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  1. I can't wait until the next Page goes live, and we get the General chat channel. Then people will have no excuse for taking over the LFG and Help channels with random chatter.
  2. Regardless of if it could be added or not (our current coders are awesome, so I can imagine them doing stuff the old devs wrote off), I'll still have to say no. We're overpowered enough as it is, relative to the content we have access to. While I'd be okay with more power if there were more challenges added at the same time, I'm against adding in random buffs just for the sake of random buffs.
  3. The devs had a habit of writing whatever new lore they wanted, even if it went against their internal lore documents, as long as it didn't contradict what's already been told to the players. This meant the lore bible they wrote is terribly out of date and not very helpful, but that's okay because the players would never know... except for when they forget about something and end up creating contradictions like that. Funny enough it ended up that some of the players were more knowledgeable about the lore than the devs themselves were, at the devs had joked that the people in charge of Paragonwiki could probably guess what story lines the devs were working on, by checking what pages the devs were looking at.
  4. The reveal itself is from The Underground Trial. The TPN Trial is us using that reveal as propaganda against Emperor Cole to get the Praetorian civilians on our side. I think it does repeat the basic info of the reveal in some of the in-mission text, but that can be a bit harder to pay attention to since it'll come up during combat. The initial reveal in The Underground trial is more memorable, in my opinion, since it's done in a cut-scene at the end of the trial (so you're basically forced to watch and take the information in).
  5. These ones are badges added after the game was shutdown, so they're not on paragonwiki. I copied this from the badge tracker spreadsheet. The arcs needed for each badge are all of the arcs given in their respective zones. I don't have a full list of those on hand, but the info on paragonwiki should all be correct for that, since Homecoming or SCORE didn't add any new arcs to any of these zones. True to the Last (Issue 25) Complete every story arc in Neutropolis to earn this badge. [Rewards 20 Merits] Agent of Order (Issue 25) Complete every story arc in Atlas Park to earn this badge. [Rewards 20 Merits] Agent of Chaos (Issue 25) Complete every story arc in Mercy Island to earn this badge. [Rewards 20 Merits] Vigilant (Issue 25) Complete every story arc in the Rikti War Zone to earn this badge. [Rewards 20 Merits] Determined (Issue 25) Complete every story arc in Dark Astoria to earn this badge. [Rewards 20 Merits] Excavator (Issue 25) Complete every Story Arc in The Hollows. [Rewards 20 Merits] Aftershock (Issue 25) Complete every Story Arc in Faultline. [Rewards 20 Merits] Port Authority (Issue 25) Complete every Story Arc in Striga Isle. [Rewards 20 Merits] Story Teller (Issue 25) Complete every Story Arc in Croatoa. [Rewards 20 Merits]
  6. The mission computer only shows missions for your level, for whatever reason (blame the people running the old private server who added that in). So it's not easy to get the lower level missions. It would be easier to switch sides to a villain and fight her in one of the missions there, since she goes up to level 50 on the Villain/Rogue missions. Per the wiki, you could find her from 40-50 in https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Mission:Tip_-_The_Dagger_of_Caernoz Desdemona is one of the characters means to show off the concept of morality missions and switching sides. So her story is one where she starts out as a villain, and then switches to being a hero at some point. This is why she's not available to fight in any of the morality missions for a level 50 Hero/Vigilante. She's no longer a villain at that point.
  7. I'm really excited to see this feature. One thing I'd like to request for sometime in the future is if we could have more Auras that can be placed on the arms or hands be split into left-only or right-only. There are a couple that are already like that, but several that are still both hands only.
  8. When making a character with asymmetrical legs, if I choose the Smooth option on the left boot and select any of the Bodysuit options (using Bodysuit Armored for this example), the displayed text in the first selection box changes from Smooth to MALE_BOOT.geo/GEO_LlegL_Smooth
  9. Dream Doctor will give you the mission after you're done his story arc normally, but due to how Flashbacks work (mainly how you can't run other content like Incarnate Trials while in flashback mode) it would be impossible to have this mission as a flashback. So you need to get the mission from him normally, and that means going through the zone story arcs normally.
  10. Looking at the badges, seems like the Hero and Villain badges are the same badge with different names that change when you switch sides, while the Praetorian badges are entirely different badges. The command to get Do-Gooder is /badge_grant P_Heal_250K
  11. Piyerus


    To earn the Magistrate badge you need to complete all of the arcs in the Praetorian Responsibility story line. These arcs are... Joining the Pack (Nova Responsibility, Ch.1) Hit List (Nova Responsibility, Ch.2) Organized Crusaders (Nova Responsibility, Ch.3) No Man's Lady (Nova Responsibility, Ch.4) Sacrifices Must Be Made (Imperial Responsibility, Ch.1) The Clock Face (Imperial Responsibility, Ch.2) The Trash Collectors (Imperial Responsibility, Ch.3) The Syndicate Corp Wars (Imperial Responsibility, Ch.4) One Weakness (Imperial Responsibility, Ch.5) The Old Robot, the New Body (Neutropolis Responsibility, Ch.1) The Woman Named DeVore (Neutropolis Responsibility, Ch.2) View from the Other Side (Neutropolis Responsibility, Ch.3) No Survivors (Neutropolis Responsibility, Ch.4) There are similar badges for the Power, Crusader, and Warden story lines as well. Good luck
  12. Sunstorm is a Kheldian specific contact, and other archetypes can't get the contact. So those missions aren't required for any badges. In addition while he has a lot of arcs, they're spread out until level 50, and you're intended to do them a little bit at a time as you level up. The arcs required for the badge are (I think) just the new arcs from the Atlas Park revamp. Those contacts are Matthew Habashy, Sondra Costel, Officer Fields, and Aaron Thiery. In addition to them, you also have to do the arcs from Twin Shot. As others have mentioned some of her arcs are a higher level, so they won't be on the same tab in Ouro. It's worth noting that if you're running the content normally as you level, you're given a choice between Officer Fields and Sondra Costel as contacts, and can't get both. You'll have to go back and do the one you didn't choose though Ouro.
  13. Some alignment stuff still matters, particularly with badges related to specific Ouroboros missions, since the missions that Villains/Rogues and Heroes/Vigilantes are still split. Yeah, you can change alignments easily enough, but having some information that indicates what Ouro mission list the arcs are on is useful.
  14. I'd actually disagree on the Wardens and Responsibility placement there. The Wardens are doing the right thing but breaking the law to do it, which just screams vigilante. The Responsibility path has you following the law and maintaining the order of society, not for personal gain but for the sake of the people, which is more a hero thing. ..But Praetoria isn't so clean that you can say for sure who is good and who is bad. Shades of grey and all that. The difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist is paper thin. Etc.
  15. This badge requires you to complete a Single Player Moral Choice story arc from the Praetorian arcs 5 times, and choose either Loyalist or Resistance. It doesn't actually matter what option you choose, I just tested it and got the badge for choosing nothing but Loyalist. You can get it from repeating the same mission through Ouro over and over, it doesn't have to be different missions. Just make sure the mission is complete before moving on (if you have to drop the mission, it's not finished yet). The missions in Ouro will look something like this (this is the one I used for my test just now). Note the yellow text at the bottom. These "arcs" are generally 1 mission long and very quick. You don't actually need to complete any of the arcs leading up to the moral choice mission.
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