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  1. As I recall, if you have worked with Dean before (you have the Bane of Ajax badge) then you will get an alternate cutscene on the final mission of Mr. G (Primal)'s first arc. This will cause the trigger that will make Dean spawn in the second arc. Playing the arcs out of order will make it so he doesn't show up and you can't save him for the badge. Of course, that doesn't mean you're locked out of the badge. You can redo the arcs as many times as you want through Ouro, so you just need to go back to the first arc (Criminals or War), play through it until you get that alternate cutscene with Dean hijacking Yin's broadcast, and the replay the second arc (Sweeps Week) so you can rescue Dean.
  2. Piyerus

    Immortal badge

    I would not recommend using external automation programs/macros. Scripts/programs that automate gameplay are listed as one of the things that is not allowed under the Conduct Guidelines in the code of conduct.
  3. Piyerus

    Anniversary Badges

    You're probably thinking of Veteran badges, which were unrelated to anniversary badges. On live they were tied to how long your account has been active, and you'd get one badge every 3 months. Since it was linked to your billing info they would be automatically granted to all your characters. The SCORE private server (which Homecoming inherited the code from) removed the veteran rewards system, granting those powers with the pay2win store instead. The veteran badges were repurposed for the new Veteran Levels system, which would give you badges for every 3 levels after 50.
  4. Click on My Account to bring up the globals registered to your account, and select one of your characters you have tracked. It will show a badge list with the various badge types, and the total amount of each (Accolade 131/131, etc). If you click on one of those options it will show you a full list of the badges under that section, with a check mark beside the badges you already have. At the top there will also be an option you can click to show the missing badges only.
  5. This guide in the Guides forum (https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/3899-ouroboros-flashback-badge-guide) has some suggested arcs down at the bottom of the post. Not sure if they are still considered the best missions to do, just what I found with a quick search. The main thing to remember with Ouro badges is that you generally want a short and easy arc, BUT that the single mission badge "arcs" that are listed in Ouro don't count. Depending on your build and play style some arcs may be easier than others, so the best arc for you may differ from the suggested ones.
  6. I'll add a +1 to this, even if it was posted on the wrong board. It would be a great addition that would make all sorts of things a lot easier.
  7. The same thing happened during the New Years short event, where they gave out fireworks. I forget the badge name, but it was the same deal. Badge appeared with no notification, didn't count towards character badge total, and disappeared once the event was over. I figure they were probably using badges to give us the event powers/effects, and those badges were only visible to us so we could use them as a (temp) badge title during the event if we wanted to.
  8. Piyerus

    Pursuer badge

    Pursuer / Elusive is the badge for the anniversary for City of Villains release, and is not part of the regular anniversary badges. It was available during the month of November last year to coincide with the CoV anniversary, and will probably be available again this November.
  9. The majority of AE badges were removed shortly after being introduced (AE was added in issue 14, most badges were removed in issue 15). Those second tier AE badges don't exist anymore, and cannot be earned.
  10. Might as well add mine to the pile. Didn't get it earlier but got it from the latest round of invasions.
  11. This was one of the features added in Issue 20. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Incarnates_Ascend#Automatic_Cut_Scene_Skipping_In_Incarnate_Trials This is per-character and has no expiry on it, as far as I know.
  12. I can't wait until the next Page goes live, and we get the General chat channel. Then people will have no excuse for taking over the LFG and Help channels with random chatter.
  13. Regardless of if it could be added or not (our current coders are awesome, so I can imagine them doing stuff the old devs wrote off), I'll still have to say no. We're overpowered enough as it is, relative to the content we have access to. While I'd be okay with more power if there were more challenges added at the same time, I'm against adding in random buffs just for the sake of random buffs.
  14. The devs had a habit of writing whatever new lore they wanted, even if it went against their internal lore documents, as long as it didn't contradict what's already been told to the players. This meant the lore bible they wrote is terribly out of date and not very helpful, but that's okay because the players would never know... except for when they forget about something and end up creating contradictions like that. Funny enough it ended up that some of the players were more knowledgeable about the lore than the devs themselves were, at the devs had joked that the people in charge of Paragonwiki could probably guess what story lines the devs were working on, by checking what pages the devs were looking at.
  15. The reveal itself is from The Underground Trial. The TPN Trial is us using that reveal as propaganda against Emperor Cole to get the Praetorian civilians on our side. I think it does repeat the basic info of the reveal in some of the in-mission text, but that can be a bit harder to pay attention to since it'll come up during combat. The initial reveal in The Underground trial is more memorable, in my opinion, since it's done in a cut-scene at the end of the trial (so you're basically forced to watch and take the information in).
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