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  1. ^No, it is not. Praetorians, who have passed the enclosure, behave like blue or red siders. Thanks to @Darmian for helping me verify it. For short: gold can't search blue or red unless they are in First Ward, Night Ward, or Pocket D. However, just because they can't search each other don't mean they can't join a team. For example, Dark Astoria, Kallisti Wharf, and all praetorian zones allow them to join or invite a member. In the example above, Luigi can invite the gold sider into his team. I assume this applies to Rikti War Zone too. Sadly, since gold side
  2. Praetorian can not search Hero/Villain unless both characters are in Co-op Zone(First Ward, Night Ward, or Pocket D). The opposite is also true (Blue/Red can't search Gold outside Co-op Zone). Example: Luigi is a blue sider, the lady is a gold sider I multi-boxed a gold and a blue sider, and I noticed something weird. A hero with a Praetorian origin is invisible to my blue sider but visible to my gold sider. All three were outside Co-op Zone. Sadly, I didn't have a screenshot. Could anyone verify this? Did I goof up? Is the limitation still appl
  3. A very belated answer: The crate contains a note from Mender Valen. You have to complete the story arc beforehand to get the note, or you will get a "You Can't Complete This Objective Yet" message.
  4. Since Praetoria has unified the Earth, the statement is true. However, whether or not they truly control every square kilometer of their territory is another matter.
  5. Running Sheldon's Crown of Glory Nice throne. I'll take it.
  6. Indeed, Probably the dev thought only a few would mess with tab menu, so they didn't put any confirmation whatsoever.
  7. To add a Global Tab: Right click on the chat window, you will see a menu: Select Add Tab Enter a name for your new tab (preferably "Global") Select all these channels (16 channels). You need to select a channel from the list, press the Add button, and then repeat for every channel . Set local channel as default by pressing Set Default button. Press OK. Adding a Help Tab is similar, populate your Help Tab with these channels: To fix the lower part of chat window: Using mouse, select and hold Chat Tab, then drag it to t
  8. Select Menu > Chat or Press "C"
  9. I suddenly have this on my mind: everyone sees the boss is almost dead, so everyone ignores him and pushes forward. What's the point, they thought. Cue a lonely almost-dead boss trying to keep up with the rest of the team, who were trying to kill him earlier.
  10. Did you notice a performance gap between your team and that guy? Maybe that's the reason he or she became unhappy. I had a similar experience back in the live server. I was a free player, so my toon's build was severely limited. Still, I got lucky and teamed up with those souped-up toons. I should be happy, right? Not really. They split up and doing what you said earlier. This type of engagement was a problem for me. I couldn't attack a mob alone, so I tailed someone and gave them fire support. I did this while hoping those lieutenants/bosses would ignore me. Of course, they would not
  11. I wish CoH had more minigames.
  12. I remember a fragment of a song years ago, but I forgot the title. It starts with "No way November can see our goodbye.. ", followed by Christmas, New Year Resolution, Valentine, and finally " .. I'll be alright until St. Patrick's Day". So, why is St. Patrick's Day? A day for new relationship? (I am a Catholic, but we don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day here).
  13. You guys won't believe this. I ran the first two First Ward arcs, Praetoria's zone events, and Emperor's Sword using build #2 and build #3 (+0/x1). I multi-boxed so that I could compare their performances. The result: they bulldozed every opposition, excluding Praetor Sinclair. Just stand some feet away from a mob and start blasting. That's it. You don't have to kite, and active defense is not mandatory. Because of shorter recharge time, enemies who manage to reach them are full of holes. Also, their attack is less effective due to a high level of damage resistance. Still, the
  14. Thanks for the writing, @Nayreiaand the writing team! I love the new contents! In First Ward, the tips usually drop after I have defeated a dozen or so bad guys. Although sometimes I have to defeat a hundred before it drops, it only happens twice (from eight tips). Overall, its pretty quick. May I know the exact number? Is it 1-3%? Also, is it possible to have more than one tips? Do I have to finish it before I get another tip mission?
  15. It means the model works. Because I set accuracy, recharge, recovery, and resistance as constraints, ILP will never consider other stats (damage, defense, etc.). It would be annoying if I want a few resistance bonuses, but the ILP gives me a damage bonus instead. If someone wants damage bonuses, they can put that as a constraint, and ILP will select appropriate enhancement sets to satisfy it. I wish I could! Creating a matrix with hundreds of rows and columns manually is slow and prone to error. Duh! Sorry, not sorry! Also, I run those builds on Bet
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