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  1. Could you elaborate please and tell us dumbos a TLDR perhaps? I really enjoy masterminds. No other game comes close to the gameplay that MMs can offer, however I do prefer to min max as much as I can and I know certain specs are bottom of the barrel. I already have a Thugs and Demons what would next to them in terms of DPS. I had a Ninja back on live but they performed poorly due to dying so many times. Would Ninjas be great DPS if kept alive?>?? How about Necro or Mercs with PROCS???
  2. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1690&c=805&a=1610&f=HEX&dc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
  3. Sounds like your below 50 or your just playing with SOs. Once you can dump money into a /bio build with all the uniques x5 purple sets including the 2 superior ATO sets /bio is widely considered OP. But then again what do you expect you paid for that OPness after all. My bio stalker has softcapped defenses to ALL ecexpt psi. Psi is only at 25 and frankly I just murder the psi mobs first and if they do damage me I'll just insta heal it all up. Bio has insane regen and recovery along with those defenses I can sit in offensive stance all day and just wreck mobs. The only click I ever use is ablat
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