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  1. Thank you again. Think I'll keep focused accuracy since I hate whiffing.
  2. This is probably a stupid question hover and afterburner doesn't have to be on for the global recharge to work right?
  3. First thank you for these builds and answering questions. I do have two more questions. First I take it hover and after burner are there for the slot to have global recharge and not actually turned on right? Also what incarnate slots do you recommend to compliment build? Seems you don't need more recharge.
  4. I have a few questions for the invuln/super strength build. Are you able to keep rage up at all times? What's your attack chain look like? And if I wanted laser beam eyes how should I alter build in your opinion?
  5. So decided to drop hand clap for maybe afterburner for rp. Not sure what to do with the slots.
  6. Hello I'm looking at IO builds for my character after hitting 50. I think this one looks the best but would like opinions. Thank you. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1442&c=672&a=1344&f=HEX&dc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
  7. So trying to respec into build, thanks for letting me know Red, but my epic power sets aren't showing soul just dark, flame, power, psychic, and electricity. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  8. I could use end mod so thinking agility for that and to cap defense
  9. Hello just hit 50 and working in incarnate stuff. What slots would you recommend for the main build? I am thinking musculature, vigor, intuition, or agility for alpha slot but don't really need more recharge. Thanks for any advice.
  10. Hello I'm considering a electric sentinel. I'm leaning towards electric/electric. What powers are required and which slotting should I go for first. Or is sr that much better? Any guides or builds? Thanks everyone.
  11. Hello I'm considering making an electric blaster for pve, team and solo. I'm looking for general build advice for leveling. Mainly range or melee, what powers to take, and general tips. Unsure what travel power but will be either super speed or flight. Thanks.
  12. Hmm thinking on it how would you change for dm/bio?
  13. Yea binds still not working for me. But still thank you for offering help!
  14. I can't get any to work. How do you make macros? Edit Got it them to work thanks Nurse!
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