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  1. sorry, n/m. You said for a farmer blaster. wow. I never try farming with one.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Mecknomancer! I will use it to fine tune my build. Maybe I should look around some more as well. You have shown me there is always room to squeeze in a few extra points of this or that, and every little bit helps! it can be tricky to get these builds to open; what I have to do is already have MRB open, but with a fresh open build (I>E. Nothing), and THEN, go back to the forum post and click again, it should open on the 2nd or 3rd try as the poster intended. I know, it's weird. @[email protected]
  3. Just messing around on MRB, and came up with a possible Bots / Time, just for banging around in PvE, radio missions etc.. Was thinking Bots / Kin, but Kin always leaves me feeling nakey as I'm too used to constant toggles like Shadow Fall... BUT, Time doesn't feel so nakey. At least not to me. I suppose if it's decent enough, might even be team-worthy? I've always been a bit skittish about teaming on my MM's,; I was thinking other players might not like my pets (especially clonky bots) running all over the place... But anyway.... http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download
  4. Roleplaying is all fun and games until someone loses an eye. And there's always this... (my PSA for the day)
  5. Just thinking it might be fun, could do some light farming and maybe jump in a team and be fairly useful. (Hence Confront, but I'm not entirely sold on having it) You guys might be able to propose some minor improvements. The whole thing this build is based on concept-wise, is Ice Patch. Drop Ice Patch, and just mop 'em up. If they're flippin and floppin, they can't be... um, STOPPIN.... my toon. With damage. I think. Something something AWESOMESAUCE... behold the data chunk http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1471&c=675&a=1350&f=HEX&dc=78DA6D94DB6F1
  6. Yeah, Kallisti Wharf is the highest area I see, and when I go there, it says, "The Police scanner seems remarkable quiet." I guess there's no more radio missions after 40'ish ?
  7. So... got a toon to lvl 42. I just wanna run radios / papers. But I can't find a zone that doesn't say "Events here seem beneath your notice." So, what do I do now?
  8. Okay, I'm working on an AE mission, and for the final mission, I want a Warhulk to show up. HOW EVER, I'm like lvl 10 and they are like lvl 30 minimum. Isn't there a way to like, lower down their level, so I can have like a "Mini Warhulk" ? OR.... will the mission scale me up?
  9. Just wondering if there's any missions that arent just loaded with harsh mobs, that might be good for MM's. Something decent for earning tickets, but not all hard-core like Spines / Fire brutes. Some of us like to just cruise on our MM's. Would be nice to get a decent amount of tickets too.
  10. YAY!!! Thanks you guys! It seems to work !!
  11. Hi all, would someone be so kind as to post up a macro I can use to combine any and all insps into blues? Seems I'm always runnin outta blues lol. I've tried googling, but none of those that I have found seem to work. Thank you all so much :)
  12. Anyone have any recommendations for maps where you r allies start off as close to you as possible? I'm trying to make a mission arc, where you're being put together into a new super-team, and it only make sense that you would all arrive at the same time. It gets kinda silly having to "rescue" the other members of your team. In fact, if they could all spawn in to the same starting room, that would be awesome. Thanks a bunch!
  13. Okay, I figured it out! Turns out, I had too much dialog in the Ally Rescued box. I went back and looked and one of them had 104/100 (characters used) She's this toon I made that you rescue and she was just saying too much stuff I guess. You know, "I'll team up with you, but I'm usually hanging around out in my forest" etc etc. And this does NOT show as an error, apparently.
  14. No, there's no errors. All I did was check all dialog for errors, and there were plenty, thanks to my stupid keyboard. And, I changed a boss out in Mission 3, but, it was Mission 1 that had the Publish button greyed out, so, I don't think changing a boss is part of this. It's like the server still thinks I have 2 already published or something.
  15. Hi all, Okay here's the issue I have 3 missions I've been tinkering with. None are currently published. (I'm seeing 0/3 published) I unpublished all three so I could proofread them for mistakes, etc. Now, I should be able to hit publish on them. But, on one of them, the Publish button is greyed out, and therefore, I can't publish it. I can't figure this one out. I tried deleting the one that said Autosave, and now it's just gone, and same problem. I might need to figure out also, how to get the autosave thing back.But, anyway, I'm just wondering why it's greyed out and can't publ
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