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  1. Merit reward values are based off of how long the content takes to complete, plus a few other factors. The value of other potential rewards is not taken into account. In addition the rewards for a Hami raid are somewhat boosted beyond what it would normally be worth, likely to encourage people to actually do the raid. Afaik there is a timer on the merit rewards so if you choose it more than once a day, you'll get reduced rewards.
  2. Most of the changes made so far have been backend stuff, behind the scenes changes that are harder to notice. However as noted there have been some balance changes and new content added as well. Some of the changes are even straight from the Suggestions forum, like the upcoming change to Illusions phantom army.
  3. Paragonwiki won't have the correct info for RWZ and Echo:RCS, since some changes were made to those zones on Homecoming and the wiki doesn't list the Homecoming changes. For anything having to do with all explore badges, I highly recommend getting the vidiotmaps pack (along with the updated maps for Homecoming) so that you can find the badge locations using your ingame maps. The latest maps can all be found here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/3523-vidiotmaps-for-issue-24-and-beyond/ If you just need the images, here's a link to a post with them: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/969-rikti-war-zone-badges-missing/?do=findComment&comment=27161
  4. That badge is a new one to me too, didn't realize they gave out a badge. But it does have the same properties of the other badges that don't count towards badge total that I know of, namely Flames of Prometheus, Bug Hunter, and Beta Tester (which I believe was never released and probably never will be, but you can give it to yourself using GM commands on the beta server). It may be related to the box of fireworks temp power they gave out for the new years, since I know the game often uses pseudo-badges that you can't normally view on your character to track things (you can track these using settitle commands). Or maybe it's just so you can give yourself a badge title. Not sure the other specifics of the badge right now (is it a global or a per-character badge? Is it for the event only or will it persist?) which I can't test right now since any character that logs in right now will get/already have the badge. Only thing I have been able to test so far is that it doesn't show up automatically on the Beta server. EDIT: As far as I can tell, the badge is now gone, so we can confirm it was a temporary badge tied to the event, with probably the same lifespan of the temp power. Not sure if it's directly tied to the temp power or just parallel to it, but no way to know for sure (and doesn't matter in the end). Since there's no apparent way to KEEP this badge, there's no use in updating any of the badge trackers with it.
  5. Ran the macros and pointed the program towards my log file. The program detected 1504 badges, I have 1525 currently so there are a few it missed. I'm not sure if this is an issue of the program not detecting those badges from the logs correctly, or if the bind files never got to them (I was still getting hits up to the final bind file, so its possible more than 200 may be needed) I'll try to figure out which badges are the culprits in a little bit EDIT Okay, looking through the badges it looks like there's a mix of new badges that the macro files didn't get to, and some badge names that need to be fixed because of how they were split between male/female versions, which made it so the male versions weren't picked up. Badge names need to be updated: (Exploration) Master / Mistress of the Airwaves = Master of the Airwaves / Mistress of the Airwaves Man / Woman of Vengeance = Man of Vengeance / Woman of Vengeance King / Queen of Pain = King of Pain / Queen of Pain Lord / Lady of Storms = Lord of Storms / Lady of Storms Ferryman / Ferrywoman of the Damned = Ferryman of the Damned / Ferrywoman of the Damned (Event) Man's / Woman's Best Friend = Man's Best Friend / Woman's Best Friend There might also be some of these with the opposite problem, where they'll show up for male characters but not females (Mystic King / Queen in the exploration list jumps out as a possible example of this). But I can't check for these since my badge character is male.
  6. Not sure if this is still being updated, but after some discussion in the discord about Bug Hunter, I'm reposting the same thing I said in the new badge tracker thread about it. Same issue as in that thread, on the spreadsheet Bug Hunter is counting towards the badge total, but on the Homecoming servers Bug Hunter doesn't count, similar to Flames of Prometheus. Link to the post I made on the other thread: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/11333-new-badge-tracker/?do=findComment&comment=128568
  7. The 100 hit requirement for the streakbreaker to kick in is from the devs on the original forums when streakbreaker was implemented, which is included on the paragonwiki page for the system. If an entity has anywhere between a 0% to 20% chance for their attack to hit (after going through the full formula on whether an attack hits or not) it takes 100 attacks for the streakbreaker to activate. The table the old devs provided is this: (read is at between 0 and 1. So .9 means 90%, etc) >.9 : 1 .8-.9 : 2 .6-.8 : 3 .4-.6 : 4 .3-.4 : 6 .2-.3 : 8 0 -.2 : 100 The issue with testing the 100 hit streakbreaker is that, at absolute worst, the enemy will still have a 5% chance to land their attack. You can never get enough defense to make that go to 0%, it's just how the formula for accuracy works. 5% is the lowest amount. This means that on average, even with got-tier defenses, the enemy will still be hitting you 1 out of every 20 attacks. They would have to be VERY unlucky to even get close to that 100 hit streak.
