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  1. I didn't know they made pizza in Cimerora. I bet they use Feta Cheese.
  2. KC4800

    Sell me a Tanker

    Does a fire tank still need acrobatics? (Asking for a friend) 😜
  3. I farm with my Rad/WM but I don't use a fire farm. Energy instead. #14308 Since you asked for help with slotting War Mace and I dont use Mids; heres what I use: Bash 1 slot Pulverize 5 slots Gladiator Strike Jawbreaker 6 slots Kinetic Crash Taunt 1 slot Build Up 3 slots Clobber 6 slots Hecatombs and Absolute Amazement Whirling Mace 4 slots Superior Gauntleted Fist Shatter 4 slot Armageddons Crowd Control 4 Slots Sciroccos
  4. Just do an alternate build when you take all the powers. Yes you have to refill slots, but what else are you going to do with all that inf?
  5. Corruptor/EnergyBlast/Traps. Set up the traps and just knock them all away. Outdoor maps are just silly.
  6. My RadArmor/WarMace tanker has all primary and secondary powers. My IceArmor/StoneMelee tanker does too. With 4 Earth Mastery Ancillary. Love the double slow patches, no runners get away. I have to check, but I think my Beam Rifle/ Ninjitsu Sentinel has them as well. My Illusion/TA controller I know does not have flash arrow. I waffle about switching it out with poison gas, but never do. My Rad/Mental blaster skipped a lot from both sets. (didn't like the cones)
  7. KC4800


    A long range murder Sometimes feels overpowered Yet I still giggle.
  8. They should just make Chilling Embrace a click power for stalkers. Running it as a toggle is counter productive. Energy Absorption is a click power, and you don't forget to click that one.
  9. My Method. I stay away from Tough, Weave and Maneuvers on a tank. Well pretty much any toon I hate wasting power picks on them. Personal Preference. I have only one an Energy Melee/Invul Brute that I went the Tough and Weave route with. It was my most tedious grind. Getting Access to Cross Punch was a good prize at the end of the Fighting Pool Tunnel though. I take all my Primary Powers and all my Secondary Powers ASAP. I always take AirSup. Great mitigation. I take CJ and SJ most always. Sometimes I have to wait a bit to pick up the travel power, so I'll purchase a Jet Pack or a Jet Board. That leaves plenty of room for a stray pool power something fun, and Ancillary picks. I rarely have to respec. This works for my Rad/WM tank, and my Ice/Stone. First is resist, second defense. Ill use this for all my tank builds. Elec/Elec, Fire/Savage coming up next.
  10. I didn't see and damage procs that would go into Beta Decay. It's your taunt aura, but you cant slot taunt sets into it. You have DefDbf, Acc DefDeb, THDbf and AccTHDbf sets available. I think the chance for +to Hit ones are pretty much worthless. Achilles Heel is good, and maybe the Chance for Recharge slow. Just slot it up well for to hit debuff, its the same as giving you some defense never bad on a resistance based tank.
  11. Everyone knows Ice Armor pairs best with Stone Melee. That's a fact, Jack.
  12. Set bonuses. 6 slot your attacks. Use sets that add type resists that you are lacking. 4 slot most primary(defensive or resistance) powers, unless its a heal or a damage aura, or like invinc adds defense. Some also use Tough from the fighting pool. You don't need to max out 90% S/L to survive. Eating an orange inspiration gives you temporary boost to all resists.
  13. same here, my MM is the only one that unlocked team inspiration drops at P2W. My others combine to cover a weakness with insp, and cant afford to clog the tray with team imbuements.
  14. I had no problem remaking my old main from live, for in my mind, his last act of Heroism before the shut down was stopping at Penny Preston's location in Founders Falls, and logging off there. Where he was still protecting her from a stray Rikti Headman, or some Nemesis sniper who was taking pot shots at her. That was the extent of my roleplaying, and it was just enough to survive the void until Homecoming.
  15. KC4800


    I run at +3/8 but I kill the bosses. So my completion time is slower, but that doesn't matter to me, really. Im not Fire Armor though. Rad Armor/WM and I fight Energy Farms (14308 is my goto)
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