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  1. Under the badge tab, the badges Ferrywo/man of the Damned shows up as "FerryHero.gender of the Damned".
  2. Yeah, I don't know why I come around popping off about the wrong numbers when I take screen caps of the stuff and can directly observe the results. So it's really -1.33 per stack, 5.32 at max. Assuming you can maintain an average of 3 stacks it's 5 more DPS in most cases, which doesn't sound nearly as thrilling as using my wrong numbers.
  3. My wife knows way more about math than I do, but I wanted to see what affect -regen had on DPS, so I asked her to algebra for me to also solve for T. This new equation doesn't give me the opportunity to affect regen. Or does it? I dunno. Anyway. Using the old equation T = HP / ( DPS * (1-Resistance) - Regen) Now that I have DPS and Regen on the same side of the equation I can solve for the time it would take to kill at my "current" DPS. Diamagnetic reduces regen by 10.23 * stack up to 4, so I can just reduce the regen by those amount (or 20% of those amounts?) to find my new time, and then plug that in to the old equation to find out exactly how much DPS diamagnetic and other -regen abilities are contributing to DPS.
  4. So the numbers pulled directly from the power data shows Lightning Storm to has a 1.17 speed attack every 4 seconds. Damage is a value of 1, or 36.15 44.49 for a Defender. Max targets of 5 in a 5 ft radius. Its damage is only enhance-able through enhancements and resistance debuffs. Tornado does... honestly I have no clue. It's cast time shows 0 and it's recast shows 0 too. Its "attack" (that has no damage value attached) says 0 cast time and 2 recast. Assuming its damage is the 0.15 from its other component, its 5.42 6.67 instant cast with a 2 second recharge? Sounds like an aura that ticks every 2 seconds with a 7 ft radius and 5 target cap. Ticking for 5.42 6.67 damage. These are also both throwing enemies every h'wich-a-h'way unless you dropped the KB>KD IOs in there. Yeah, they sound nice, and it's damage you didn't have otherwise, but they're not contributing the staggering amount of damage you want to believe they are.
  5. Nevermind, putting the numbers in my spreadsheet and updating the rotation to a Shout - Shriek - Scream - Shriek rotation still results in a lower average DPS, even throwing in a bonus -25% res from Corrosive Enzymes and the 82.5% damage boost from Overgrowth. And since the T9 cooldwon is 55 seconds longer (or 28ish seconds versus 42ish seconds when enhanced) than a Sentinels, the AOE is also going to suffer. See, that's why I make these spreadsheets. To hamfist numbers and objectively say one thing is better than another without actually playing them lol.
  6. Defender does -20% res per attack, this AT does 9.6%. It works okay here, but it's not enough to dredge this AT up from the depths. Shriek per class: Sentinel = 44.38 * (1 + 9.6% + 5%) = 50.86 (inherent adds 5% res) Defender = 30.36 * (1 + 20%) * (1 + 30%) = 47.36 (solo inherent adds 30% to damage) lets look at the follow up attack, Shout: Sentinel = 112 * (1 + 9.6% + 9.6% + 5%) = 139.1 Defender = 76.64 * (1 + 20% +20%) * (1 + 30%) = 139.49 Sentinel = 189.96 Defender = 186.85 You could add a third attack to this, but the bonus for Shriek only lasts 5 seconds, If you used Scream instead it lasts 7 seconds. And let's face it, a Defender may have more to do than spam and attack chain. But whatever, let's throw Scream in there. Because Screech is not a viable damaging attack on a Defender apparently. Sentinel = 69.7 * (1 + 9.6% + 9.6% + 9.6% + 5%) = 93.26 Defender = 47.7 * (1 + 20% +20% + 20%) * (1 + 30%) = 99.22 Sentinel = 283.22 Defender = 286.10 So assuming baseline values, eventually a Defender will pull ahead because their resistance debuff is allowing for an additional 26.2% damage, which is also playing against their 30% damage bonus, essentially allowing for 200% damage. So now I'm mildly intrigued by a Nature/Sonic Offender....
  7. Damage * %Damage * %Res. If you're debuffing by 60%, you're allowing for essentially more than 60% more damage to be done.
