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  1. It absolutely is, and in the feedback threads the devs expressed the intention that it be acquired in exactly that manner. So no, there is no required investment to get access to Ouro or travel through it.
  2. Making the Ouro portal available at level 1 really destroys the argument that there needs to be a significant cost/barrier to fast travel.
  3. I'm opposed to the principle of paying for recharges or any similar item in order to regain what was lost. I don't need to test this to hold that view. And I have repeatedly stated my proposed solution; I have not changed that position. That may be your intent, but I do not believe it is the effect. Fewer people will speak their opinions if they think they will be jumped on by forum warriors, and your posts frequently give that impression. Let the devs speak for themselves; you don't have to continually white-knight for them.
  4. Others likewise tire of your complaining and white-knighting, and your posts do no less to "drown out" opinions than any others. Are your complaints about people providing feedback really the best way to encourage communication? Frankly I think posts like this do more to discourage others from posting their views, and so you will get less people willing to speak up rather than more.
  5. Ugh; no thank you. I've already said that the need for charges is a detriment to frequent use of these powers. Why would I want to have to purchase "batteries" instead? It's an obstacle for the sake of being an obstacle.
  6. The problem is that due to cooldowns/charge use/etc., multiple of these powers need to be used when one should suffice. I'm aware of this. I didn't say I was always teleporting from within a base; just a need to get into multiple bases often within short time frames.
  7. Whether what we have now is better is a matter of opinion, subject entirely to your primary usage. Not everyone uses the command and powers in the same way. As I pointed out to Jimmy previously, you are assuming the base is the transit point and not the destination. My playstyle is such that I'd rather be able to travel to multiple bases within the space of a few minutes, without having to acquire and use several different powers to do it or worrying about whether I have enough charges, than I would want the ability to instantly teleport directly to any zone. But there is no reason we can't have both. It should be simple to have the LRTP as has been implemented, and also modify one of the existing base teleport powers to serve these needs. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  8. You are conflating two separate pieces of feedback that were given, and perhaps this misunderstanding is at the core of the situation we are now in. Largely for sentimental reasons, people generally did not want classic, unique travel powers (such as the Pocket D teleport) to be rolled into LRTP, so in that sense, yes, people wanted to keep the variety. However, my observation was that there was a significant consensus that adding two new powers (and to an extent, even LRTP) on top of the already existing base teleportation powers created an unwieldy mess and was completely unnecessary. It has created a situation where to regain the same frequency of base hops that were possible before requires at least three or more powers to be used in conjunction with each other, instead of just being able to pick one that best suits our needs. What was largely wanted (and repeatedly asked for) was for one base teleport power to have a reasonable activation time (long enough to be interruptible and prevent mission abuse, etc.), a short cooldown (60s-90s seems to have been preferred), with no other restrictions on the frequency of use (such as needing to recharge). A single power that met these would have solved all practical arguments over this issue.
  9. They don't let you reach the base as quickly or as frequently as could be done previously, ergo, the new method is not faster. My arguments have always been about the complexity and implementation; if you reread the feedback threads you will see that. Yet you came at me with an accusation of wanting to "cheat." That was rude and insulting, and completely unhelpful. So far as discussing in good faith, I could make the same comments about you, especially given these recent aspersions. Just because you disagree with my opinions does not mean I am not arguing in good faith.
  10. You're assuming the base is a transit point and not the destination. Reducing feedback and complaints about the complexity of the multiple powers now required to maintain close to the same rate of travel as "I want to cheat," is not only unhelpful to the discussion, but is also just plain rude. By this logic, you should split the trams back into the green and yellow lines. The fact is, a certain level of travel is part of the game, and a certain part is tedium for tedium's sake. We agree on that, or else you wouldn't have implemented several of the changes you did. Where we disagree is where to draw the line. Personally, I think travel within a zone is a significant part of the game. Travel between zones, or more importantly, travel to bases, is tedium and should be reduced as much as possible. This is not accomplished by requiring a plethora of powers for regular interzone travel at reasonable speeds. Just in the past 20 minutes, I had to use three separate powers to change between zones because of parts of a mission chain I was sent to (the actual travel took place in under 5 minutes, as speaking to one contact sent me to another and another before finally going to a third zone for a mission. Why should I have to maintain 3, 4, or more powers to quickly get around between zones so that I can actually play the content?
  11. Yes I did. Which is still not faster than the previously available option. Faster than other options, yes, but not faster than the fastest option we used to have. Did you read what you quoted? That statement was specifically in response to a comment about the Day Job powers, and I was pointing out the drawbacks to those powers specifically. So far as "mixing and matching," the need to do so is what makes this such a complicated and unnecessary mess. Plus, it seems to be contradictory to this:
  12. False. You can get around faster than you could before when using these P2W powers. You cannot get around faster than you could before unilaterally, as even with the improved cast times and cooldowns, these powers are still slower than the previously available options. It's an example of feedback being listened to and completely misunderstood. The feedback was "there are now too many powers to do the same thing, and it's a complicated mess; please consolidate some of these." Instead, they kept all the powers (including new ones added or repurposes specifically in for this Page) and just lumped them into a menu. It reduces the need for tray slots, but it does not reduce the mess that has been created. The day job also requires the use of charges at a rate that, based on common use of these powers, will require characters to sacrifice progress on other day jobs just to keep these powers usable. And the 10-minute cooldown on the "infinite charge" versions is far too long for several activities and common use situations.
  13. Just the other day I was looking for a way to make a character with a magically-charged staff. Absolutely +1 to this.
  14. Yep, you can adjust everything except the height in the costume window.
  15. Mothballing my /Tactical Arrow Blaster and stripping it of valuable enhancements to be used elsewhere. Yes I'm salty over losing one of my favorite characters.
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