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  1. If anyone’s following this post: Fixed multiple spelling and grammar mistakes throughout all three parts. Fixed multiple groups having the default animation throughout all three parts. Fixed a bug that gave Detective Nycto green pants. Fixed a bug where Detective Thomas Jae would run up and try to hug enemies. Archon Demetrius will now spawn as you’re escorting Detective Thomas Jae. Added a new(ish) group to the third mission of part two. Custom made level 45+ Gold Brickers. Special Agent Wilem’s backup shall now spawn when he is half health instead of one fourth. Tweaked the colour of the suit that the contact is wearing in part three. Added two extra bosses in mission two of part three. Added an ally for mission five of part three along with multiple new ambushes and dialogue.
  2. So we are to have a pretty useless "Request" and "Chat" channels but not something that may improve the game? You'd have the ability to disable the trade channel, like every channel.
  3. Any possibility we may see the addition of a real trade channel to our chat windows? We have "request," but it's barely used. Only time I see it used is during Hamidon raids. I'd like to sell some items sooner than later while providing a discount and avoiding the auction house fees. Bump this thread if you'd like a real trade channel. 🙂
  4. The final drafts of all three parts of The City of Dread have finally been released to the mass public. I have worked for countless hours on this trilogy to give the player the finest experience! Without spoiling anything, all three parts have a different goal that must be achieved by the final mission, but everything's connected from the start to the finish so continuity is not absent. Dialogue and clues are very important throughout this trilogy and I suggest you read everything to properly understand the storyline. Below this paragraph will be a bunch of details regarding each part! If you have suggestion and feedback, please email me on the Excelsior shard to the global @Savantir07 🙂 Have fun!!! 🙂 The City of Dread [Part One] Arc ID: 10860 Enemy Groups: Malta Operatives, Crazed, Council, Arachnos, Longbow Description: Embark on a journey to unveil the mystery. Figure out who is behind everything, test your limits, and do what you have to in order to save the world. This part of the story is only the beginning... The City of Dread [Part Two] Arc ID: 11104 Enemy Groups: Family, Crey, Council, Arachnos, Custom Group Description: Continue the journey to cripple the ** Spoiler ** and ensure the safety of Rhode Island. Test your limits again with new allies, new enemies, and a whole lot of kickass! This story continues... The City of Dread [Part Three] Arc ID: 11332 Enemy Groups: Devouring Earth, Ghosts, Reflections, Talons of Vengeance, Snakes Description: The ** Spoiler ** has detonated, and Paragon City is under dire threat. You must be Paragon's Hero, you must finish the journey and destroy all those who threaten the world! (First mission has a defeat all task, have fun and be patient. Final boss in the fourth mission is tough! Be prepared.)
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/file/nm39smokzyo8m1t/CoHCommunityMods.exe/file I've downloaded this one and it works like a gem! Beautiful.
  6. How exactly do mods work? I want new power icons, inspiration icons, etc. I've found some online but I am clueless on how to get them to work. Anyone have a link for a step-by-step guide or can explain themselves? Thank you.
  7. Okay, I can't be the only one that is actually getting upset IRL because it's always night time in-game, right?! I mean, hear me out, I love the Halloween event. Knocking on doors, kicking down banners, killing monsters, hell yeah! Let's take a moment though and remember what sunshine looks like, don't you miss that? I'm proposing a resistance, to fight against darkness and BRING BACK THE SUN! Perhaps make it night *only* when there's supernatural activity! That's a win-win, eh? It'll get normal spooky red when there's zoobies coming out the ground and trying to eat our brains, but damn it I need some light in my life! GMs, don't make me go outside... please... We must stand our ground, stand together, and last but not least... BRING BACK THE SUN!
  8. I like this idea and I doubt it's out of the realm of possibility! 🙂
  9. Update: I've gotten everything fixed except for the mission titles (eg. Assault Striga Isle) and the tram locations being abnormally larger in font size than normal. I'm not entirely sure where that setting would be located. The chat font size option does not change their sizes at all.
  10. This does not set it back to the way it previously was though. I don't remember my exact settings, but I'm pretty sure it was 125% but the mission title, tram locations, chat bubbles, enemy/npc healthbars, and all that were not so huge.
  11. /window_scale works, I couldn't get /windowscale to work. Will there be an option in the future to revert back to the normal window scaling?
  12. I cannot find any of these settings, and yes, I've revalidated.
  13. Mission titles are so big and chat bubbles above people's names are so big too. What am I missing..?
  14. Why is everything so big? Chat font size is fine, windows scale is fine. What's up with the locations and "Menu" options being so biggggg ._.
  15. I put this in bug reports section, but it seems stealth is still making my characters completely translucent, and my character does not exit stealth upon attacking or being attacked.
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