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  1. Discord tag: Arcaten#3868 Applicable Skills: - Decent background in C, but limited C++ - Strong background working in distributed systems - 7 years using MSSQL, MySQL, git I'm not a game dev by trade, but I have a decent background in C and 7 years working in distributed systems and web development. That said, I've always wanted to get into game dev and never got a chance. I have demonstrated a knack for being able to dive into large legacy codebases and get ramped up and productive very quickly. Availability & Time Zone: EDT - available early mornings (7-9am) and evenings most days (8pm-12am, excluding Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), can make myself available for almost any time during the weekends. Interested in working on: Literally any aspect of development. Always wanted to get into game dev and CoX has been part of my life since middle school, so this would be an incredible opportunity. I understand that there is no need for additional volunteers at the moment but I would love to get read-only access to the repository/repositories to be able to familiarize myself and possibly be able to pitch in if/when there's a need.
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