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  1. Why have it in the game if it only affects a small subset of characters? Better yet, when most characters have means of dealing with it, why reduce the effectiveness of one option used by less than 5% of characters to bring them on a par with everyone else? ("less than 5%" comes from the HC team's indication that ~5% of characters take the Sorcery pool, and the assumption that not everyone who takes the Sorcery pool goes deep enough into it for RoP)
  2. Maybe it's just me, but in the chaotic furball of group play, I often have a hard time noticing who is being affected by what. It's all I can manage to do to keep an eye on health bars.
  3. The devs are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves, and will do so when they feel it is necessary. White knighting for them does not help the discussion at all. On the point, claiming that "entire parts of the game" should not be "obviated," does not equate to "some classes are supposed to get mezzed." I have not seen where they have made this a class-based discussion; it's always been a general mechanics-based discussion. If they have, don't bother to point it out. Let them do it for themselves. If you want to post a link or quote back to something specific a dev has said, wi
  4. A word of advice: Please never try to speak for the devs. Or for the players, for that matter. Speak only for yourself.
  5. I wish that something like the "Hide Buff Numbers" setting in the game options would suppress the floaters. Maybe this is something that needs it's own graphics/effects setting toggle. Hide floaters on self, hide all floaters, etc.
  6. Big thanks for putting this event on; a big success as always! There were some thoughts and feedback in our SG, so I thought I'd share them while they're fresh in my head. Traffic/participation - while the event was definitely busy, we felt that overall the amount of traffic coming to check out the SGs was much less than last time. This might have been the result of holding it inside a base instead of an open game zone. Chat scroll was still a big issue. We had a couple of ideas on how to address this: Restrict all IC/RP chat to League/Team channels (not in
  7. @Jimmy You were saying? The Sorcery Pool revamp has now had exactly one iteration before going into a release candidate. This is exactly the sort of rushing I was afraid of.
  8. This is one thing I dislike about the Sorcery pool, and the changes don't seem to improve on it. The powers seem to be geared towards shoring up the weak areas or otherwise augmenting a few specific ATs. This is an origin pool; there should be something in it that can be appealing or useful to any character of a magic origin, regardless of their AT. I realize that's much easier said than done, but I think the proposed changes only serve to further pigeonhole the set as the "pet AT" pool. And I should clarify I'm not saying that every power in an origin pool should be useful for
  9. I'd argue that the unpredictability of the boost effect makes it significantly less powerful than you're giving it credit for. If it's being used in an attack chain, and the effect doesn't go off, now you're stuck either 1) effectively using it as another T1 attack, or 2) pausing your attack until another power comes off cooldown to jump start the chain and try to get AB's effect to trigger again. "Surprising" isn't fun; it's annoying. I like my powers to be reliable. This iteration of Arcane Bolt is not, and as such, I'll be passing it over. Honestly, there's nothi
  10. The problem with this thinking is that Arcane Bolt seems to be most often taken in builds that lack sufficient primary/secondary powers to build a reliable attack chain, and so use AB to fill a gap in that chain, not displace an existing power. And this mentality concerns me: why should pool power attacks, especially in origin pools, not be on a par with primary/secondary powerset attacks, even if only on a T1/T2 level? Putting them at a similar power level increases build diversity options; arbitrarily making them inherently weaker decreases those options and ensures these pools will rem
  11. I think this was part of the problem and why the Discord poll got such a negative reaction here. It was outside the norm, and no one expected or knew to look for any such poll on that platform, and so it gives the appearance of trying to go around the official feedback discussions to "shop" for a more dev-preferred response. I'm not saying that's what happened, I'm saying that's how some here may have interpreted the move. In the future, I'd suggest that such polls be linked or referenced here before the results are compiled and considered; that would avoid making people here feel like th
  12. Then please tell Powerhouse to stop skipping meals to get things out the door. If there's no release deadline, there's no need to endanger one's health over it. ☺️
  13. I'll back up the HC team on this one; the stuff getting hidden is a lot of useless back and forth between players arguing rather than any sort of productive feedback or conversation. Frankly, I'm surprised a good portion of pages 4-8 of this thread weren't nuked for just that. I'm guessing they did as I did and just tuned out that whole mess.
  14. Just going to lay down some general thoughts on the changes to the Sorcery Pool at this stage in the review process. First, I appreciate the efforts to look over the entire pool and attempt to improve the balance of powers. This is very much a better approach than just nerfing RoP without considering the context of the powers required before being able to take it. However, I question the wisdom of changing an entire pool this late in the beta process. Granted, I don't know what the dev's timeline is for releasing Page 2, but this appears to be a rushed change that lik
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