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  1. There's an error in the spreadsheet for the Veteran level badges. It's showing as 29 max badges, but there are 33 in the spreadsheet. The issue is due to the VeteranSet range not going all the way to the bottom of the page. It's set to "Veteran!A3:A31", but should be "Veteran!A3:A35".
  2. Adding more or better Statesman statues sounds like a fine idea to me. But we should balance it out with some redside content, and let the villains blow the statues up.
  3. These costume patterns (located in the upper body Chest area) look nice, however I do have a complaint about how they're sorted. The patterns in this part of the costume creator are generally sorted alphabetically, but these new patterns are all down at the bottom of the list. While this does make it easier to find the new patterns since they're all grouped together, it just becomes a headache down the road. I think that the new patterns should be sorted with the old ones, in alphabetical order.
  4. I'm trying out the 64 client on Windows and everything seems to be running smoothly. However.. I have to protest one of the bug fixes. "Make it somewhat less likely for defeated enemies to be twisted into pretzels"?? This was a FEATURE, not a bug! If my knockback can't break every bone in the enemy's body, then what's the point of having ragdoll to begin with?
  5. At some point there was an event being held by the devs in Kallisti Wharf, probably a costume contest or something, and they spawned a bunch of random monsters and AVs afterwards. Two of those monsters happened to be the Halloween versions of Jack in Irons and Eochai, which give badges when defeated. Other than the zone event zombie badges, those are the only Halloween ones I have. Luckily those badges should be available to everyone once the seasonal event starts, so any unfair advantage I may have is only short-term.
  6. I've seen plenty of success when the team pulls Director 11 outside of the building and fights him outside. More room to dodge, and more room to fly around.
  7. All the AVs were alive, the league was going after Nega first. So it's entirely possible it could have been an attack from Chimera that did it.
  8. Was in a Magisterium trial league on Torchbearer, where everyone crashed out in the fight against Nega-Pendragon, when he was getting to low HP. Just before the crash the framerate started to tank to the point it was a slideshow. The crash was bad enough that several people (including myself) had their game actually crash, and they had to force the game to close. Afterwards some people had trouble getting back into the league Slightly different from the old crash which I thought had been fixed. Bit more severe with people having their games completely freezing and crashing..
  9. For the crafting badges you generally have to craft a number of both the levels indicated in the badge. For example for the Healing 15 & 20 badge (Mender), you'll have to craft 5 level 15 Heal IOs, and 4 level 20 Heal IOs. There's a table of how many you need here. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Memorization_Badges#Benefits_of_Memorization
  10. Piyerus

    Bug-hunter badge

    Looking through the i25 patch notes, there's some more info on the coupon system. Looks like it was something tied to the forums/website that the old SCORE server was working on, and you could use it to earn ingame rewards (such as the Bug Hunter badge). Maybe it was one of those things where you could earn "points" by posting that you would sometimes see on old forums? Obviously we don't have that enabled here, and I have no idea if that code is even still in place or not. As for Bug Hunter itself... I always hated that badge, just the concept of it. Pretty much every other badge in the game has clear unlock conditions that can be repeated by as many people and on as many characters as needed. Even the hardest badges in the game are possible with the right method. but Bug Hunter is different. You need to be lucky enough to find a game-breaking bug (while searching for one can help, there's no guarantee), it's ultimately up to the whims of the developers if you get it at all... and then even if you do get it, it's a one-time only method. That same thing you found in the game won't get anyone else the badge, they have to find some other game-breaking bug of their own! It's completely counter to how every other badge in the game works. I recall on the old forums there were requests to do something like re-purpose the badge to make it easier to get. Make it something like (for example) an account badge that gets given to people who test things out on the issue betas. Something like that.
  11. Might as well throw my hat in the ring, though I don't have a portfolio or anything like that to show off Discord tag: Piyerus#5711 Applicable skills: Writer who is very familiar with the CoH lore. I've done a lot of writing for roleplaying activities between friends (both tabletop and other kinds), but I haven't done anything in the industry or have anything published. I'd still like to help out however I can. Lately I've been trying to be more active and helpful in the community, particularly the badge hoarding side of things. Availability/Time zone: I'm EST and can generally be reached from 3:30pm to 10:00pm on weekdays, and any time of the day on weekends. I will also mention here that I am sometimes unable to speak in voice chat due to a disability I have (trigeminal neuralgia), however this has no effect on my ability to type or listen in to voice chats. I can speak sometimes, but not all the time. Interests: I'd love to expand the game by adding additional story content. Regular missions or team content (taskforces/trials) both interest me. In addition, I have a very clear interest in badges (1396 and counting!), so I'd love to have the change to help design some.
  12. The server files for CoH are out there, and there's nothing stopping people from making their own servers with their own content (or removing content, in this case). That said, I don't want the devs for Homecoming to remove AE. Just seems like a pointless loss of game content to do that.
  13. Out of curiosity, will there be a free respec given out with this patch, to help us compensate for the massive nerf?
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