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  1. Are there pros and cons for using external images rather than uploading them to the server (cityofheroes.dev)? Thanks.
  2. The Alignment Switching is no longer a concern because you can pass Resistance Gate/Loyalist Bouncer regardless of your alignment via Flashback. However, if you want to stay gold until level 50 and your character alignment matters for you, carefully pick your alignment on your last story arc. You can not change alignment via Flashback. Loyalists can pass through resistance gate in flashback missions - General Discussion - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)
  3. There is a *men's* day?! I'm clearly living under a rock.
  4. The mission complete sound. The blue side is cheerful, and I love it, but the gold side evokes a feeling that I did complete the mission.
  5. Maybe you were using MouseChord (simultaneously pressing the left and right mouse button) back then? MouseChord will toggle a forward_mouse command. So, your character will continuously move forward. Then, you can steer by holding RMB while dragging your mouse. Press MouseChord again to toggle off forward_mouse.
  6. "Stop Serene from summoning the Furies" mission has one large bird statue. Serene's projection was standing on that thing when my character sniped her. The bullet knocked her down to the statue's lower part. That part was well enclosed, and it blocked my shot. Serene, in a futile attempt to get my blaster, apparently tried to walk through the statue instead of climbing out. How do I fix this? Just climb up there and shoot her, right? Nope! Somehow my character can't blast her from above. Also, Serene can't climb out or shoot upwards to retaliate. So, someone had to jump down. Needless to say, Serene nearly baconized my blaster ... then a cutscene and the real Serene showed up.🤦‍♂️
  7. I think that was the problem. Thanks 🙂. I can't replace my faulty mouse right now, so I set MouseChord "+forward_mouse" to "nop".
  8. I'm not sure. I didn't alter my key binding. Maybe accidentally? If that's the case, the change should be permanent. The issue (technically) resolves itself, since the control always reverts after a few second. It occasionally reappears and it's annoying.
  9. Have you guys ever had this glitch? Pressing the right mouse button (RMB) makes my character move forward. It usually happens while confronting an ambush or aggroing a mob. It's not permanent, and the control will revert itself after a few seconds.
  10. Yes, you need separate accounts. Sorry I didn't read your question carefully.
  11. It's running multiple game instances in a single computer. For example simultaneously running two homecoming.exe. You will need at least two usernames, each username has at least one character.
  12. You don't have to rely on other players if you can multibox. Multibox with two characters. Your first character accesses arena using either /arenalist or Menu > Arena(Z) Press "Create Event". Change Random Map to Cage Match Set Numbers of Players to "2" Enable "Invite Only" near "Start Event" button Invite your other character using /arenainvite <char name>, /ai <char name>, or right click > Invite to Arena Event Switch to your other character to accept. Switch back to your first character to Start Event. For more information: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Arena
  13. He said he can't tell a lie. Maybe that's why he won't tell a lie? I dunno. Btw, I think I saw him wearing a green mask.
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