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  1. If the coding is weird and it's difficult to remove the -def crash they could either change the number to 0 or add a 20% defense buff during the crash. Effectively negating it and letting it mimic how the devs decided to leave it on live. (After they had extensively tested it with the -def included I should add) I still stand by the fact that SS was fine without it and would be a much easier fix rather than doing complicated sweeping changes. Seems like everyone just wants to leave their creative mark on the powerset for whatever reason.
  2. That's a good idea, especially for shield (I love the set mechanically but it clips with so many melee sets)
  3. Fire/Kin corruptor with granite armor as a signature power? Sign me up!
  4. Agreed. It's simple and it's worked on live for years. No need for complicated changes which change the set's identity.
  5. "Maybe" if it's like 1500 reward merits or something >_>
  6. If for whatever reason the -20 def is super baked into Rage preventing it from being removed. (Truthfully I have no idea how CoH is coded but I've heard it's a mess) Other options would be reducing the defense debuff to 0, or adding a +20% defense buff during the crash to negate the debuff. Both would let it mimic how it was on live, without interfering with any bugfixes.
  7. The idea in theory is interesting, in practice it would have far too many issues. If anything new ATs would be something to look at down the line. As much as I want a tank primary/brute secondary character. :p
  8. +1 I dig this idea depending on if they can get it working. Regen has always been an odd set to me, on one hand it feels really flimsy but on the other hand I've known Regens that could solo the itf prior to incarnate slots. Personally I assumed it was a l2p issue since I could never get it working in PvE for myself. :P From my limited experience when slotted with just SOs it feels quite fragile in comparison to most other sets. Outside of PvP at least.. PvP is where it has always shined.
  9. I'd like to parrot this again. That would allow it to function exactly as it did on live without getting in the way of any bug fixes.
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think the SS change was intentional. I think it was just a side effect from other bugfixes. Easy enough to remove the -def which would revert it to it's live state. Either way I'm going to give the HC team the benefit of a doubt. They've done fairly good so far all things considered.
  11. Just to clarify I don't think Bio armor is under performing, more so just an observation in comparison to the other sets that made it look somewhat unfinished. (I don't think there's a single armor set aside for bio with no debuff resistance) As said I think if it "did" get any form of debuff resistance it should be in defensive adaptation only. If that along with fear and confuse are meant to be it's intended weaknesses that's totally fine as well.
  12. I know that bio armor was an unfinished set prior to shutdown so it was kind of frankensteined together. Is it intended to have no regeneration, defense and recharge resistance? Or was this an oversight? Comparing it to willpower I feel like a bit of -defense, -regen and (possibly) -recharge resist would be a good thing while defensive adaptation is toggled.
  13. Part of me wants them to keep the energy transfer animation.. but make it hit even harder. >_> It's such a cool animation, but I totally get the desire to have it swapped back. Especially since I believe it's possible to change numbers in PvE vs PvP now.
  14. I've never encountered that issue myself since I mainly just run TFs with people I know. So the thought never occurred to me. This absolutely should be changed if it's something fixable.
  15. That would certainly breathe new life into all the powersets, I like it! My only concern is I feel it would be difficult to keep everything purely as a sidegrade. Not impossible though.
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