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  1. I had a Dark/Dark/Soul Stalker on live and it was one of my 2 or 3 favorite characters to play, period, across all Archtypes. Can't bring myself to make a new one however. Still trying to make new combos work. Death is but a doorway, you make it work for you with this combo. 🙂
  2. KC4800

    Energy Absorption

    Running a lvl 37 Street Justice/Ice Armor stalker, not a popular combination. I think I know why... EA (Energy Absorption) seems much weaker for a Stalker than it was for a tank. I played an Ice/Fire tanker on live and EA was freaking awesome. On a stalker, not only do you have to wait until lvl 35 to take it, it just doesnt have the same power to save you that it did on my tank. Disappointed 😞 I have it 4 slotted with 3 End Mod and one Def, I may change it to 2 rech, 1 end mod and 1 def and see if that helps.
  3. Because sometimes you want to show up a blaster team mate.
  4. Spanky Rabinowitz! Now THAT was a leader! Get OFF my lawn!!!!
  5. It's intentionally made harder to kidnap than to rescue, because.....villains. Go figure.
  6. Old man here. I really have no issue with any teams I have been on. Some require more strategic approaches depending on the composition of the team. My biggest issue is with the absolute sillyness of Rikti Mothership Raids. It absolutely doesnt matter what you do. You don't know who you're even targeting, it doesn't really matter just stand in the middle and collect XP. But my best friend in this game loves doing them. It's his go to thing to do. When I can coerce him to join me in some old school 2 man team ups, that's when I have my fun. But, whatever....end rant.
  7. There is a Mexican Restaurant in Faultline as well with music you hear outside the door.
  8. A bike helmet and a cycling kit would be nice for the costume designer. My main pretends to bike around the city but I use the jet board because - no bikes. See. There's roleplaying on Indomitable too 🙂
  9. I use Indy Port a lot, as the base beacon, science store, trainer and tram are all close. Never get teams their though unless its to murder the GM. Plus I like to use the SE corner for lvling up late 20's characters. Family and Tsoo there, and a magic store close.
  10. Well , it's not all end game with this game. That's why it has such great appeal. Ouro was made for you to revisit your younger less impressive self and still be heroic/villainous. Sometimes when I am really bored with high end stuff I'll choose a favorite zone, use ouro to lvl limit myself then go on patrol. Use your imagination, that's really your only limit.
  11. I loved the Vigilante Arc, Felt like Justice was served.
  12. War Mace also has Crowd Control, which is a huge cone attack, definitely don't skip that one. I wouldn't skip anything in Rad Armor either. Meltdown you only use when you're really in trouble, which isn't too often. but it's good to have that extra layer of protection. This is speaking as a RadArmor/WM tanker. I'm assuming the Brute sets are identical.
  13. <----- Phrendon Largo here from A.G.O.N.Y -- im on indomitable now
  14. You omitted Rad Blast. Any reason?
  15. KC4800

    NRG/Inv need help

    As you suggested, I put the Numinas Regen/Rec and Miracle Recovery enhancements into Health, lowered my difficulty down from 4 player down to 3 player, and it seemed to help quite a bit, I hopefully can make it to 32 this way, and get 35's to boost my effectiveness again. I just think lower 30's is a tough time for invul. not enough slots yet to feel safe to just jump in to a big group.
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