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  1. Subdue is a much stronger single target ranged psi attack than MB or TK, and has an 80% chance for a mag 3 immobilize. It's an integral part of your single target attack chain, and your heaviest hitter. I would strongly recommend against skipping it.
  2. I have TT:Maneuver with three Red Fortune and a LotG. How many slots should I devote to Leadership's Maneuvers and should I just slot it the same way? Also Leadership's Tactics, what kind of slotting does a ranged Fortunata require?
  3. I have been looking over the Soul Mastery pool and having run a Dark Miasma character before I have been a fan of Darkest Night. Is the Patron Pool power the same as the Dark Miasma and is it redundant on a Fortunata? I got the Data Below from a reply in a related thread but can't find the Data from Dark Miasma to compare. http://web.archive.org/web/20140705004729/http://tomax.cohtitan.com/data/powers/archetype.php?at=13 Soul Mastery Lvl Acc Dmg Act Int Cast Rch End Rng Radius Arc Area Gloom 35 1 1.76 - - 1.1s 12s 10.66 80ft - - Character Soul Tentacles 35 1 0.935 - - 1.67s 20s 12.74 40ft 40ft 25° Cone Dark Obliteration 41 1 0.9 - - 1s 32s 18.98 80ft 15ft - Sphere Darkest Night 41 1 - 0.5s - 2.37s 10s 0.325 70ft 25ft - Sphere Summon Widow 44 1 - - - 3.2s 900s 26 60ft - - Location
  4. No Bullshit. I IO for straight up Damage(4or 5 Slot) and put in a Proc I need for the last. Never thought of it as a Hold
  5. Interesting Fact. Just hit LvL 41 and No option for Patron Power Pools on Excelsior. Go figure.
  6. Except for bringing up my Fort, I have Zero knowledge of Widow. I run my Fort ranged but with Aim, Lunge(from Stealth), Follow Up, Psy Wail, Spin, Psy Tornado as my opening move and then jump out to Range to burn down anything still standing with ST and some AoE cones mixed in.. There are only three melee attacks in my build but they can be used to devastate a mob. Aim and Follow Up are to make sure Psy Wail hits like a Brick while Spin and Psy Tornado gets the AoE extra damage as well.
  7. That was the Plan. Just stick with the Fortunata stuff then more Leadership Toggles. Thoughts on Dart Burst?
  8. Mostly Ranged Fortunata and I feel I need another AoE attack. Dart Burst has good damage but I hate the Animation Patron Powers. Wasn't going to go here but Maybe I should. Suggestions?
  9. There are more than a few useful powers in Fortunata Training and in the Widow Melee choices that have the -Recharge attached.. Lean into it and add more Enjoy it, but ignore it. It has enough
  10. In order Slotting TT;L - I knew slotting was off and that it would need to be adjusted heavily. Slotting Health/Stamina - I had them so I figured use them All till I no longer needed them. Honestly, I DESPISE Hover/M Flight It drives me insane so I stere clear of it. If Not Teleport[ort then SS or Super Jump. Mind Kink - I thought the consensus was that 4 slotting Mind Kink was best. I can go with less slots without an issue. Kismet - It can go anywhere OK so my Sets that I have already don't fit the build?? I thought Attuned IOs fit Every lvL?
  11. OK so I have decided to respect my 32 Fortunata. I have emptied out all of my Storage and have a bunch of IOs to place but unsure of where they would be Optimized. I suck at Mid's. Below is my proposed build. I am not locked into it and some things can be shifted. Attack Powers should be left and not changed out but Slotting can be moved. Some help throwing this together and proposals about Where to go from Here would be Greatly appreciated. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1006&c=430&a=860&f=HEX&dc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elow is the list of All the IOs I have on hand. Also have 125Mil Inf that can be used. Decimation; All but ACC/DAM Devistation; All but Chance to Hold, ACC/DAM/END/RECH Posi's Blast; All but Chance for Energy Perf Shifter; Chance +End, +EndMod, EndMod/ Rech Focused Smite; Dam/End, Acc/End/Rech, Acc/Dam/Rech Detonation; Dam/End, Acc/Dam/End Bruising Blow; Dam/End X2, Acc/Dam Bonesnap; Dam/End, Acc/Rech Smashing Haymaker; Acc/Dam Gaussian Synch; Build Up Air Burst; Acc/Dam Kismet; Acc +6% Bless o t Zephyr; Run, Jump, Fly, Range/Endurance Luck o t Gambler; +Global Rech/ +Def All I have the Three Health; Panacea, Miracle, Numinia's I understand that this may not be the best way to get help but been staring at Mid's for a couple days and no clue how to use it efficiently.
  12. I understand Where the posts should be made. I am more interested in the preferred way to phrase my question due to etiquette.
  13. I am starting a new build and I have a Boatload of questions about Effects, Cones vs AOE, Melee vs Ranged. You get the picture. Don't get me wrong, I've done my due diligence and delved into the #s and opinions but I have about 6 questions and curious about how to approach asking them. Should i address all my questions, in the appropriate areas, in one large post and see what the community thinks as a whole? Could turn into a very large OP. Post Several topics about specific effects/conditions/queries and then piece it all together as a whole on your own
  14. I was going to PM you but wanted to thank you for posting the links to Lobster's and Gameboy1234's guides. I know they are a bit out of date but there is still Great info buried in those two threads.
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