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  1. Hello I'm considering a electric sentinel. I'm leaning towards electric/electric. What powers are required and which slotting should I go for first. Or is sr that much better? Any guides or builds? Thanks everyone.
  2. Hello I'm considering making an electric blaster for pve, team and solo. I'm looking for general build advice for leveling. Mainly range or melee, what powers to take, and general tips. Unsure what travel power but will be either super speed or flight. Thanks.
  3. Hmm thinking on it how would you change for dm/bio?
  4. Yea binds still not working for me. But still thank you for offering help!
  5. I can't get any to work. How do you make macros? Edit Got it them to work thanks Nurse!
  6. What are the must have powers while leveling? Probably going super jump for travel. Thanks for any advice!
  7. Ok tired bind file and it's not corresponding to power in slot 1 also other slots not activating with right button press.
  8. Ok so I made a peacebringer and want to use keybinds from peacebringer guide on this board. /bind g “powexectoggleon Bright Nova$$gototray 4” /bind shift+g “powexectoggleon White Dwarf$$gototray 5$$bind f powexecname White Dwarf Sublimation”  /bind v “powexectoggleoff Bright Nova$$powexectoggleoff White Dwarf$$gototray 1$$bind f powexecname Reform Essence” The problem is it is transforming me but not going to tray or activating heal and have no idea why. Update: I tried to use txt files but they didn't work either.
  9. Anyone else unable to get binds to work?
  10. So thinking of making a Peacebringer. My question according to canon does a kheldian and host personality always merge? I know I can say anything I want but want to keep to what lore and canon says. Thanks.
  11. Sorry if this has been asked or posted elsewhere. How do you get blind load files into game? I mean I see the text doc but where do you place it in game files?
  12. Been playing ps4 Spider-Man. Now have a concept for hero built around Arachnos and one of the costumes in game. My question is which powers most mimic his. Scrapper seems obvious then maybe super reflexes. But what about primary?
  13. Ok so I think I'm going with a legacy idea. The armor has existed through history. The last owner was getting older and wanted to find replacement. So he noticed someone running into a battle helping people. Had him checked out then decided to make him the next weilder.
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