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  1. I absolutely love this! Put in all my badges just now, is there any way to only show badges that you haven't collected yet?
  2. On my third island, not sure about the tent yet.
  3. Had an idea of making a base that consists of a cemetery that's been sucked into the underworld, after a lot of figuring out, the entrance is finished.
  4. As long as you use doorways, you can't. Doorways have weird lighting and no upper and lower rim. A workaround would be to use one massive room for your base and carve out the base in that. But that comes with it's own set of complications, since you'll be stuck to one style in your entire base.
  5. Sanctum Park Code: PARK-5832 Server: Everlasting Set up as a safe zone near Skyway city, this park is open to the public, with various things to see. Located conveniently near the parking lot, there's an area to attend regular raves. ICON has already opened a store in their chain. There's a nice botanical garden. A small stage for the performing art. Romantic locations. A lake -with a row boat-. A cute bistro for a cup of coffee. A playground for the kids, with conveniently located kiosk. A haunted house. Various Easter eggs. 10 exploration badges for you to find. After spending the past month constructing this base spending between an hour and six hours a day on it, I've decided to open it up for the public. There's still a lot of work to do, especially the forest areas that do not have anything in them need a good deal of TLC and I eventually want to add more store fronts like the ICON (which was added now to give roleplayers convenient access to a costume NPC). But for now I'm giving this project a few weeks rest. Keep an eye on the show off topic in this subforum, because I'm sure to post screenshots there when I finished new areas :)
  6. Hi! Another Defiant native checking in. DrGonzo was my old global, my mind/rad troller Sylvana was my main. Stopped playing around the issue that introduced the architect. Used to partake in the PvP nights in Pocket D.
  7. More outdoorsy floor tiles (or even better, floors, a base filled with floor tiles presents its own unique challenges when building); proper ground textures like beachy sands with shells or dirt with (or even without) patches of grass would be amazing. Also smaller path like floor textures would be amazing for us outdoor base builders :D
  8. I have a base with the largest possible room, 5k objects, at least 1k of those (and probably closer to 2k) are trees, which have animation and sound tied to them. I have not noticed any lag whatsoever, and nobody has pointed lag out to me yet.
  9. OBS is your best bet. There are various versions out there, but the above link should suffice. Just make a new scene and add a game capture source, mute any potential mics and you're good to go in regards to recording pure gameplay. Fraps used to be the way to go, but it's not been updated since 2013.
  10. Thanks! That's actually just the tintable gazeebo with a backless bench added in it and fancied up with a few flowers.
  11. Hi, I made a park. Well, I'm still making a park. I think it'll never be finished. I mean, I only used 4.5k decoration items in the main, huge, room. Entrance alley. Sanctum Park, the sign. Sanctum Park, the middle path A little playground. Football field. Snack stand, because every park needs a snack stand. Flower park. Statue in the flower park. Little bistro in the park. Artificial lake, because that dude needs somewhere to fish. A lovers perch. The whole world might be a stage, but so is this thing. Rave at the park anybody? Ooooh, spooky! What might be in here? (yeah, ok, the screenshot caught like 0 of the fog)
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