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  1. Well, we have the Freakolympics, at least.
  2. My Bots/EA MM uses and highly recommends Robotic Drones Lore Pets. A great additional boost to ST ranged damage for those hard to kill targets.
  3. Punch yourself right in the face! Then head to the Zig.
  4. that's what I thought, I haven't been converting up to this point I am running a Katana/DA scrapper on reunion named Ghost Legacy.
  5. This thread is already 13 pages. Are we allowed to inspiration convert? I don't think that was a thing when I started. (Issue 4)
  6. That's fine with me, I still use my pew-pew gun. It needs all the help it can get.
  7. I never really paid attention that closely. But because Empowering Circuit is a buff power from the secondary, meant to buff the robots, I just assumed the Gaussians would give them a BU when it fires. EDIT: No you're right, it gives me the BU. I just checked.
  8. My thought as well, with 3 battle drones vs. 1 assault bot, I would think it would fire more therefore seems like a no brainer. I always boost the Assault Bot with Empowering Circuit, which has a Gaussians Chance for BU in it.
  9. My Bots/ElecAffinity pets are slotted with these special procs: Battle Drones: SoulBound Alleg Chance for BU; Sudden Accel KB to KD; Superior Mark of MM Endurance&Pet +Resist +Regen Aura Protector Bots: LotG Defense + Global Rech; Sudden Accel KB to KD; Sov. Right +Resist; Superior Comm of the MM Pet +AoE Def Aura Assault Bot: Sudden Accel KB to KD; 5 slots remaining with Expedient Reinforcement Set which includes Pet + Resist Aura Elec Affinity Secondary is a Resistance and Healing set. Deploy Faraday Cage all the time. It makes all the difference.
  10. This toggle power can slot End Reduction, but doesn't appear to cost any endurance to run. Is this correct? What should I put in the base slot then?
  11. Don't be seen first. Do not become targeted or attacked prior to firing off your first attacks. Be proactive with your inspiration usage. Whenever I fail as a blapper/blaster it is because I neglected those first 3 truths. EDIT: Once you are attacked, make the foe regret the decision to come and melee you.
  12. I have never felt the need to obtain Task Force Commander on any of my characters. (I think on live, I only had it on one, perhaps obtained through blind dumb luck, who knows) The reward is not worth the effort, obviously. Perhaps a new reward that would make us WANT to complete the TFs? No idea what that would be and not sure if I am in the minority here or not. Could a new reward system even be implemented easily?
  13. Where's Leeeeeeroy Jenkins in this list?
  14. COH is the most customizable game ever created and still outshines anything now out there, nothing comes close.
  15. This is a necro posting from when I was first starting out with my Brute. Sounds like you're in the same boat I was in.
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