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  1. Heck, I TRY to get Sefu Tendaji killed. Could never be so lucky.
  2. They die better. Especially the Medic, with that target on his back and low, low hit points.
  3. Is there a badge for being placated? Look That-a-Way Badge or Don't See Me! Badge
  4. A mission with too many Spectral Daemon Lords or Tsoo Sorcerers that doesn't drop enough yellows, run back to door, autocomplete.
  5. My Fire Farming tank is Fire/Savage. Easy non expensive build, can't afk farm, but never a goal to do that. I slotted Savage leap for recharge and damage so it would always be ready for the next grouping. I hit them with a Cryonic cone, then Leap, then go to town.
  6. Ah, so CP is a narrow cone, but PC is a wider cone? Is it as wide as, say, Crowd Control from War Mace?
  7. Which one is better? Power Crash is the Tier 8 from Energy Melee, Cross Punch is the Tier 5 Power Pool attack in the Fighting Pool. Both are cones. Power Crash replaced Stun. I asked this in General Forum and didn't get a response, so I though my fellow Brutes could answer it. Why am I asking? Because I still have not respec'd my EM/Inv Brute after the changes were made to EM and frankly I'm not sure its necessary. I took Cross Punch, never took Stun, so I could replace Cross Punch with Power Crash, but don't really see a benefit, am I missing something?
  8. Yeah, there's a Hole in there, now!
  9. OK, they replaced Stun with Power Crash, right? I never took Stun, I took Cross Punch from the fighting Pool instead. Is it worth my while to abandon Cross Punch to take Power Crash? I'm giving up Fighting Synergy, Foe KD, and Stun for Foe Disorient, Special. Why should a Tier 8 power from a primary be less desireable than a pool power? Is it actually better? How is it better?
  10. But is it more fun? Personally, I had a lvl 50 EM Brute prior to these changes. I have not even respec'd the character. Not sure if because I perceive the changes as underwhelming, or just enjoy(and understand) Street Fighting more. ( I have a 50 stalker and 50 scrapper both with SJ and like playing them more.) Or is it because I never, ever warmed up to brutes? I'll play a tank over a brute any day. I apologize because this is off-topic.
  11. Did you know you can be standing inside the powers supression room of an AE building and still get one shotted by a Rikti Drop ship. 😜 SHould be a badge for that. Most-unlucky hero? Innocent Bystander?
  12. I got 4 zone accolades today with my lvl 50 MM in the lower level zones just street sweeping w/o the pets out. I never used afterburner more than today.
  13. Flying Merc are still weak sauce, but safer....for them...not the MM.
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