  8. One of the new arcs we've gotten on this server includes branching paths, where the mission you get can change based on your actions in the prior ones. I think that maybe something like that can be used to make a believable arc for this badge. Assuming of course that the system they have in place allows for the missions to branch based on victory/failure of the mission. Having it as an arc also lets it be added to Ouro, which is always a plus. I'd have the arc play out so if you complete all the timed missions you'd get the badge as normal, but if you fail any of them you instead get directed to a new mission where Mr. Pither talks down to you and, in regular villain fashion, sets a trap to take you out since you disappointed him. Once you survive the trap you then go after Pither for revenge, and rough him up a little. Finishing this alternate path could also give you a different badge: Not So Efficient.
  9. Piyerus

    Partner Badge

    It came after, as I remember. WSTs came out the same time the Alpha incarnate slot did. It was put in as the main method of getting components to make rare/very rare alpha slots, as this was before the incarnate trials were implemented. The incarnate stuff all came after Going Rogue, when side switching was implemented.
  10. Incarnate Shards always dropped from any enemy which could give rewards, Dark Astoria being an exception. Shards came out before there was any incarnate content, so the only stuff you could get it from was normal content. The only guaranteed ways to get it was to complete a taskforce with an incarnate salvage option at the end or complete a weekly task force for a notice of the well, and then break those components down into shards (this was useful if you had more than enough salvage but not enough shards). You could also get 4 guaranteed shards by completing a Hamidon raid. When actual Incarnate content started coming out, along with the next set of Incarnate abilities, they switched over to using Incarnate threads and a new set of salvages. Unlike shards, Threads would only drop when doing Incarnate content. You could also upgrade shards into threads, but at a cost. Dark Astoria was the first bit of Incarnate content with its own zone, so the enemies in it would drop threads instead of shards. One of the changes made in the SCORE server (which was carried forward to Homecoming) was making it so that Incarnate threads would drop from any content that gives rewards, not just from Incarnate content. No changes were made to Incarnate Shards, as far as I know.
  11. I do the same, for basically the same reason. Though I generally sell for 1 inf a piece, which I know can bite me because if it sells that low I'll actually lose inf due to the minimum cut the AH is taking... but with how easy it is to get inf in the late game that tiny loss doesn't matter to me. I know several others who have the same attitude, and just put everything on the AH for the same low amounts. It's the main reason I figured the screenshot could happen naturally. There are some people who will put everything, even purple recipes, on the market for low low prices. These same types of people are also the types of people who won't craft and covert purples to a more desirable one. On the other hand, there are people who love to play the market, and KNOW that people like me exist. So I could imagine them putting low bids on the market (probably using alt characters) on the off change they might catch some of these undesirable purple recipes being sold like this. They could then craft, convert, and resell at a large profit. So having a bunch of standing bids for low amts makes perfect sense (especially considering how many alt characters we can have now).
  12. Dunno about the other shards, but on Torchbearer we had a few of us who hit 1525 fairly early in the event yesterday. Spider verified us as soon as we announced it, and took screenshots which were posted in the leaderboard thread (HERE). For those of us who cared to accounce our badge totals, TopDoc was the first to get to 1525, which was posted about 15-16 hours before the forums are telling me you posted in this thread.
  13. While we don't know a lot about the unreleased slots, we do know a bit about the Genesis slot. There are even some of the powers that can be viewed ingame... though of course since they weren't even to the beta testing phase yet nothing was set in stone. The power was supposed to be something you could use to power up one of your other Incarnate powers. For example you could boost your Lore power so you summon more pets, or more powerful pets. That sort of stuff. Searching online gave me this description: "The initial four Genesis trees are Data, Verdict, Fate, and Socket. Powers in the Data tree will improve Lore powers. Powers in the Verdict tree will improve Judgement powers. Powers in the Fate tree will improve Destiny powers. Powers in the Socket tree will improve Interface powers."
  14. I don't see the problem with this? The latest price of 16,000,000 is fairly standard for a purple recipe. The ones before it that sold for 555 each just means that whoever was selling those were selling low (probably 1 inf each) and those happened to be the highest bids in the system at the time.
  15. Honestly as long as you're not invoking the standard code rant by saying how easy your suggestion will be, it doesn't matter how simple or complex the actual idea is. Some ideas may be so good that they're worth implementing even if they seem impossibly hard, and some ideas are just so bad that they're not worth doing even if it'd only take a minute to do. In other words the difficulty of the idea isn't as big of a factor as how good the idea may be. Plus, as a mere pleb player, I don't actually know everyone on the dev team and what their strengths or weaknesses are! Maybe the suggestion that seems impossible is actually fairly attainable, because it happens to be something some of the devs are good at. Or maybe what seems to be a simple suggestion is actually super hard, because none of the devs would know how to do it! And even if I DID know what the devs are capable of, things can change. Maybe a new volunteer could come on, and what's impossible today could be easy tomorrow. All in all, I'd rather discuss if an idea is fun or not, or a good fit for the game. I don't care at all how easy or hard it may be.
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