2.5% defense to all for some reason? You have 4-slotted LotG several times for the 9% accuracy, 3 sets with 15% accuracy, and a Kismet for 6% To-Hit. Are you planning on exemping down a lot? That is just overkill levels of accuracy if you aren't. If you're looking for slots, look at those first. You never once used Steadfast and Gladiator's Armor for their total 6% defense boost. You have Invisibility active, artificially inflating your defenses. There are a few nitpicks.
  5. Alright, so let me gently dissuade you. Most people use Brutes for a reason. They simply have higher target caps. Sentinels have 6 target cones and 10 target AOES and it's just not quite enough to keep pace. In addition, Brutes have taunts baked into some of their attacks (don't quote me on that), so things aren't as apt to fleeing. Sents don't have that, so everything flees frequently.
  6. The jump in -res definitely helps, but I'm going to err on the side of the way dps is calced off of a pylon kill and the -4000 hp debuff from Degen Interface. After dropping in the build and butchering the sheet to account for the 0.22 and 0.13 pauses in the attack chain brings that build to 382.8 dps if anyone was curious.
  7. The animation time and activation time are matched. Next argument?
  8. My spreadsheet believes that on a Rikti Pylon Electric/Bio should narrowly beat out Fire/Bio. But that's also assuming you're using the Psi pool instead of Ninja. I haven't build those with Ninja in mind yet. Might have different results with your build plugged in there. But it's showing ~355dps, not 500+. I also can't technically model for Degen core's HP drop since that isn't in whatsoever. I did consider it tho.
  9. Well I said slot it for procs. So it'd be more like 345 DPA. Here's some math for that: (154.26 base + (4 * 71.75)) / ((ROUNDUP(2.5 / 0.132) + 1) * 0.132) Yes I used Arcanatime. And the procs are at a 90% proc chance. Accounting for that it's more like 316 DPA, which is just so far ahead in damage compared to the other attacks it makes you wonder what they're there for to begin with. So like I said, slot it for procs and it's your highest damage attack. Feel free to put the Decimation proc here as well.
  10. The correct answer is yes. Slot it for procs and it is your highest damage attack.
  11. underfyre

    Sentinel build

    My only qualm with Rad as a secondary is that is very click heavy. Gotta use Proton Therapy to heal and recover end, Particle Shielding as a pre-pull shield, Meltdown to get your build-up buff. Meltdown in particular has an annoyingly long cast time, the other 2 are very reasonable. But it's time I could be blindly clicking my primary attacks.
  12. However, when slotted in Fireball, it IS affected by purple patch. So it seems like pseudopets aren't affected.
  13. Nevermind, just tested it. I can confirm that at least when it's slotted in Whirlpool, it's not affected by purple patch.
  14. Energy. Bad damage, knockback. Throw the whole set in the trash.
  15. underfyre

    Sentinel build

    Energy, Invuln and SR are definitely the easiest secondaries to work with. Energy is the most underperfoming Primary. Electric is a sleeper hit that will give Fire a run for its money, but that also depends on your Voltaic Sentinel paying attention and attacking your target. Otherwise Fire is your highest damage.
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