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  1. I scripted my toons so they have similar attack chains. Both will independently target nearest enemy. Usually, as long as none of them gets defeated, both of them will get Laurate Badge. Imo, the hardest part to keep both of them alive is the finale when an all out brawl happens between the Resistance and PPD.
  2. I see. The idea makes sense if we want to balance the number of origins. I channeled my dislike regarding incarnate lore onto your proposal. I'm sorry for that. Still, many other Praetorian characters are more prevalent throughout the lore. In contrast, Pazuzu and Lamasthu showed up in a single arc. Furthermore, one of them is a bad guy. In my opinion, it is akin to using Mot's minion as an EAT for a blue/red side. I would love access to Cimerora for my Praetorian characters, but I'm still not sure. Archetypes usually have no link to a specific area. Th
  3. Which means they are not Praetorian. Pazuzu and Lamasthu belong to another dimension (Night Ward), and they are as native as Praetorian refugee to the Brickstown dwellers. In my opinion, making a new ATO is hard work. If the new ATO is too strong relative to the existing ATO, everyone will complain. Make it too weak, and nobody will ever use it. It's rarely worth the effort. Also, I have several questions. Kheldians are (arguably) unique to the blue side, Widows and Arachnos soldiers to the red side. Why does it have to be Sumerian mythology? I am sure Sumerians
  4. These are my friends when I am hunting for ae: Although the tools pictured above don't filter out farms and WIPs, sometimes I get a nice gem like yours.
  5. Build #3 is pretty good, but there is still room for improvement. First, it limits itself to level 30 sets and above due to a misconception. It turns out Curtail Speed's bonus still applies after level 30. It also aims for unnecessary targets (recovery and accuracy), thus reduces its recharge bonus. Finally, 51% S/L resistance is too much. I revised my model, and this is the result (Build #4): Slot To Size Recharge SL Resist Kinetic Crash Single Shot 6 7.50 2.25
  6. I submit these arcs for nomination: On the Claw-Tipped Wings of Betrayal #43524 by @JiroIto Hero Corps: Artifact Smuggling #43497 by @PresidentDSG The Fallen Heroes Part 1 #12733 @Sparks McGee
  7. Every build is great, if you intend to play solo. After all, you can set the difficulty level to whatever you see fit.
  8. I wanted to add Blaster Archetype Sets into Beam Rifle and Temporal Manipulation pages, but I couldn't find the correct template. I've checked Special: AllPages, but I still couldn't find it. Does anyone know the right name for a Blaster Archetype Sets? Thanks.
  9. I believe my antivirus did not cause the crash since I played on the Beta server just fine while the AV was running in the background. It was not a connection problem (I guess) since the game client had successfully connected to the server (albeit briefly). I have sent the crash report. I hope it can help the dev team fix this problem.
  10. Strengthen your resolve. Praetorian contents are quite large, since there are 39 story arcs prior to Rift Enclosure. Each arc may take almost an hour, some are longer. Playing with friends, whenever possible, helps.
  11. This dialogue never cease to amuse me: Followed by this: That dialogue up there was a big red flag. It clearly showed us that: Percy is an idiot. He doesn't mind being enslaved by (striking, seductive, cunning, and enchanting) Serene. Why? See number 1. But somehow I missed it on my first playthrough. Several missions later, Master Midnight's betrayal surprised me. It turned out I was dumber than him!
  12. Yes. Most of the time, calling Calvin Scott gives you additional flavor text. Usually, he will let you kill or capture your target and give you the reasoning for the decision (for example, Cleopatra or Belladonna). Other times, he wants you to take down your targets instead of outright killing them. You still have to defeat them in the mission, though (eg. Sgt. Iminez). One time in Antimatter's arc, he will give you an optional objective. Completing this objective gives you another flavor text, but failure to complete said objective will not affect the story.
  13. I submit Storming the Palace: Bridget's Bane, Part1 #8646 by @Ololiuhqui It is the first of 3 connected story arcs related to Bridget. You hunt down Bridget's doppelganger before the evil mirror wrecks Paragon City and you commit a few crimes to do so. It also has a souvenir, which neatly summarizes the story and gives you a bit more detail.
  14. Recently I downloaded Homecoming Launcher to play on the beta server. It ran smoothly. However, the launcher crashed when I tried to access Live. I am running Windows 10 64 bit (build 19042.1165). Everything is fine at first. A warning icon showed up right after I click the play button. The warning was similar to Jawbreaker's error a few months ago. Nevertheless, cityofheroes.exe still ran. The text said Local Account and Type Anything instead of Account Name and Account Password. LegalEULA text was empty. Server names were weird
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