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  1. I do it all. Sometimes PL to mid 30s, sometimes don't. Play my 50s, incarnate them and still keep playing them and keep rolling alts. If I don't like the powerset, I strip them, but I respec them properly and they get to page in the back. I am so glad, that I don't have to delete characters anymore.
  2. I would play on all Servers and have a lot of different accounts to bypass this. Otherwise.... no I cannot decide.
  3. Thanks for sharing your personal story!
  4. My Fortunata and my Psy/SD Stalker, love them both.
  5. My Rad/Claws tank has all resists capped at 90%, and Cold is around 70% and Psy 75%, I wouldn't call that a hole. Of course she has not much defenses, but as far as I know she does not have DDR anyway. The rest gets handled with the Absorb Shield and the Heal. I also have an SD/EM Tank, which is nuts and should not exist. A T9 resist power on top of positional defenses is just crazy. Juggle that with Assasult Melee.... I have around 10 Controllers and 8 Corruptors and I just started rolling melee toons on Homecoming (had some on live) and I enjoy them very much. Maybe just play som
  6. It's not, not a single purple besides the ATOs which I did not buy as purples, but did convert them when I hit 50.
  7. Still need to find a mob, that is killing my SD Tank with all the resists she got stacked on top of the defenses.
  8. Hm, Blaster or Tanker? Or both? Because I can hardly beliefe it was intended that way. What would be the point of having a tank then?
  9. I currently see a lot of players that are incarnated but do not have any set boni on them. There are still a lot of casual players out there (you hardly find them here on the forums though) so I assume not all players do use IOs. Heck I had teams where someone mentioned that they do not have anything slotted at all and that wasn't a low level team. So I vote to leave it as it is.
  10. 1. SD/EM, Just can' t die. 2. Rad/Claws
  11. Thanks for the hard work. I really like the new sounds.
  12. Hi, is this still working? I can't to seem to get it to work. I did create all the files in the City of Heroes folder and restarted the game. I am using the new launcher btw. Ok, found the problem, it has indeed something to do with the new launcher.
  13. I do that exactly, still if Bosses (especially on Tina's arc) are in the mix, they hit hard when I miss them with FS, or they don't care. Plus, the gameplay might not be for me. FS, LS, running in, HoD, then hop out again. I wish HoD would also be a cone or a targeted AoE like the other stuns. /Dark is my favorite secondary for Controller and I find it super safe for all primaries. I have a 43 Fire/Dark and she is super safe too, especially because she has a targeted stun instead of pbaoe. I would roll a Dark/Dark but I did only pair /Dark so far with damaging primaries (Ill, Fire
  14. Here is the build. I am not good with building so I went with softcapped ranged defense and 216% global recharge speed. I am sure you guys can improve it. It did work out for me though, even with Arachnos on +4/x8 (I usually solo on +2/x8 though for clear speed). Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Level 50 Natural Controller Primary Power Set: Plant Control Secondary Power Set: Darkness Affinity Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Leadership Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Flight Ancillary P
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