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  1. I dunno, but you can't tell me that the cast time/recharge time on Total Focus making it essentially 90% proc chance, in addition to it activating Energy Focus which lowers the cast time of Energy Transfer to 1 second wasn't 100% intentional.
  2. Lower AOE than Water, and Lower ST than Fire? Can't have everything.
  3. It takes roughly 10 minutes to do the "Burden of the Past" arc in Ouro. Every time is a chance to get those VR salvage drops, and every time gives you 1 Emp merit. It shouldn't take a ton of time even with awful luck.
  4. You hit Lattice with your Energy Transfer (Focused) for 4482.96 points of Energy damage. You Stun Lattice with your Energy Transfer (Focused). You hit Lattice with your Energy Transfer (Focused) for 1255.22 points of Energy damage [CRITICAL]. You hit Lattice with your Doublehit for 223.32 points of Smashing damage.
  5. If you want the Fire epic for thematic reasons, you can swap them out of that build 1 for 1 and get the same results stat wise. The damage will be less, but you don't come to Sentinels looking for damage.
  6. It's based off of the cast time of your abilities, taking roughly 15 seconds to build up the meter to >90. In theory it is up half the time, down half the time. In practice you're saving the debuff for a tough target, or activating it accidentally on a nearly dead target. This, of course, only applies to the debuff, the Opportunity effect is applied to you and lasts for 15 seconds. Losing the debuff hurts still.
  7. Fret not, TW is still the most OP set in the game.
  8. I mean, I'm dubious on that "mostly" dps part if you're not taking your T1, but do you. It's only like a 15% dps loss. Meltdown ends up being just another click with a fairly long activation time that I'm not exactly a fan of. But that's if you're just using it as a damage boost. If you use it as an oh shit button when you're tanking it might be useful. Anyway, if you're not intent on chasing down every single incarnate, at least get T3 Musculature Core and a T3 Interface Radial for your damage. T3 isn't a massive investment, for those 2 abilities is like 3-4 levels. Radiation isn't very needy when it comes to endurance so I wouldn't do something silly like getting Cardiac Alpha. Getting nerve is an option when you have low levels of accuracy. Hitting is more important than hitting hard.
  9. Fire/Bio is the highest dps, followed VERY closely by Elec/Bio. I made a dps sheet about this, find the thread. It's fallen back a bit because I haven't pushed out any updates on it for a bit so I haven't bumped it up. At some point middling sets with /Fire start overtaking the lower dps sets that are paired with Bio. Radiation is the last damage boosting secondary, but it's too click heavy for my tastes.
  10. It's my understanding that the damage bonus doesn't apply to pseudo-pets. Which kind of implies that many damage bonuses don't apply to the pseudo-pets. I guess this more of a pseudo-pet question. Do only enhancements apply to pseudo-pets?
  11. Well proc performance scales against the base damage of an ability. If the ability starts out with trashy damage, enhancing that damage will also yield trash. But adding a proc with a static amount of damage to an ability with a low base damage is always going to to yield the same percentage of a damage boost. So in the case of Sentinels and Defenders, procs are where they have to look for better results. Which is why I had to go so hard on making a spreadsheet and account for every little knob that can be adjusted.
  12. I'd wager that the only ATs that don't do more damage are the HEATs.
  13. Almost every AT does more DPS than a Sentinel. Even Tankers. The Tanker sheet is using purely wagged enhancement numbers and no actual optimized builds. I changed the sheets to operate off of drop downs for secondary and primary instead a sheet for each attack set. I'll probably port the Sentinel sheet to work like this, it's just easier to change things this way. Tanker Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13czdhsxYChsOfEHJMRk6dJIlJ_YogIB_q_G-0l8HD5w/edit?usp=sharing Corruptor Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1buBhaMjezBrNDf_lWklDFeA1AxsnGiPZQwCC-dbTg0s/edit?usp=sharing Dominator Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10GVDAM2e7SPbRSKNC2PrcKENY00GPg7lfJ-re8GgHR0/edit?usp=sharing
  14. I did Master Apex solo on my Water/SR, but I just swapped from Ageless to Rebirth for badger purposes recently. I'm not sure how end hungry the character is without Ageless. I try to make my builds more on the self sufficient side before I try patching holes with incarnates. I don't really feel like doing the math right now, but theoretically the Water Blast rotation is limited by how long it takes for the instant Water Jet mechanic to recharge, which is 10 seconds. At my current recharge rate I kind of just end up waiting until it's back up.
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