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  1. Well in that last run either Zapping Bolt is casting under time, or Tesla Cage is. The total time should be 3.17 for the two of them, and it comes out as 3.249 with that weird pause that happened, but without that pause both cast under time.
  2. Checking out changed sequences to see how Havoc Punch reacts. Base cast time: 5.67 20 - 6 - 1 -4 Observed: 6.483 Havoc Punch: 1.767s Tesla Cage: 2.233 Charged Bolts: 1.250s Zapping Bolt: 1.233s 6 - 20 - 4 - 1 Observed: 6.517s Tesla Cage: 2.517s Havoc Punch: 1.533s Zapping Bolt: 1.233s Charged Bolts: 1.233s 1 - 20 - 4 - 6 - This one had a pause between Zapping Bolt and Tesla Cage. It was queued, but Bolt went on cooldown and Cage didn't activate for 0.283s. Observed: 6.250s Charged Bolts: 1.267
  3. Fixed all the damage-less toggles to grab procs, divide by 10 second activation time to get dps, then multiply by rotation time. Changed World of confusion to be an aura and use aura calcs.
  4. So follow up, I did that. Not only did it "queue" the ability Charged Bolts for 0.233 seconds, but it also still took 1.283 to execute. Starting to wonder what will happen if I switch the order of the attacks. So far Havoc Punch is either going off after either 1.5s, or 1.75s. But I've been bust today so I only cut up and measured 4 segments.
  5. I dunno, but I'm seeing betwixt 0 delay and a quarter second. I'm thinking I can damage the pylon a little and wait for the regen tick and start the test then, but am I really going magically land on the 0.132 second server tick? Prolly not.
  6. Oh yeah, big time. Especially when it's 3 spiderlings that can all individually apply the Achille's debuff, and they all individually apply the Reactive Interface debuff. I didn't include the Patron pets in dps comparisons because they're just bonkers damage, and they're a static increase anyway, so there's nothing really to compare against besides which particular pet does more damage. Except maybe to see how knockout Blow fits in a rotation or something.
  7. Looking at the last video segment I have loaded breaks down to: Charged Bolts: 1.217s Zapping Bolt: 1.250s Havoc Punch : 1.500s Tesla Cage: 2.267s Charged Bolts and Zapping Bolt are both 1s casts, 1.19 casts under arcanatime. Havoc Punch is taking its exact cast time, and Tesla Cage is somewhere between its 2.17s cast and its 2.38s arcanatime. For reference, my timing is started when the ability is started and ends when the next ability is started. For the end of the rotation, it's when the ability goes on cooldown. Using /netgraph
  8. Just a quick test using an attack chain of 1 - 4 - 20 - 6 Base cast time: 1 + 1 + 1.5 + 2.17 = 5.67 Observed time 1: 6.483 Observed time 2: 6.250 Observed time 3: 6.233 Doing "dirty" arcanatime and just adding .132 to each cast gets 6.2s, doing long arcanatime gets 6.47. So back to square one, glad I made a separate sheet with arcanatime removed.
  9. In that chunk is the time for activating the ability to the next ability being activated. The 1.033 is the time in seconds that I have selected in the video. I just have the video sliced and separated from the rest of the video to make it easier to select, at the 47.35 mark there is the just the rest of the video. I'm reading the original Arcanaville post right now to see how I should approach timing things. Ok. So here's what I'm getting. Your first attack will have Arcanatime, but, so long as you're queueing attacks, they will not. Which is obviously what I'm seeing.
  10. v1.1.2 has all of those with a 0 (or -.132, which will be changed to 0 when I remove arcanatime from that sheet) cast time. Dynamo was the only one that didn't have that time cuz I missed it. Pets can be very powerful. They're autonomous and are also doing damage while you are also doing damage without tying up your cooldowns. They can apply a lot of debuffs, and spiderlings triply so. But unenhanced spiderlings are more like 95 dps if you base it off of their 240s duration, or 28 dps is you base it off of their 900s cooldown. I decided to go with their cooldown time. I don't really
  11. I mean I am, and let's face it I'm going to change to sheet, but doing long term tests and splicing videos is a different meal for a different day. Looking back at WoWCraft, everyone that was a seriously raider back in the TBC days had a cast bar that accounted for your latency and you used a /stopcast macro in your spells to cut your casts off when you passed that point in your cast. Now if I were making a DPS sheet back then, there's literally no way I could account for the latency of everyone that could use the sheet. I guess I could maybe put a cell to reference an average late
  12. After fixing the Havoc Punch slot and adding 5% more -Res for Sparky's contributions, and changing cast times to their base values (no arcana time), we have.. Expected DPS of 234.24 Observed: 241.95 237.39 241.28 For gits and shiggles, the expected DPS with Reactive Radial is now 270.08 versus the observed 266.76
  13. Ok.... Sparky is apparently fucking with me.... I wasn't watching the whole time, and I picked up the Analyzer after I did my runs, but he's applying his own 5% debuff.
  14. Well the problem is my observed damage is 20% higher than my predicted damage, so adding more cast time isn't going to help much. Just putting in the numbers for plain old cast time gets things closer, but it' still off. Now I'm looking at 225.31 DPS. So just looking at Sparky's damage. This is with just the 5% resistance debuff from Opportunity. so 16% resistance. Predicted is 68.80 per attack + 8.43 from Bio. Observed is 68.74 + 8.87 I mean, it's "just" off by 0.39, but it shouldn't be off by anything at all. Lightning Field ticks: Predicted
  15. Zapping Bolt Cast time: 1 arcanatime: 1.19 Anim before hit: .73 Cast time: 1.033 Anim before hit: .75
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