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  1. No, I meant a "Death-something" would be a Razer mouse - that is the Razer naming convention; the "Death Adder" line. I'm not aware of any other mouse manufacturer that labels their mice as "Death" anything.
  2. Quoting one line from a post and making an argument out of it while completely ignoring the very next line and the qualifications/context it gives is ignoring context.
  3. Context! Read the whole thing! You can't just keep cherry-picking pieces and making arguments out of them. Continuing immediately after the part you quoted: (underline added for emphasis) FL makes it clear he's not comparing apples to apples here, and points out where the differences are. If you want to reduce that to a general claim that "sentinels deal more damage than blasters," then you're being intentionally obtuse/trollish.
  4. Again, you ignore what was actually said and reduce it to a point that was never argued. Can we all just agree now that Snarky doesn't know what he's talking about? Or else that he does, and this thread is just a massive troll?
  5. (boldface added for emphasis) That would also be a Razer...
  6. The suggestions forum is that way --> Suggestions & Feedback - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com) But I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned before.
  7. I've been in SGs that did just this, and it worked very well for maintaining cohesive lore with the current state of the game. Of course, it put things at odds with the RP community at large - as you point out, there is no uniform way of handling the missing years, and it often creates confusion when you have two characters, one for whom Galaxy City was a decade ago, and the other for whom it was last week (to say nothing of the ones for whom GC was "in another universe that winked out of existence and everyone escaped to this one"). Usually this stuff can be hand-waved, but it can still b
  8. Do you even read the posts you're responding to? Umm, that's NOT what Vanden said.... This seems to be the most accurate statement in this entire thread:
  9. Which is great, except it's 10 abilities per tray...
  10. What did you end up replacing it with? I'm dreading the day this one goes out; I love the feel of it, and I haven't seen anything recently that looks like it would be a comparable replacement.
  11. I'll echo the sentiments on Logitech quality; I've been using a G5 for about the same amount of time. Any hardware that lasts over a decade of heavy use without any performance issues scores some serious points.
  12. The HC devs seem more focused on "balancing" (i.e., fixing or nerfing, depending on your perspective) existing power sets/pools rather than introducing new ones. Considering that regular MMOs with full-time paid staffs spend years working on this same idea and never achieve the mythical idea of balance, I don't expect the volunteer team to get to new power sets/pools any time soon.
  13. Why does it have to be 2021 (or real-world 2021 equivalent) in Paragon City? I've never understood the need to tie fictional worlds represented in media (whether games, TVs, etc.) to the real life progression of time. Doing so limits the stories that can be told as threads are lost and time passes in the game world while we're busy juggling reality.
  14. As I noted in the other thread, these are all still available on the original archive site: http://www.cityofheroes.ca/media-and-downloads/comic-archive/
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