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  1. Real. The fact that it's only that popular on defenders means people pick it to be a 'healer', not because it's the most fun or interesting. I would love to see data on how many created vs level 50 there are, and total play time. Anecdotally, I definitely see emps around, but they are far from the overwhelming majority implied by that chart.
  2. I was thinking about this yesterday. Empathy has a much lower skill floor than other sets (in general). Healing is effectively a safety net, you can undo damage dealt when other defensive mechanisms fail. But that means that there is no backup after it if you don't handle it correctly. If you look at, say, thermal, you have +resist on top to reduce damage taken, then defensive debuffs and offensive buffs to speed the encounter up, and then if all else fails, you can heal to make up for weaknesses or mistakes. Empathy has no real backup plan, and requires the
  3. I agree with your sentiment here Leo. My issue with Fort/CM/AB is that only some players will benefit from them at a time. This is annoying in any support set, but empathy has three of them. The absorb idea is good because it allows you to protect someone when not actively healing them, though fortitude more or less accomplishes the same goal. Rather than bumping up the numbers in general, I think slowing down the effects is the better goal. Absorb Shields or repeating heals allow you to preempt damage instead of just reacting to it. If your team is working
  4. This is kind of an issue with homecoming and the p2w stuff encouraging end-game play. Most of the sets aren't balanced around this but don't come up in debate like empathy, which is evidence enough for me that it needs revision. In a healthy growing community there should be a constant stream of leveling characters. New players don't have the resources or experience to PL to 50 and do Incarnates. I kind of disagree, I don't want to change empathy's theme, just give it a face-lift. A lot of the functions of emp are redundant with each other, just bumping u
  5. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but discussing empathy's ability to solo is kind of missing the point of the set. I get that that's a thing and survivability is important for support, but I wouldn't base decisions on a solo player. There are other ways to protect yourself, healing aura and RA are fine in that regard. Now if improvements to powers are designed to diversify the play style, like letting an emp hang out in melee next to the tank, that's another story.
  6. I kind of love this as an IO solution. Give healing abilities more utility at high level endgame without having to redo everything from the ground up. I maintain that empathy needs more pizazz at lower levels though. Empathy is great at healing but certainly isn't the only set for that. The fact is that Thermal heals are nearly as well and also provides res buffs and debuffs makes the benefits to empathy seem boring. Kin and rad both have some healing, but also do team wide buffs constantly. Empathy needs something unique that makes it pop, even on a team with all suppo
  7. There seems to be a weird idea in the IO discussion regarding specced out blasters. If someone is running around at end game with soft cap defense from IO and incarnate powers, any support is going to be diminished. What makes empathy stand out is that it focuses on restoring damage taken rather than preventing it. The reason this is underpowered at that level is because you can't normally heal above max hp, but you can always get higher defense and most aren't capped on resistance. I think regen/max hp boosts/absorb are all criminally under utilized and represent an op
  8. Wild question, if you are grav/dark, can things in your dimension shift affect things in your black hole? If they overlap do they cancel each other out? I would totally be a physicist in super hero world.
  9. I tend to be high mobility in combat so the added speed /control is totally worth it. It lets you in and out of combat much faster, and you can stay with the head of your group and go through mobs to assist someone who went ahead pretty effectively. And yes, lotg mule is good. Also more or less makes older mids builds continue to function.
  10. On the team interface you can see the buffs/debuffs applied to a person. At high levels, this becomes unwieldy and cluttered. Hiding auto powers helps, but lots of high level players have tons of toggles. I need to be able to see it as support so I can tell when my buffs wear off, but it's too messy and I have to search through a series of icons that take up half the screen. It would be nice to be able to hide all buffs that weren't applied by me, so I could quickly tell who needs refreshing, or who I put fort on last time because I can only have two and I can't remember names for
  11. Love how wordy this thread is but I did skim. Sorry if anything is repeated. The original complaint is that healing and regen are ineffective at end game, and emp is too reactive. I would argue that that makes it more fun but OK. As OP said, we have more mechanics now than issue 0, so let's use them. Heals need to last longer. Absorb is a good suggestion, and AP sucks so I'm all for that. Needs to be big though. +MaxHp, put it on fortitude and /or ab. Who needs defense? Give heal other and healing aura booster heals. After a second or two, they
  12. If a tornado passes by while you are in your basement, unaware, you had a boring night. If you are on the deck in a mild thunderstorm you had an exciting night. People prefer defense buffs because it makes them feel safe. Use FF and your team will clear a difficult fight and never know the danger. Use empathy and they will think they are on the verge of defeat. Empathy is the best support because it allows you to taste the challenge even in endgame. Just because you were at half HP more often does not mean you were any less safe, you just noticed it before y
  13. If you want pure Support, controller is better (skip the pets). That said: Thermal has a good balance of passive and active abilities, and can contribute in basically every situation. People complain about emp because they want you to spend more time attacking. Since you aren't attacking anyway, it's actually one of the best sets if you are focused on it 100%. You can keep the whole team on CM, and ~2 people on fortitude, which everyone loves. If you react fast enough, healing is more productive that def and res boosts since there are no holes in it. Kin is super
  14. Force field does one thing well and that's defense. You can basically softcap the whole team. The rest is kb and repel which are soft control. If you want to do that it's fine, but you might as well just play a controller. (there is something to be said for slotting kb to kd and bowling the enemy spawns). Force bubble is extremely frustrating as it splits the mobs up in most cases, though in the right team comp you can use it to protect the squishies or herd. Other than that, FF is fairly passive. Take it if you want to focus on your secondary. That makes it more useful
  15. I agree with the general sentiment that it confused people most of the time. I think it would be better if the things on the other side of the shift were untargetable and the boundary was more visibly defined. I tend to use it in two rare scenarios : I am stealthing and there is a glowie near a mob, I can use it to buy time. There are two mobs near each other, and I know my team is about to aggro the second one and get overwhelmed. The second one is tricky, because if you time it wrong, your tank is going to jump in to absorb alpha and get cut off from support.
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