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  1. I already got my validation from Captain Powerhouse.
  2. I am well aware of the web grenades, and testing a pvp effect with just yourself is kinda hard. Also the Evasive Manuvers is not listing how much flight protection it gave... Also I very much went on brainstorm to test some things. but much like PvP "bringing additional players will offer more advantages" and I am but one.
  3. Thank you for the acknowledgement, and the actual numbers, which at this moment don't display very well, which brought me to the concern. As long as you are aware of the concern, I'm content enough knowing it's not being over looked.
  4. fair enough, that alone isnt enough to even bring down hover. Now if there is the same recharge on the Fakkolade (I have not bought or used them so I dont know), it is effectively useless on it's own to bring down a foe using -fly protection.
  5. Problem is it may seem like a simple ask, but what you are asking for is likely a complete redesign of a core system in the game. Which would very likely lead to HUGE bugs and potentially topple the Jenga style code. That is why they choose to modify individual powers. if you want more Speed you are very much going to have to pick a different travel, use some enhancement slots, find some set bonus', choose a different alpha, or use some enchantment table buffs. And it will likely be that way for a long long long time.
  6. That's the balance of it all, if you want more speed you are gunna need to make a cut somewhere else so you can enhance, otherwise it's just a minor QoL change. If you give people more slots they still wont use them on travel powers they will enhance everything and anything before they enhance the travel power.
  7. the issue is Evasive Maneuvers supposedly adds more -fly protection. Also the crey pistol doesn't have -fly to my knowledge.
  8. making afterburner and evasive maneuvers more dangerous as it does work in pvp as per the patch notes
  9. formerly yes, but NOW... Fly is Not so slow anymore... it CAN out pace superjump now!
  10. redo this with boosters, I know 2 run IO's with full boosters gets you in the 119's
  11. This is incredibly dismissive toward a balance issue that just because you perceive it as a non-issue does not invalidate it's truth. There are reasons things like PVP web grenade temp powers were added to the game. Flying pvpers get cocky and giving them even more fly protection, when there is already a very large lack of -fly in game is a bad choice. Also flying melee combat is very very hard and flying ranged characters will always have an upper hand. So what you are saying is the ground based scrapper should just grow wings and some ranged attacks?
  12. I have some concern over Evasive Maneuvers adding more -fly protection. In PVP Fly is a huge advantage over non-flyers, and if it is going to be more difficult in using the limited amount of available -fly powers on them it might be a Huge balance issue.
  13. I might have to go hang out with the baddy's. My blaster giggles at malta. And they are at least more fun then CoT and Carnies...
  14. It would be nice to have expanded pool of enemies in radios at 50, I think if it's a primal villain group that can go to 50 there should be missions for it. Having effectively only Carnies, CoT and Council is pretty dry.
  15. Thanks for the bump and your thoughts. If do happen "chew on it" any more, please come back and let me know what you came up with.
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