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  1. This is amusing that no one here has fully put 2 and 2 together for you. If you are logging out in a Day Job location you will exit instantly. There is a small handful of other places that have a super short log out time like 5 seconds. But I also think the old standard 30 was reduced to 15 as well.
  2. I am pleasantly surprised at the rationality of these requests. I approve! I however will still be spinning on my rock tank in granite armor, because it's just as hilarious to see him spin as it is to see him do a back flip performing ripper. And it's a riot when he stops spinning to flip and then continues spinning!
  3. This is correct, people also used to grief Hami raids with Kronos spawns. Though some times you can get him to help.
  4. I stand corrected after refreshing my knowledge, all Melee checks melee def, that includes melee cones and pbaoe. Only range single targets check Ranged. And all others are AoE, assuming not auto-hit, including patches, ranged cones, etc, use AoE.
  5. So it's an AoE hole, because only the highest applicable DEF is checked, not multiple defenses. Thus if you have positional you don't need type, and if you have type you don't need positional. However Toxic attacks only check against positional. Also if any attack is dual damage type once again the Highest applicable DEF is checked, thats why Blasters with just capped S/L/E are very tough. Even though they might have lower neg/fire/cold/psi/toxic, many of those attacks are dual damage typed with S/L thus the S/L defense is used against those dual damage attacks. So if there is an AoE hole and no type defense, the real hole is AoE.
  6. As much as I would like to see the Jade Spider spawn and run around a pvp zone and have people going in to try and defeat it, potentially stirring up some activity there. My adherence to Lore prevents me from supporting the idea. As it was a "unique" ultimate weapon powered by a living psychic, and was destroyed. Hence why it's only in the Ouro "TF". But I would see merit in adding the Silos TF/SF to the weekly TF/SF rotation, so it can get more publicity.
  7. I stand corrected, but it as also a poor substitute for +recovery until you get it perma'd which is normally not done before lvl 20 that's for sure. But you carry a point.
  8. You mean the "Only" variety... not a bit. Best guess it was probably set to mimic the old days and taking stamina at 20 and then all of a sudden having soooooo much more freedom. As to your last paragraph, I direct you to the Darkness Manipulation discussion I attempted to start link in my signature. It needs more love then any other blaster set by far... IMO.
  9. Someone else chimed in with the results before you... You were late. I will settle for nothing less then the Fake summoning in a whole new Fake to takes it's place, thus you still have to burst damage it quickly for the last 1/3rd to 1/4th of it's health like you do right now, lest you be fighting an endless chain of Fakes.... PFF is fine.
  10. Hey Gastly, Ummm don't sit there and twiddle your thumbs, move on to the next group... that boss will come seek you out once the bubble wears off. You claim this power doesnt give Nemi an advantage in battle and I would like to suggest the advantage is it changes how you fight them. I will purposely hold off on my hardest hitting attacks or KD's or what have you until they are close to the amount of health they activate their shield at and then I will try and get them before they can activate. Alternately it also makes them a prime target for any character with a hold, leaving the snipers open to put holes through people, and warhulks free to well hulk things. If the Fakes didn't use PFF you could practically ignore them. You target them BECAUSE they annoy us. They also arn't the only mob that has this power what about Crey Juggernaughts? You haven't mentioned now much you absolutely hate them yet? I would think you would seek out every instance of an enemy doing what you don't want them to do... But I guess it's ok that those red enviro suits can make impenetrable bubbles?
  11. My question is: WHY IS ICE MANIPULATION THE ONLY BLASTER SECONDARY TO GET IT'S +RECOVERY POWER AT LEVEL 10 INSTEAD OF LEVEL 20!?!?!?! Fix OP's issue and move the power to lvl 20!
  12. Fakes may be able to still be buffed by LTs vengeance while bubbled up, I would have to double check. As frustrating as it is, it's a Nemesis tactic, and adds flair to the villain group. If the fakes didn't have the PFF then they really are unremarkable as bosses. If anything all nemesis troops should be equipped with the same tactic! Imagine how annoying they would become!
  13. Bugs and glitchs can happen guy! You really really really need to drop your animosity! You love to show up and pick fights and you NEED to stop it!
  14. Don't try and shift blame onto me, all I did was ask a simple question. Ya'll need to look inward to ask yourselves why you are interpreting something for more then face value.
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