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  1. Fire as a primary doesn't really excel with procs since it doesn't really have a secondary effect.
  2. Sonic in general as a blast set does underwhelming damage because it raises your teams damage to compensate. So theoretically, you would be running 3-4 attacks that are debuffing the target by 9.6% each. However, as everyone knows, the best blast set on a Sentinel is actually the Psi pool. So now you're using like 2-3 sonic powers instead of 3-4. So instead you're just half assed debuffing and half assed damaging. But that's only if you care about that kind of stuff. The game doesn't care, you'll do just fine either way. If you want to play a Sonic Sentinel, do it. It doesn't matte
  3. I like to slot it with Numina's. It negates the end cost, essentially making it free.
  4. On my Fire builds I skip Temperature Protection, Consume, Burn and RotP. It leaves lots of room for pool powers. My build has ~25% defense to primary types, and ~45% resists. As long as you're not getting pummeled to hell, the heal is up often enough to patch you up. If you're concerned with "maximizing" damage go with Bio. It doesn't sacrifice as much defense for it's damage bonus.
  5. 1.6.1 up Minor fix that was majorly broken. Amateur hour over here.
  6. Little known secret to people that don't frequent the Sentinel boards. I also have a Corruptor spreadsheet that's about 90% done. So while your proc chance estimations for Nerve are off, I can confirm that using Agility over Nerve yields a damage increase using your builds numbers. Well played sir. You could swap in Flares over Fire Blast. Maybe that's just there for gapless rotation? My numbers show no gap with Flares. I think it's just a universal constant across every AT that Fire Blast is sub-optimal in comparison to Flares.
  7. After giving it some thought, I understand that the build doesn't need Musculature, and a recharge Alpha would affect proc chances. Optimally I would say Nerve would be best, since it lessens the need to slot for accuracy a bit, and also gives defense. That would make it easier to slot for procs, which would push damage further than the damage cap.
  8. Ever come to a thread hoping for some insight as to what you were doing wrong trying to defense cap, and then find out they're just using Alphas and accolades to pad their numbers?
  9. Because implying that base performance somehow shows that one set is superior to another is misleading at best.
  10. That comparison in base damage is what took us from a class that was supposed to do Scrapper level damage to ...Sentinels. Maybe you should be one of the programmers that made this AT.
  11. Well you're comparing a top tier set against a bottom tier set based off their base values with rotations that can't even maintain without recharge being slotted. Suffice it to say your comparison is lacking in big picture.
  12. So how is all of that stuff slotted? Why using a sub-optimal rotation for both sets? That's the base damage of Tesla Cage. Who is running that without 4 procs at a minimum, if not 6 procs? There's a reason I've spent over a year on my spreadsheet, sir. Going off of base numbers isn't showing the whole picture of what a set is capable of.
  13. Sonic Blast gives up damage to be a damage multiplier for the whole team/league. It's a lower tier power set for sure, but it's not as bad as Psychic Blast, and like I said, it increases the groups damage as well. But I wouldn't say it's by a staggering amount. An optimized rotation will be Shout - Screech - Mind Probe - Dominate. Or alternately Howl (with Annihilation) - Screech - Mind Probe - Dominate. So you're only debuffing by 19.6% (or 31.7% with Howl) more than any other set would be innately capable of. But take it from me, playing a min/maxed character isn't nearly as fun as a well th
  14. Minor suggestions. Voltaic Sentinel is basically free damage. It may or may not attack what you want it to, but for 60 seconds it's out there dealing damage along side you, not tying up any time/resources aside from the initial cast. You might get more mileage swapping the slotting on Charged Bolts and Zapping Bolt. Lightning Bolt is meh, but I don't see anywhere else to mule the Sentinel's Ward set, so maybe that's a calculated sacrifice?
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