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  1. Hi all, This isn't actually a bug from one of my characters, but from one of my Supergroup chums. We play all Rad/Rad toons, and he is the defender. This doesn't happen all the time, but has happened on multiple occasions. I believe it is his Radiation Infection toggle creating irradiated ground that is showing up as player arrows on the mission map. I currently don't have the ability to test this out, as it could also be his Choking Cloud toggle. So, to be a little clearer, as he runs around the mission map, he is leaving a trail of player arrows. When moused over on the arrows, the text that shows up is "irradiated ground". Although, I'm only assuming this is a bug and not a feature of the power. It can get pretty confusing when we're trying to follow each other. Thanks
  2. Excellent troubleshooting skills! That's exactly what it was, so I guess not a bug after all. Thanks a million!
  3. Hi folks, I've been trying to earn the pilot day job badge by logging off near a black helicopter. If I go to "badges nearest completion" I can see that the progress bar is full, however it won't award the badge. It also has no mouseover/progress information like all of the other badges. Thanks
  4. Manufacturer: Gigabyte Model: Radeon RX Vega 56 Gaming OC 8GB Operating System and version: Windows 10 64bit version 1903 Does the game load (and error you get if not): Yes, game loads fine. Driver Version: Radeon Adrenalin 19.9.2 Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Multi-monitor?: No Graphics Preset Used: Ultra, Everything Set to Max Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): Everything runs fine, as far as I can tell. I have very occasional stuttering if I swing the view around quickly. The FPS could be a bit better, I run an FPS cap because of my system's bottleneck, it's 60Hz panel. But, with it off I'm reaching 100 FPS when looking directly at the ground or similar location; Around 60 FPS in an instanced indoor map; 25-40 FPS in open world maps. This is of coarse nitpicking, as the game is old and not optimized for modern hardware. Also, I'm not used to playing MMO's and so don't know if this behaviour is typical or not. One bit of actual concern, however, is my system's thermals. The CPU package temperature was getting scary hot in my mid-tower case, with air from the exhaust fans noticeably hot. I had closed loop cooling on the CPU and GPU with radiator fans pointing into the case. Since they're liquid cooled and don't get very warm, I can't tell if it was the CPU, GPU or another culprit. Any steps taken to resolve issues you encountered (both those that worked and those that didn't): Don't get me wrong, though, I love this game and all the hard work you guys put into it. So much so that I've since bought a full ATX case and decided to exhaust my GPU radiator fans. Which, seems to have solved that issue for me.
  5. Apparently, I've figured it out myself. It's a combination of spinning them on the one axis, tilting them using the alt key, and them spinning them back. I've been at it for ages, posted the question, and figured it out a minute later. Hopefully, someone else down the line has this question and this post helps.
  6. Hi folks, For the life of me I cannot figure out how to rotate an object on the fourth(?) axis. I've seen lots of screenshots of bases with "Halo Displays", for instance, angled between the wall and ceiling. Now, I know how to rotate them, and how to "spin" them 360 degrees one way, but to get them to angle that way seems impossible. Does anyone know if there is a trick or a command I'm not seeing? Thanks Everyone!
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