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  1. The Boys was glorious and gory. I love it too. Can't wait for season 2!
  2. Oh I actually understand your point, definitely can happen but , If i face plant at low level because of it .... I'd still be happier knowing that it's functional. Where as a brute gets fully functional Fury right out of the box :D A suggestion would be to add additional functionality to Gauntlet, such as just making it a 0 endurance toggle or maybe have it proc a very short and small Defense buff (like .5% for each hit, assuming limit is still 5 targets max, you get 2.5% def for about 1.5 secs or something ) for each mob that gets gauntleted and it just wouldn't stack passed that and would be unenhanceable. I'm just saying , if they have an inherent like every other Archetype it would be nice if it was useful at that low level.
  3. This has been an issue since the game was live and never changed. All other archetypes gain pretty much full use of their inherents from the start but tanker's doesn't really work. The duration of taunt doesn't even last til the cooldown of you next attack. It starts at like 0.24 secs I think AND gauntlet has to actually hit. I think Gauntlet needs to start scaling up from about 2 secs and autohit other targets if your attack actually hits. I've been running low level stuff over and over, just watching how mobs respond to my attacks as a tanker and they just ignore Gauntlet like clockwork. You can see them immidiately run after other team members. Please please change this long forgotten sadness!
  4. If I could win the lottery, the game would be permanently funded! You know, I started reading this thread and by time I was a few comments in I started to well up with tears. Thank you for bringing back my favorite game, those that are running it and those that donated to the cause.
  5. Hi! Downloading now, I hope this works. I had many characters but my main one was Miss Victory I was in The American Legion!
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