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  1. Razia

    Input Bug

    Same here, have to copy and paste it from an outside game source.
  2. Works for me on my DP/Traps Corruptor, but of course you have to hit a mob with it.
  3. You should try because I play all my Stalkers like Scrappers now. No Need to slowly open with Assasins's Strike. Just wait until you got Assasin's Focus then hit and and with the ATO you end up in hide again.
  4. Taking the Alpha is not tanking! And CoH isn't all about the endgame. There is plenty of need for tanks in the mid game. In the Endgame no AT is needed.
  5. First Stalker when Issue 6 hit live. Ninja Blade/Ninjutsu. Felt squishy, of course we did not have IOs. Now I love Stalkers. Same with Dominators, I thought: "Hey cool, a Controller with Damage". WRONG. Perma Dom changes everything though.
  6. So true. I get Scrapperlock on my BR/EA Sentinel.
  7. I did make an AR/DEV Blaster for the same reasons as you as my first toon :-)
  8. Yeah you certainly won't need the ranged defense on a DD or D3. How do you like Dark Blast? Back in the days on live I had a Dark/Dark Defender but did not like the low Damage from Dark Blast.
  9. I slot 4 - 6 Cloud senses. Not sure about combination. I don't have any issues with him, what is it, that you don't like about him? I have an Ice/Dark Corruptor and 3 /Dark Controllers and I like him certainly more than imps 🙂
  10. Yeah, as I said I am all for giving them more damage, I have a BR/EA, and while she is pretty unkillable, the damge feels lower than on all my corruptors. Might be because of the need to set up with Disintegrate though.
  11. Oh god I remember that. @lol at 4 weeks today, but back in the day that seemed almost impossible to me (played AR/DEV).
  12. Fluffy is the best, how could you possibly not take him? He rarely dies with all those -tohit thrown out from him and the /Dark user. He debuffs, he heals, what is not to like?
  13. I am all for giving them more damage in a world where TW/Bio Scrappers exist. But then what about Blasters? I stopped playing them back on live because they were to squishy for me after all the nerfs. I do IO out all of my toons, but I wonder how super heroic a Blaster with SOs only will feel compared to all the other ATs?
  14. What you are saying is common sense. Of course you adapt, but in your previous post you make it sounds like it's the Tank's fault that you're not "trolling" the right way. And I controll the right way (of course adapting to situation) if there is a tank on the team, or if there isn't. I don't even care if he is tanking the right way. I find it interresting that you say you adapt when you stated earlier that tanks that don't tank the right way, can't expect from you that you are trolling the right way.
  15. Yeah if we talk Time/Sonic, the Defender might do more Damage, especially solo.
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