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  1. How is this a question? Wrist-mounted weaponry has been a staple of sci-fi and related genres for decades.
  2. I mentioned it in the other thread, but enhancements that I regularly sold for ~1M Inf now easily go for 2M-3M or higher.
  3. If it's irrelevant, then why cite it as part of your argument? You based your whole premise on the idea that "it doesn't matter what I do, because compared to the stuff available, it's a drop in the bucket," when the reality is that the bucket is much smaller than you make it out to be.
  4. Not really, because those 10M you can't buy at 100 Inf, so counting them in your total is inaccurate.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe those 10M are the ones automatically seeded by the devs at a cost of 1,000 Inf as a means of keeping material prices down.
  6. Did I ever say it was anything but anecdotal? It's my own personal observation, and therefore nothing but anecdotal. Frankly though, all the other claims here that "the market is stable" are likewise the same. No one has presented any actual data in this thread or the other. In the absence of such data from a reliable source (read: HC devs), I can only go with my own personal observation.
  7. Buying enhancements directly from the market and reselling at a higher price in an attempt to raise the overall price.
  8. I don't feel the thread title is a fair, accurate, complete, or impartial question, so I instead will make an impartial factual response as a starting point: "Farming is an inflationary method of earning in game rewards." No, it's not the only inflationary method in the game. It may be the most extreme inflationary method, but to verify that would require data that I do not have access to, so I can only assume. So, depending on the definition of "imbalanced," you could say that farming (and I am presuming "farming" in this context refers to "AE farming") is
  9. They are well run, but they are only "well explained" in terms of directing teams where to go and what to do, and I'm pretty sure that's not the context Neiska was referring to.
  10. I'm not talking about brief fluctuations on "trash" IOs. I'm talking about IOs used commonly in popular builds being consistently higher for the past 2-3 months running. Things I used to regularly sell at 1M a piece are consistently selling for 2-3M or higher. Yes, it's made me more Inf than normal, so I can't complain about that, but it's also a sign of inflation. You can't just look at a handful of big-ticket items; you have to look at a spread of commonly-used enhancements. This is why the real-world has different stock market indicies that track different assortments and ty
  11. Dual-box RP. Trust me, it happens.
  12. The difference being that marketing 1) does not introduce new Inf to the economy, as any Inf made through the market comes from other players, and therefore does not contribute to inflation, 2) actually removes Inf from the game through auction house fees, and therefore, to an extent, helps reduce inflation, and 3) would not be nearly so lucrative without farmers increasing the Inf supply in the economy. I don't know what prices you're looking at. For many popular (non-purple) IO set enhancements, I've seen as much as a 200%-300% price increase just in the past six month
  13. Speaking as someone who refuses to farm and who runs very little high-end content, I will say that making Inf in this game is trivially easy. I run many, many alts, and spend only minimal time making the Inf to slot out full level 50 IO set builds. I'm not going to go into details on how I make my Inf. There are different ways to do it, and plenty of more detailed guides have been written on these methods. I learned from those guides, and recommend that you do as well. Learn to use the forum's search feature; it will serve you well for this and for many questions to come (hint:
  14. Because: (underline added for emphasis) I'm calling out a contradiction in the statements. "Moving forward" implies that this should apply to future content, but then CA turns around a few posts later and says it won't.
  15. It just seems contradictory to first say that "people who like things right where they are now shouldn't be worried," and "we're dedicated to ensuring that everyone can enjoy this game the way they like moving forward," but then state that these players will not be able to enjoy the new content "the way they like," and so there is reason for them to be worried.
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