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  1. I'm a big fan of the incarnate system. I love how it allows the character to continue evolving and rising in power. How it can make what was once a difficult task a trivial one. How it feels like that even when you reached 50 and you were at the height of power, you're given the opportunity to gain even more power. Even better... you do it incrementally. You slowly (or maybe fast depending on how much you play) gain these god-level powers. You see how much stronger the character becomes over time. By the end of it you're able to go into a level 50 mission and wipe the floor with whatever stands in your way. You've got alpha to enhance your power. Judgement to nuke the enemies. Interface to passively weaken them. Lore to get some extra help. Destiny to gain some powerful temporary buffs (or perma at T4). Hybrid to buff you further both actively and passively. You become a villain-arresting/hero-killing machine. It's amazing. Honestly with my post, there's not really anything I'd tweak about the current incarnate powers. Maybe interface could use a bit of a buff, but that's it. I do like VileTerror's idea, but maybe not for the incarnate system currently in place. Maybe for a power beyond incarnates though... it would be good to have some type of resource system in mind. I feel like I'd get a bit off topic with what I'd improve as it kind of goes beyond just the incarnate system. To keep it on point though, I think finishing the remainder of the incarnate tree is something I'd really like to see. Then coupling that with more content to challenge our all-powerful fully realized incarnates would be important to add to that. Being able to grow the character is what keeps me interested in the character. Being able to challenge that character is just as important. Unless you're someone who loves creating alts a lot (nothing wrong with that btw), in which case this stuff probably doesn't matter to you. Anyway, I fear I've already kinda went a bit off topic with that. All in all I wouldn't change the current system, only add to it.
  2. COH will always be something I come back to every now and again if nothing updates and everything stays the same as it is now, with maybe some small additions here and there. However, what would get me interested and really keep me playing consistently is knowing there would be consistent new missions, story arcs, task forces, etc. that are come with every update. New power sets would be cool, revamping out-dated old missions/Task Forces is welcomed, and the game's graphics getting an update would be nice, but new content is absolutely essential for me. Continuing the main arc/batallion stuff mainly, but also making brand new arcs for characters of all levels is what I want to see. It can even be with enemies already in the game if that makes it easier... I just want to see more arcs with the quality of some of the later ones we saw. It really felt like the development team was hitting their stride in this regard before the shut down. Obviously it'll be new people handling it, but thus far I have no reason to think the homecoming team won't be able to execute quality stories for us to play. #2 would be getting rid of those old, cramped, purple cave maps and replacing them with the bigger caves. In all arcs. Except one... just for the heck of it so they're not completely extinct (it'd be a bit cool to still have them for that one mission/whatever). And I'm mostly a melee toon guy, so any power set additions to Scrappers/Tanks/Brutes/Stalkers would be #3. Edit: Actually #2 would be adding back in the remainder of the original incarnate tree/continuing with that and releasing them with each update. While I'm sure some people would be against it, I still want to have that all-powerful toon that can wreck multiple AV's at once like what we saw at the beginning of Mender Ramiel's arc. Sure it'd make normal missions trivial... but that's part of the fun. To grow a toon so powerful you can laugh at Maria Jenkins missions solo +4 x8 (which I'm sure some can do already, but still). Edit 2: Oh, and I second no p2w. Although I'd be fine with requiring a subscription to play the game (not sure I'd recommend it though, but I'd happily pay that).
  3. Just finished a run, did it in 1 hour 57 minutes. One team transported, a few individual mission telepoorters, ouroborus portals, and a dps heavy team w/ incarnates to take out mobs quickly. Lucky I got in on it (7-person team as well).
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