  8. Back in launch everyone wanted a bubble defender. Sets and IOs weren't there to massively inflate defense numbers, so having a bubble there to basically max out your defense was a necessity. But then you also wanted an empathy healer to keep everyone standing through streak-breakers and buffing the DPS. The proliferation of defense bonuses in sets has made needing a healer less and less of a concern. So bubbles are almost entirely unnecessary, and the empathy is reduced to patch heals and buff bot. So yes, force multiplier at this point, whether it be by reducing resistance/defense, increasing damage, or flooring regen.
  9. I don't know if anyone cares, which I'm sure you don't, but adding in drop downs for enhancements isn't extremely feasible it seems. I have to point to the available sets, which then points to the individual enhancements in the set, then further grab each bonus for that enhancement. That took an entire day to figure out. In order to expand that to more than just a single ability I would have to recreate the process for every single ability in every single page, which is simply not worth the effort to save people from having to type in some numbers they fetched from Mid's. I could make it so it is just a single page with drop downs for each main instead of separate pages, but then the only difference between this sheet and Mid's would be the ability to see the DPS from a rotation. So now I guess I'll move on to trying to implement Mob resistances.
  10. Well let's look at the math. I'm just going to type this out as I go, so I have no idea what the results will be. Other sets have Aim, DP has Ammo swap, so instead of a 50% damage boost, they have what is essentially a permanent damage increase from their incendiary ammo. This increases half of their damage by 75% on the low end, and 142% (T9) on the high end. Overall for the T9, this equates to a 71% damage when accounting for the total. For the purpose of using Aim right before activating your T9, yeah, a 71% boost is obviously better than a 50% boost. What Aim also has going for it is the availability of the Gaussian proc. You have to go to ridiculous lengths to make its proc chance anything but 90%, so it is essentially guaranteed to go off when you use Aim. So in this instance the T9 with Aim + Gaussian has a boost of 130%. So assuming you have Gaussian's in Aim, Aim wins. If not, DP wins. Then you have to look at the average up-time of Aim, which will be its boost multiplied by its duration divided by its cooldown. I don't know about you all, but at the highest ends of slotting with permahasten, you'll most likely be looking at around a 27-29 second recharge. So that's (50% * 10 / 27) = 18.52%. So that's another (80% * 5.25 / 27 * 90%) = 14% with Gaussian for a total of 32.52% average up time. Remember these are only good for 10/5.25 seconds every 27 seconds. Incendiary Ammo is always active, increasing damage by between 23% and 35%, not including the T9 at 71% So at the end of the day, it looks like not having Aim isn't really a hindrance to DP. All of the abilities have above a 100% base hit chance, and Incendiary Ammo is pretty similar to the effects of having Aim. aim isn't the only place to store Gaussian's either, although it is really the most convenient place with regards to triggering it exactly when you want to. So technically if you put Guassian's in Tactics or a secondary ability like Invincible DP would actually come out ahead.
  11. So quick test cuz I was curious. Each individual vine that spawns in Carrion Creepers is seemingly capable of triggering a damaging proc. This, however, is not a damaging proc. This a buff proc that applies to you the caster. Therefor it only has a chance to proc your initial cast of Carrion Creepers. Thought I was being clever for a second there.
  12. If we're being honest, ice isn't that great for AOE damage either. Ice Storm is a 94 damage base that takes 15 seconds to deliver it's entire damage versus DPs Bullet Rain that does 70 damage (with incendiary ammo) in 1 second on a recharge that can be brought down to 9 seconds with just 2 IOs, so not even considering all the global recharge you can amass. Comparing the T9s isn't really necessary since they're both on a 90 second recharge, but Blizzard does 180 damage and Hail of Bullets does 240 damage.
  13. You seem to be overlooking the fact the Dehydrate can be stacked high with procs and a respectably high 65% proc chance. Use Dehydrate to heal? Nah. Use it to kill.
  14. Yes, it does do more damage baseline than a lot of the other T9s, but this is balanced by the fact that Water's build up power only gives a 25% boost to damage instead of 50% like every other set.
  15. My dream was to some day, draw out an orange to pin this thread lol And maybe get Sunsette to come back and update the Guide at the top with all the new reviews since she's left.
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