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  1. I keep seeing people talking about PROCs and am curious about what they are and how do they benefit builds, particularly Corrupters. A link to something that will Dumb it Down to the basics without throwing tons of Math would work best until I get a better grasp as to what I am looking at.
  2. I want to build a Base where the Portal in takes you to a City street with people and vehicles moving thru it. The idea is to create the look of a Bar from the Outside parking lot and then you can enter it? Possible?
  3. Running a Dark/Ice defender and it's damned fine Three Slotted, It's healing 1/4 HP on avg.
  4. Great GOOGILY MOOGILY! Many Thanks Boss. I promise to Pass it Along down the road.
  5. This is my build so far. What else can I do to improve it? http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1055&c=466&a=932&f=HEX&dc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
  6. As a general rule, I never take Fluffy. I take the first 6 powers in dark miasma then never go back.
  7. I am an old time friend of ICE but Fire/Dark Corruptor's just smash their way thru Everything
  8. Tenebrous Tentacles vs Tar Patch I am wondering if Both are necessary. ------------------TT-------------TP Cast time; ----1.67------------3.1 Duration------17.88----------45 Recharge------10-------------90 End Cost------10.19----------7.8 Range---------40-------------90 Size-------40 Cone-----------25 Radius TT gets 75% ACC and a Mag 3 Immobilization. Also does some Damage TP gets -90% run spd and -30% Rez You can keep TT up but at a pretty rough End cost. TP lasts longer than a spawn will and needs very few slots allocated. I can see why you may have Both but if powers start getting tight I would drop TT Am I incorrect? EDIT; As a matter of fact, TT vs Fearsome Stare is a Much Closer comparison. Both have Mag 3, same Duration, 75% ACC and I think FS wins due to cheaper End cost and a HUGE area of effect. TT is 40 range with a 40 degree arc while FS is 70 range and 45 degree arc.
  9. So How should one slot this while coming Up and prior to Frankenslotting?
  10. Good idea I have gotten lucky with some recipes and bought some Detonations so putting out Nice Damage
  11. OK I have a melee attack Rotation I think is working well. Follow Up, Lunge, Strike, Swipe, Repeat. I find this works well for me. I have Spin in there as well but I don't use it as much as I thought I would. Ranged attacks I am still feeling out. I go thru my Combat #s from time to time and I don't see where it makes a difference in What order I use them. I may be incorrect however. Am running around with a Huge amount of Blue Insp and a coupla others. This thing is Tough on End but it is manageable.
  12. Have an inexpensive set or three that I could slot about LvL 25-35 that will help. Just something to help with END and help me Keep-Up with the other players? Any power selections that you would find useful while leveling a Team Only Fort?
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